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Evocapil Hydrating Hair Spray

  • EVOCAPIL┬« Hydrating Hair Spray instantly hydrates hair follicles and soothes the scalp
  • Enhances chemo hair loss re-growth due to well-balanced formula containing natural occurring minerals
  • Itch-free head thanks to deeply invigorating the hair roots and strands of hair
  • Wear hairpieces without discomfort
  • EVOCAPIL┬« Hydrating Hair Spray is quick and convenient to apply due to unique spray formula; allergy-tested, and tested on sensitive skin

A rare blend of lithium and zinc naturally present in Evaux-les-Bains spring water provides much needed relief by hydrating the hair follicles and relieving hypersensitive roots

List Price: $ 54.99

Price: $ 54.99

Question by : How do you help a child feel less self-concious with alopecia areata?
My son has alopecia areata and does not want to shave his head bald. He also does not want to grow his hair out longer. My only option is to dramatically boost his self-confidence in a very shot time without making him vain. Any ideas?

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Answer by if huey freeman was a girl……
the key is to communicate and let that child know that haor is just somthing that happens to be on your head, tell the child that it has nothing to do with his personality and he still is an attractive person, make the problem seem non chalant and feeble, let him know that hair is not everything, and as far as people tesing him tell him to accept himself, and if all elese fails, if someone is still making fun of him frankly tell him to say ” kiss my ass” as firmly as possible

good luck

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