scene hair…hair reduction?! :l?

Query by miss out on.talia: scene hair…hair decline?! :l?
im 14years outdated..i have “scene hair”
ive been employing matrix freeze hairspray
i tease my hair ALOT
ive been noticing that when i clean my hair
like 10strands of hair comes out everytime
in addition ive also observed that theres alot of strands of hair on my rest room floor way too
is this standard?
or do i have hair loss?
what can i do to correct it?
good hairsprays+shampoos?

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Response by me and only me…
me too.
my hair is like that
it is not hair loss although.
just clean it frequently with like
organic essences or

they equally perform wonderful

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  1. You dont have hair loss at all.

    Losing up to 100 hairs a day for woman is completely normal. You probably just dont notice it until you brush your hair or shower.

    If you develop bald areas and you can pull out CHUNKS of hair then you have hair loss.

    No worries! Just brush your hair out before you shower so it doesnt clog up the drain : ))

  2. Xx Sexyy Gyal xX

    stop teasing a hairspray yur hair and leave it alone for a bit just let it do it own thing for a bit dont straighten dye or anything to it just try to improve hair. Take Sea kelp Vitamin B/E or Biotin to improve hair shalfs.

  3. start using the Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship shampoos and conditioners. The line also has this split-end mendor like a leave-in conditioner that you put at the end of your hair. I have the same problem, my hair is just everywhere!! but after using the stuff i haven’t noticed it as much