Seb dermatitis inquiries?

Query by charlie: Seb dermatitis queries?
Can this take place in one particular eyebrow or largely one particular eyebrow?Is hair loss connected with it?My predicament is in Primarily one eyebrow i have hairloss in a particular location. I wash my brows properly but i dont rub them difficult or anything at all.It can’t be brought on by currently being unclean no matter what i have. I do produce ALOT of oil and sebum.I have redness and eyebrow reduction in a single location in my eyebrow it does not generally itch but if i rub above it or go by way of it a few times with a brush it turns into very itchy and purple.I do not typically just flake possibly in fact i don’t have flaking truly.Diagnosis__________?

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Reply by zitdr_02
If I understand you correctly, your problem is truly one particular of unilateral eyebrow hair decline, and not a single of scaling/flaking. That is a common presentation for alopecia areata. I would go to your skin doctor, who can inject the spot with a cortisone shot, and hopefully make the hairs regrow.

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