Shall I choose diabetes or baldness?

Query by Amy: Shall I choose diabetes or baldness?
My hair is slipping excessively. I tried out almost everything to quit it but no use. The only issue that worked was a pill named Silica Ok. The difficulty is that I have allergy towards this pill. It raises my blood sugar too higher. I will not have diabetes but when I take these drugs my blood sugar raises up to 215….what shall I choose? diabetic issues or being bald?
indeed I am a woman, and my hair is slipping excessively…it breaks my coronary heart

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Response by Brooke
Decide on baldness. It truly is inevitable. Obviously is likely to come about ultimately. Furthermore you can put on hats. With diabetic issues there are several factors you will not likely be capable to do, and if you might be a smoker you could worsen your diabetic issues. Baldness is just hair. Shave it and go on about your existence.

Edit: Hold out you’re a woman? Chat to your medical doctor, which is insane if your hair’s falling out. That usually does not occur to girls.

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