shampoo issue and weightlifting?

Issue by ??????????: shampoo question and weightlifting?
will nioxin actually make my hair thicker?

how does it lead to thinning hair?

can i weightlift whilst using nioxin with out any more thinning due to weight lifting

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Solution by lovergurl
The hair remedy product Nioxin delivers an approach to thinning hair and other hair decline problems such as male/female sample baldness (alopecia). It is also employed as a remedy for skin issues this kind of as psoriasis and eczema. Nioxin has been proven to arrest the indicators of numerous pores and skin circumstances by normalizing the pores and skin. Utilized prior to chemotherapy and radiation remedies, Nioxin will improve the hair and eliminate poisons to avoid and protect the hair from damage on a cellular degree. Nioxin generates an the best possible scalp surroundings for the regrowth of hair. Nioxin offers an complete system of hair treatment products, and is obtainable in two programs: Bionutrient Protectives created for fantastic/skinny hair that has been chemically taken care of and Bionutrient Actives to handle the needs of those with non-chemically taken care of hair, you can proably fat carry

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