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REVITALIZE Hair and Scalp Oil 2 oz. Moroccan Elixir Pure Argan Oil

  • REVITALIZE Hair and Scalp Oil made from Pure Argan Oil with Organic Essential Oils added for extra benefits.
  • Promotes circulation to hair and scalp
  • Promotes Hair growth and regeneration
  • Revitalizes dry hair and scalp
  • Exhilerating and natural fragrance

This product uses pure argan oil and organic essential oils to enhance the benefits. Moroccan Elixir argan oil is produced by traditional methods of Argan production by the Marjana Women’s Co-Operative in Morocco. Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Cosmetic Benefits of Argan Oil: Moisturizes the skin, Slows the appearance of wrinkles, Improves skin elasticity, Regenerates and rejuvenates aging skin, Restores the life and shine to hair, Promotes scalp health to restore hair growth and vitality, Prevents split ends, Relieves skin damaged by sun and smoking, Prevents stretch marks, Moistens dry itchy scalp.

List Price: $ 30.00

Price: $ 30.00

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