Shop “Lappare Anti-Aging Hair Lotion for Hair Loss with Foti Root (4oz)”

Lappare Anti-Aging Hair Lotion for Hair Loss with Foti Root (4oz)

  • To stop Hair loss,
  • Restores hair’s natural color,
  • Hair treatment,
  • Foti root, Unisex
  • He Shou Wu.

Lappare Anti Aging Hair lotion with Foti Root is a unique lotion formulated to stop hair loss, protects hair, restores hair’s natural color and moisture balance. It is a natural product containing vitamins, minerals and herbs.For centuries, the Chinese have talked about an all natural herbal formula and its ability to bring back hair to its original natural color.
Fo-Ti root is also called He Shou Wu which literally means “the man with dark hair” in Chinese. This amazing supplement is extracted from natural and ancient medicinal herbs including the nutrient rich root of the wild Eastern Rose Plant. He Shou Wu is scientifically termed polygonium mulitflorium and is a close relative to resveratrol. Both He Shou Wu and resveratrol have been su

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