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Samson’s Secret Gel Caps

  • Samson’s Secret a hair treatment system, to stimulate hair growth/regrowth and restoration.
  • At last, an herbal product that grows your own hair.

Is your hair straving? Many people do not realize that hair problems can be a direct result of improper nutrition. Samson’s Secret is an all natural haire treatment system, which stimulates hair growth/regrowth and restoration. It goes to the root of the problem by feeding the hair follicle. By feeding the hair follicles longer stronger stronger healthier strands are produced.

List Price: $ 159.95

Price: $ 159.95

Female Alopecia – female hair loss
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male pattern balding



    I feel for you, because I’m going through the same & the worse part for me is that I’m on the view of millions of people every day since I’m a nurse. I’m not a female I’m a guy and the worse part is that when I use a wig most people laugh behind my back. I wish you the very best and let me know if you encounter any new process for people with our condition…sending you a hug from across the miles.

  2. @xhemexx There is nothing you can do if your alopecia is caused by auto-immune problems. Alopecia is NOT something that is caused by Hygiene, Diet, or anything else like that. Hair loss is hair loss, how do you know wether a bald person lost their hair through Chemo or Alopecia.
    People on here are not winging, if you dont like or understand Alopecia, then get off the board. Your comments do not help new alopecians. I did Not say I would not date a bald man, get your facts right.

  3. I must say something. In my comments, I am NOT talking about people who are loosing their hair due to an illness or something serious like that who are really suffering. I have NO issue at all with that kind of hairloss. But men and women who go bald because of male and female patern baldness or some hormonal disorder or issue that is not serious, there is no excuse for that!! They should stop whinning about looking ugly and like aliens and instead try helping people who truly need help.

  4. @altafica You yourself just admitted that you would not date a bald guy. So why would you expect anyone to date you with your bald head??

  5. @xhemexx actually no, I am not so shallow as to judge people by their looks, its what’s inside that matters, when yoy grow up, you may realise that.

  6. @altafica Oh come on you would never date a bald guy, you know bald guys are ugly. You know you would date someone with all their hair!!!!

  7. xhemexx… are a complete jerk. Your comments on Alopecia, show how stupid, bigoted and ill informed you are. Stay on your profile page and continue to wish you were the person you describe yourself as. Bald women are proud, and don’t waste their time with arseholes like you.

  8. @mazrie1973 But you still love him I hope regardless of whether he has hair or not. I’m sure he will be ok with the ladies!!

  9. @altafica Try to take care of yourself like your hygien and excercise and just eat right, the hair wouldn’t be faling off in the first place!! So stop feeling whiny and start taking care of yoursef physically and you won’t look like an alien!!

  10. @midmissy11 You have every right to fear. Hairloss is the biggest turn off on a women to a guy. Bald women are ugly and I feel sorry for you ladies. Try getting into Spirituality, and don’t even try dating. You will not get anywhere in dating, A women MUST have ALL her hair!! Baldness is the biggest turn off on anyone, women and men.

  11. tweety9102

    I suggest you look at real hair wigs and see how they look first on you, and keep it somewhere, just in case if your hair falls out, you can always use that

  12. Remmy4193

    I’ve had this since last year and it also started when I chemically straightened my hair.
    I definitely don’t recc hair straightening… it’s honestly not worth it

  13. It is a devestating condition, I have Alopecia Universalis. But you are beautiful, and in your wonderful country, I found people so non-judgemental, far better than UK.

  14. xomileyroxxo

    thank godd smallah smallah smallah (a word not to get jinxed)i got all my hair bakc and its growing back go to dr.gerorgep.malick hes awomseee he gave me shots to cute alopeicaa

  15. me too it happened after i tried to straighten my hair

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