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Nature’s Natural 6-Plus Growth Creme Formula 2

  • Specifically formulated for Hair Loss
  • Helps to prevent and treat Balding, Alopecia, Thinning, and Breakage of hair
  • Provides essential nutrients that your hair needs.
  • Designed to strengthen, repair, and bring fullness to each strand of hair
  • All Natural Scalp therapy Hair growth creme

Hair is made up of 88% proteins, which are chains of amino acids found in the hair. That is exactly why Chatto’s 6-Plus Hair Growth Crème Formula 2 was specifically formulated, to provide the essential nutrients that your hair needs. Most causes of hair loss such as Alopecia, Balding, Thinning, and Breakage result from improper care of your hair. If you wear Pigtails, Cornrows, Tight Hair Rollers, Tight Braids, Micro-Braids, Dreadlocks, Perms, Relaxers, or constant Bleaching of the hair, etc can cause hair loss. Other causes of hair loss can result from Pregnancy, Hormonal Changes, Medication, Stress, Crash Diet, High Blood Pressure, etc. Chatto’s 6-Plus Growth Crème – formula 2 helps prevent and treat balding, alopecia, thinning, and bre

List Price: $ 39.95

Price: $ 39.95

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