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If acne scarring, ageing or wrinkles are a problem for you & if you want to get better faster results with your existing skin care products then you need a Skin roller!

These rollers are designed to induce the body’s own production of collagen. The 192 needles induce body own collagen (CIT) in deeper skin layers to s

List Price: $ 23.95

Price: $ 23.95 John Satino, clinical director, is featured in this news telecast and demonstrates the exact procedures being used in researching stem cells for growing hair.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Anonymous
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Derma Roller, February 5, 2011

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    The purchase process worked out very well. The package arrived earlier than I expected. This product was recommended by my dermatologist. More instructions on use can be found on the website. It is a bit uncomfortable to use, but not so bad. It will take a while for results to be visible. I am very hopeful and the investment was minimal. I recommend this product to man and women who would like to improve the appearance of their skin.

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  2. Jessica1963Forester

    After 6 months of offering stem cell therapy in combination with the venous angioplasty liberation procedure, patients of CCSVI Clinic have reported excellent health outcomes. Ms. Kasma Gianopoulos of Athens Greece, who was diagnosed with the Relapsing/Remitting form of MS in 1997 called the combination of treatments a “cure”. Log on to ccsviclinic. ca for more information.

  3. Jessica1963Forester

    “I feel I am completely cured” says Ms. Gianopoulos, “my symptoms have disappeared and I have a recovery of many functions, notably my balance and my muscle strength is all coming (back). Even after six months, I feel like there are good changes happening almost every day. Before, my biggest fear was that the changes wouldn’t (hold). I don’t even worry about having a relapse anymore”. Log on to ccsviclinic. ca for more information.

  4. Jessica1963Forester

    A group of Canadian patients just back from Noble have reported similar results. “I can actually see what I thought were long-dead muscles forming in my feet” said Larry Vermeersch of Kenora, Ontario. “My balance is back and I’m walking without a cane. I’m a pretty hard guy to convince, but getting these two procedures together has made me a believer. I’m looking forward to the physio ahead because I can feel everything coming back.” Log on to ccsviclinic. ca for more information.

  5. Jessica1963Forester

    A universal benefit reported by every patient has been the recovery of bladder control. Most MS patients have various bladder control symptoms that include urinary urgency, incontinence, nocturia, or urinary hesitancy as a result of the disruption of electrical impulses from the brain to the nerves and muscles that are involved in emptying the bladder (pudenal nerve, urethral sphincter, detrusor muscle). Log on to ccsviclinic. ca for more information.

  6. Jessica1963Forester

    Other recent MS patients who have had Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation (ASCT), or stem cell therapy have posted videos and comments on YouTube v=jFQr2eqm3Cg. Log on to ccsviclinic. ca for more information.

  7. Jessica1963Forester

    Dr.Avneesh Gupte, the Neurosurgeon at Noble Hospital performing the procedure has been encouraged by results in Cerebral Palsy patients as well. “We are fortunate to be able to offer the treatment because not every hospital is able to perform these types of transplants.You must have the specialized medical equipment and specially trained doctors and nurses”. Log on to for more information.

  8. Jessica1963Forester

    With regard to MS patients, “We are cautious, but nevertheless excited by what patients are telling us. Suffice to say that the few patients who have had the therapy through us are noticing recovery of neuro deficits beyond what the venous angioplasty alone should account for”. Log on to ccsviclinic. ca for more information.

  9. Jessica1963Forester

    Dr. Hemangi of Noble continues: “These are early days and certainly all evidence that the combination of liberation and stem cell therapies working together at this point is anecdotal. However I am not aware of other medical facilities in the world that offer the synthesis of both to MS patients on an approved basis and it is indeed a rare opportunity for MS patients to take advantage of a treatment that is quite possibly unique in the world”. Log on to ccsviclinic. ca for more information.

  10. Jessica1963Forester

    Autologous stem cell transplantation is a procedure by which blood-forming stem cells are removed, and later injected back into the patient. All stem cells are taken from the patient themselves and cultured for later injection. In the case of a bone marrow transplant, the HSC are typically removed from the Pelvis through a large needle that can reach into the bone. Log on to ccsviclinic. ca for more information.

  11. Jessica1963Forester

    The technique is referred to as a bone marrow harvest and is performed under a general anesthesia. The incidence of patients experiencing rejection is rare due to the donor and recipient being the same individual. This remains the only approved method of the SCT therapy. Log on to ccsviclinic. ca for more information.

  12. @DBSpy1 I get confused about it to, but I know that circulating the blood flow helps the hair to grow. That’s why they always suggest that you massage the scalp, but I am still not understanding the correlation.

  13. @djsuess2007 thats exactly why people do this kind of ish overseas… waaaay cheaper! I quote $2000 for about 3-6 months of treatments.

  14. djsuess2007

    @theIibertines91 if by viruses you mean the truth then yes they are loaded with viruses the only thing Propecia will do is make you lose more hair, also thin your hair, cause sexual drive to drop fast , and stress you out more for paying the bullshit price you pay for that crap! and yes I had stayed on it for 2 years straight, so take my advice go get a hair transplant if you are really considering anything, but even then you are still getting raped by these companies

  15. djsuess2007

    Thousands of dollars is robbery. I guarantee you could do this at home for less than $100 , First making a centrifuge isn’t that hard , a vile place at a 45 degree angle attached to a high speed drill will do the same, so separating blood isn’t the tough part. having some one injecting in your scalp with the plasma wouldn’t be either it would just be time consuming. Getting a hold of a syringe and a vile can easily be found online, if doctors gave a crap they would do this for reasonable $

  16. I don’t understand,stem cells from blood know to grow hair and not fingers or something else,is that because they know they are in the scalp?

  17. orangedac


    the literature i’ve read so far indicates the evidence is sketchy. i may be wrong. its appoved for broken bone injuries but not for soft tissue injury. i think there may be something to it but i don’t know what.

    i was more interested in its use/effectiveness for male pattern hair loss as i’m contemplating having the procedure myself. thanks

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