Should a man or woman with alopecia be ridiculed or fired on the task for putting on wigs?

Query by Anita: Must a person with alopecia be ridiculed or fired on the task for donning wigs?
Nice classy hair variations, absolutely nothing trashy…… the whole concept that this lady doesnt dress in her personal hair has the business office in an up roar. She has been ridiculed and asked to do the demeaning activity in the business office an not invited to workplace features…. I think this is evidently mistaken, as she wasnt employed for her hair, and created no dedication to obtaining or not having her personal hair. She feels her occupation is threatend, but practically nothing she can do about it. she is suffering…

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Reply by No Schlomo
Of program not–that is like firing an orthodox Jew for not removing his yarmulke or a Muslim woman for not eliminating her burka.

As extended as the wig was a type in dress code (ie, nothing at all extreme), then it should not have been a big offer. My wife’s aunt in Spain has alopecia and wears a wig all the time, such as to the workplace. It should not be an issue.

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