Shud i use oil to my hair soon after washing it for enhancing hair decline issue ?

Question by Hunz: Shud i implement oil to my hair soon after washing it for enhancing hair decline problem ?
Shud i apply oil to my hair after washing it for bettering hair decline problem ?

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Answer by Sassafras and Mustard
Implementing oil to your washed hair will not enhance your hair reduction dilemma. It will just make your remaining hair oily.

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  1. kinarere

    It really wont help with hair less. what you can do is never brush it when its wet, try not to use alot of heat styleing and cut down on product usage

  2. hairbender

    Oh, certainly not!! Oil might be what is causing the hair loss.

    But you don’t say how old you are. If you are in your teens or early 2os, this is all normal. That is the age when males start to lose hair. It is all to do with hormones and part of being a man is that you will lose some hair. Some lose a lot, some a little.

    There is nothing you can do about it now. The process has started. All you can do is keep yourself in good health and keep your hair in good condition. Choose hairstyles that are shorter and keep it clean to allow it to have some lift and not look flat.

  3. Oil is waste and as the last person said, could very well be the cause. Have you tried any hair loss products? If not try this one in the below link

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