Skin dysfunction referred to as Alopecia?

Issue by Melody: Skin condition named Alopecia?
I am a 22 calendar year previous feminine and just before right now, I have Never ever listened to of this dysfunction. I was at the shop with my mother yesterday and she pulled me apart because she said something looked extremely “distinct” about my hair. As she examined it nearer, she identified that I experienced 1 nickel sized bald patch on my scalp. I have obtained pretty extended hair, so the good news is I am in a position to include it up. Afterwards final night time, I observed another one particular above it. We did some analysis on the net and it seemed to describe Alopecia Areata. I’ve in no way had something like this occur before and it seemed to just look out of the blue. I’m going to make an appointment with my medical professional this week, but I was pondering if anyone experienced some added details about this. I was looking through about how some people can shed their hair fully from this……….. to be honest I am freaking out a little bit. If anybody has this, is it genuinely as negative as it seems on the internet? Thanks in progress. 🙂

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Answer by spunkimonki
Hey there. Dont anxiety. I undergo from the very same condition. I didnt know I experienced it right up until I had a hairdresser appointment and she explained….did you damage yourself as a little one because you have a patch on your head with no hair….I was like what the ???? Anyhow I work in the market now….lol…how ironic….in any case my hair with some the locations I was.lacking hair and it all grew again…dont freak out…its a lot a lot more widespread than what you consider….specifically with women….. go to a excellent gp and get referred to a hair transplant surgeon….not to get surgical treatment of course but they will tell you a whole lot about your problem and several a lot of diverse approaches to correct it…..good luck….

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