So i have alopecia areata?

Query by : So i have alopecia areata?
Hi ! So I was diagnose with alopecia areata five months in the past..I discovered three bald places linked together in my scalp. The dr stated it will grow will find tiny lil hairs..and I haven’t consider place any ointment..before I was identified I stop consuming meat , rooster, eggs, just tofu n veggies.n I didn’t take any nutritional vitamins .it lasted a thirty day period simply because well I discovered the bold spots..I haven’t see a dermatologist yet..just the “normal” dr..(the one particular who treats every thing)..and I utilised to have cold sores every single single yr now is concern is if you will find any relation with alopecia areata and my severe diet..???

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Alopecia Areata does not have everything to do with your diet. I went to a regular doctor when my hair was falling and he said the very same thing however it kept on falling so we made a decision to go to a skin doctor.It was like two or 3 months I was completely bald. So I obtained a treatment method. She gave me zinc drugs and Minoxidil. And she gave me a cream I forgot it truly is name:) Anyhow that was 1 yr ago and now my hair is on my shoulders! I suggest they grew back all you need is treatment method, skin doctor but most importantly have self confidence and never at any time think that they will not grow back once again:)

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