So I have aplopecia areata?

Issue by Writen: So I have aplopecia areata?
Hello ! So I was diagnose with alopecia
areata five months ago..I discovered 3 bald
spots connected together in my
scalp. The dr mentioned it will grow
back..there’s very small lil hairs..and I
haven’t consider put any
ointment..prior to I was identified I
cease eating meat , chicken, eggs, just
tofu n veggies.n I failed to take any
natural vitamins .it lasted a month since
effectively I discovered the daring places..I have not
see a skin doctor but..just the
“regular” dr..(the one who treats
almost everything)..and I used to have chilly
sores each one yr now is issue is if there is any
relation with alopecia areata and my
severe diet regime..???
I am 18 now

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Solution by Katherina
It is feasible, but most usually alopecia areata is brought on by stress and other aspects. The hair will increase back again. At times it will grow back again white at very first, and then shade will return. Sometimes it will increase in white, and stay white or mild. Depends, genuinely. Your diet regime could have some impact, if your diet regime substantially altered all of a sudden, which it did. When you change your diet, you need to make sure you happen to be nonetheless obtaining loads of protein and the nutritional vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

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