Stop hair decline and develop again thicker hair?

Query by Julie: Cease hair loss and expand back again thicker hair?
I’m 14 and I have main hair loss, i have experienced dandruff for several years now it had absent absent but arrived back again, i started out to discover my hair falling out at the conclude of seventh quality and im now a freshmen in substantial faculty, in seventh and eighth grade i employed to straighten my hair every day, i don’t ever straighten my hair anymore, but its nevertheless slipping out like insane, i do clean my hair every single day for university i don’t have a option since my hair does get tremendous greasy tremendous quick, but on the weekend i would not clean my hair right up until sunday night time for school, i use to have very thick hair a whole lot thicker than my sister but now its a whole lot thinner than hers

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Answer by masterdelrond
As you are so youthful, your hair loss could be a number of factors…

“It is unusual for youngsters to drop their hair. If a teenager is encountering hair decline it is most likely to be from a well being dilemma as opposed to a genetic predisposition, such as male-pattern baldness. The most typical cause of hair loss in younger men and women is Tinea Capitis also acknowledged as Scalp Ringworm. This is a contagious fungal an infection that can be taken care of with an anti-fungal shampoo.
Hereditary hair-reduction circumstances this sort of as Alopecia Areata and male-sample baldness can happen in men and women as youthful as 14 years of age, however this is really uncommon.”

I would propose speaking with your medical doctor to see if you undergo from Tinea Capitis … which is very straightforward to treat.

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