Support! Shedding hair, and do not know what to do!!?

Query by Mikayla: Assist! Shedding hair, and don’t know what to do!!?
I seen that my hair is a great deal much more thinner than it utilised to be, and when I was washing my hair, a great deal of hair came out: Idk what to do!! I adjusted shampoos from Garnier to Herbal Essences, but when I was utilizing Garnier, I occasionally used Sunsilk too. I stopped straightening my hair, but I in no way employed to do it that much. Also, just lately I have been tying my hair up into higher ponytails. How do I end my hair from falling out as a lot? I’ve observed of this issue called Alopecia, but idk if I have it or not.. Thanks..

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Solution by Sven
Possibly Alopecia, but could also occur if you are dieting or one thing, I experienced a girlfriends whose hair was falling out and it finished up was due to the fact she was vomiting becuase she was bulimic and after she stopped that her hair stopped falling out, also appear at you age, hair starts thinning with age also with the weather conditions so a lot of causes, alopecia it will come out a good deal like in chunks and you have bald patches

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