Sweet Aunt Jeminma just milked Michael Jordan!?!?

Concern by erica l: Sweet Aunt Jeminma just milked Michael Jordan!?!?
June 1, 2007-
The well-known and sweet Aunt Jeminma syrup was observed milking Michael Jordans udders nowadays. She squeezed on them like a buffalo grasps cheddar rolls of perform-dough. Michael Jordan hollered as Aunt Jeminma began using his milk to generate buttermilk pancakes.

Spicy tuna caserole is on the verge of getting to be the latest therapy for severe hair decline. Paitents can rub it into their scalp and profound inside of their ear lobes to sense a tingly sensation of the new growth of wirey and rugged hairs.

Cashews are in an excessive amount in Montana. To get rid of the salty nut, baseballs have been thrown in the air and folks are consistently making use of fingerpaints of only the coloration yellow.

In the Bahamas sightings of the Enormous Yorkshire Terrier have been too much. Folks say he gallops in the wind and howls like a cuyote with an upset stomach.

An elderly girl in Chiacgo has been accused of stealing over 3470 cartons of cherry flavored pepto bismol. She promises it is for her fuel.
No, truly I made all of that up!

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