how to style thick, frizzy hair ? plz answer?

Concern by Glitter Bug: how to design thick, frizzy hair ? plz solution?
i have really frizzy hair and can’t seem to established it , i usually place my hair in a pony lead to its truly thick and unruly, what sort of item/s would aid to straighten it without having making use of warmth styling? as
i dont want my hair to finish up even worse:( help

i would genuinely recognize as a lot of responses as possible

also what brush do ur’ll feel would avert hair breakage
i want to cut my hair in a bob but i am afraid it will appear humorous trigger it aint straight, ought to i minimize it although?

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Answer by Yve Saint
I have very thick hair. I use a frizz simplicity serum and a extensive tooth comb. If you use a brush when it is dry it will make it much more frizzy, use your hands to comb by way of it when it is dry. The frizz relieve should be utilised appropriate soon after you clean it and air dry your hair. You should adore these outcomes.
A brush with a lot more area in among bristles is excellent because your hair will not get caught in among.

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Somebody who knows about health please answer! please!?

Question by uhhsure8701: Somebody who knows about health please answer! please!?
Please no funny comments here, I am scared and really want to know what this could possibly be. I have a bald spot in my pubic area, and the skin color is much lighter than my other skin color. I am so afraid I have alopecia areata. I don’t know what I would do if it spread and I lost all of my hair on my head, and my eyebrows, and even my eyelashes. Is it possible to just have alopecia areata in one place (pubic area) and for it to not spread anywhere else? I am really concerned. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this? Thank you so much!
no, it isn’t a birthmark, and I have an appointment for a dermatologist in February

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Answer by Chuck Norris
Best advice I have is to see a doctor ASAP!Sounds serious!

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What is the best reply or heal for hair loss or a answer or a medicine that stops hair loss ?

Query by dreama: What is the greatest answer or remedy for hair loss or a resolution or a medication that stops hair decline ?
What is the ideal remedy or heal for hair decline or a remedy or a medication that stops hair decline?
many thanks alot

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Response by ShadowBreaker
Right here you go hope it aids!

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what is the ideal answer to covering a moderate sized balding spot on the back of the head?

Issue by shawn w: what is the best resolution to masking a average sized balding location on the again of the head?
i have hairs there there just wonderful any choices

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Answer by jojo
my bf has the identical issue. 🙂 try out likely to a salon and asking them for a haircut that will help reduce the “balding” appear. they are going to be capable to give you a hair style that is flattering, even with the good hairs.

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