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Does anyone know the identify of a topical steroid product to treat alopecia areata (hair decline) – round bald patches

Issue by snonymous: Does any individual know the title of a topical steroid product to treat alopecia areata (hair loss) – spherical bald patches Sure my ki, I experienced it some a long time in the past at the back of my head and the steroid product I was prescribed labored but the hair grew again white to begin with, now Ive discovered two tiny round bald patches in the front but Ive overlooked the identify of the product. Im striving to steer clear of a visit to the medical professional. Greatest solution: Response by my kiis there on out now? I’ve in no way heard of an ointment for alopecia areatta that operates. Enable me know. Give your solution to this query underneath!

has anyone at any time experimented with scalp med or women’s rogaine for hair reduction??? do these goods genuinely perform?

Question by Lorie H: has any individual at any time tried out scalp med or women’s rogaine for hair reduction??? do these items genuinely work? are there any merchandise out there that are genuinely great for hair regrowth? Greatest reply: Answer by chillixonno i havent tried out it but if it functions for you…let me know. Include your personal answer in the feedback!

Alopecia Does anyone know how to regrow hair. I have alopecia and was wonderin if theres any cures? Many thanks?

Question by tomman1691: Alopecia Does anyone know how to regrow hair. I have alopecia and was wonderin if theres any remedies? Many thanks? Greatest answer: Answer by ♥ Cupcake ♥You need to chat to your physician about this. A lady at my school has alopecia and she receives shots in her head to support her hair expand back again. Greatest of luck! What do you consider? Reply beneath!

Does anyone any idea why my skin doctor has give me,ELIDEL,for Alopecia Universalis??/?

Issue by alins: Does anyone any thought why my dermatologist has give me,ELIDEL,for Alopecia Universalis??/? I don`t `have eczema,but my skin is very dry.I`m frightened for elidel. Greatest reply: Answer by HK3738it seems to be an immuno modulator, there is a principle that alopecia may possibly be immune mediated, this “could” be the achievable purpose why your dermatologist recommended this drug, you would have to question him/her this query even though, good luck Add your possess answer in the responses!

Anyone with these signs and symptoms? ?

Issue by smartiepantz: Any person with these signs? ? can you lose your hair (at the follicle, not breakage) if you believe you have herpes are under a lot of mental pressure from it (I AM Likely TO THE Medical doctor) to be truthful i dont know what I have but i consider i may possibly be unwell with some thing, possibly that or i am stressing my self out so significantly about it that its triggering me to get rid of hair??? I know my entire body, some thing is not proper and this I will locate out ASAP, but until then I need some tips. what are ailments where you get rid of hair/ reasons why DOES NOT Run IN Household I AM Having Several Vitamins Greatest reply: Answer by I really like Kyle!

Anyone have any pointers on how to make your hair grow?

Concern by Dina: Anybody have any pointers on how to make your hair develop? I have fairly slim, extremely curly hair. I deep problem my hair when a 7 days, use Moroccan oil, and take biotin capsules. any person have any other tips that they have utilized to let their hair increase quickly? Ideal reply: Solution by Sur La MerYou therapeutic massage your scalp when you shampoo, but you HAVE Reasonably skinny & Really CURLY hair: “You find people oiling hair each single day, the hair sweats and it doesn’t get washed. What do you feel transpires? It goes limp and becomes slim since it is not respiration,” Shamillah Mohammed, a hairstylist at SUQA, says. If you happen to be healthy, & extremely energetic, your nails are growing, your hair ought to be developing Correct NOW. If you want perfection, you Need to have endurance. Toddlers can do that, by…

Has anyone gone through chemo and NOT missing their hair?

Query by Robynn D: Has any individual absent via chemo and NOT missing their hair? I have my very first remedy tomorrow and am wondering if I should just go forward and lower it all off just before it falls out… Ideal reply: Answer by Juliet RMy mother experienced chemo with Avastin and did not unfastened her hair. It relies upon on the drug they use, not all of them make you free your hair. Add your very own answer in the responses!

Does anyone know a trick to velocity up hair expansion?

Concern by DayoNight: Does any person know a trick to pace up hair growth? I don’t treatment if it really is a spell, or a treatment or everything in among I just want m hair to increase more quickly. I have okay long hair, but I needed to grow it additional extended. I want to grow it tremendous prolonged to lower it to my shoulders and donate it to men and women with cancer. But the difficulty is, is that my hair grows very sluggish, and I would fairly donate it the faster the better. Any individual obtained any tips? Greatest reply: Response by Deemyeah a female i utilized to hang with that modeled informed me this…right after using a extended very hot shower, pour cold h2o on your head/scalp. The hot shower relaxes the hair follicles letting the pores open up much more and the hair relax, and placing…

I have PCOS and my medical doctor gave me diane35 for 6months.Can anyone tell me something a lot more abot PCOS or DIane 35?

Query by skbrazilsk: I have PCOS and my medical doctor gave me diane35 for 6months.Can anybody explain to me some thing a lot more abot PCOS or DIane 35? Very best response: Reply by lifestyle is very goodProperly I way too have PCOS and my buddy advised me about this internet site. It has a minor of every little thing from diet regime info to a discussion board that assists you. Especially if you have FAQ. Diane-35 Acne breakouts, seborrhoea (oily skin), facial hair expansion and androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness and hair reduction in ladies) are triggered by excessive male hormone exercise. Roughly 10-20 % of girls are influenced by issues related to hyperandrogenism. These signs and symptoms are not just beauty, but are usually joined with menstrual disorders, metabolic abnormalities and ovarian cyst formation (Polycstic ovary syndrome [PCOS]). Ladies with PCOS are at elevated chance of sterility, diabetes…

Does anyone know any cures for hair decline?

Issue by Blue: Does any person know any remedies for hair loss? I endure from heriditary hair decline. I had been employing rogaine which was in fact likely properly but now I am pregnant and can no more time use it. My new hair is virtually all long gone and I am getting quite anxious. Does anybody know any kind of natural or natural remedies I can use till following my pregnancy? Very best solution: Reply by HeatherI have read that Ovation operates miracles. Know greater? Leave your very own reply in the comments!

Has anyone donated their hair to Locks of Enjoy?

Issue by kmatty: Has any person donated their hair to Locks of Really like? I’m considering about donating my hair to Locks of Love (a charity that tends to make wigs for young children with cancer) but I have not achieved any person who has accomplished it. How considerably hair do they require? Can it be colored? How was the procedure? Greatest response: Response by John Pwell my wife has and a pal of mine’s wife has as effectively. They both had hair down to their asses. My daughters softball coach (guy) is increasing his hair out for the identical point. I am sure they have a web site, why not seem them up. Add your very own solution in the remarks!

does anyone have any info on alopecia?

Question by sexiimamaz: does anybody have any data on alopecia? im carrying out a project for science about genetic issues and my subject is alopecia. does anybody have data. on recent research, what is the incidence in births, the type of disorder, the description of mother and father with youngsters of alopecia or any other info. ??? You should its a big grade and im possessing difficulty obtaining information. Greatest response: Reply by MikeIsn’t that hair loss???? Add your possess answer in the remarks!

Has anyone been instructed that they have Alopecia?

Concern by Heidie: Has any person been instructed that they have Alopecia? I know any individual that has it ,its hair decline,and I’m pondering how she obtained it and what can be carried out to regrow the hair The Dermatologist explained Alopecia Areata,and mentioned that steroid shots in the head might aid,but also stated that they normally don’t support,can a biosity of the scalp present if there is something can be carried out? Greatest response: Reply by KelleMy good friend has it. Bald and goofy hats are in. You can’t regrow it. Sorry. Causes: http://overall to What do you think? Reply underneath!

Has anyone ever been taken care of for hair loss with acupuncture?

Question by FRANKIE G: Has anybody at any time been taken care of for hair decline with acupuncture? I’m a 28 year outdated male and my hairline is currently receding. I am attempting to stay away from making use of chemicals to treat it if at all achievable. Has anybody had acupuncture carried out for hair reduction? If you have, did it assist, make it worse or do practically nothing at all? Please share your tales with me. I would actually appreciate it. Best solution: Answer by JeffUse Rogaine – that things truly works. What do you believe? Solution underneath!

Hunting for Salons in France that do normal hair. Can anyone assist pls?

Query by J.H: Looking for Salons in France that do organic hair. Can any individual support pls? Looking for Salons in france that do all-natural hair- indicating locks, twists, bantu knots etc. A store that caters to black people’s hair. My hair is normal since 3 years now and I have been getting care of it myself. I want to lock it now and open up it anytime I want to go back again to twists or just plaiting or braiding. Very best response: Response by Sur La MerGo to YELP or Craigslist and study evaluations or post on their information boards there from your town, or research identify of salon underneath Much better Business Bureau. My recommendation is to carry on taking excellent treatment of your hair, like you do now. BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT Experienced BEEN BANNED by the Food & Drug Adm. Sept. twelve, 2011. Google keratin remedy warnings.…

Does just about anyone know an artist or a website specializing in personalized artificial eyebrows four adult males with Alopecia?

Problem by S.A.A: Does everyone know an artist or a websites specializing in customized artificial eyebrows four adult males with Alopecia? The key aggravation of people affected by the automobile-immune dysfunction of “Alopecia Universalis” lies in the total disfigurement of phsysical look through finished loss of eyebrows, eyelashes, cranium hair, facial hair, etc. At this phase, the only feasible possibility appears to be turning to make up pencils & long lasting make-ups in the sort of tatoos. But nevertheless, neither of these techniques will yield a organic and natural outcome for gentlemen and are not proposed. Tattooing of eyebrows for adult men normally fails to imitate the unique thicker & for a longer period condition and texture of eyebrows. It seems horrific in close up & its not reversable. Attachment, elongation or thickening in circumstance of brows and eyelashes will not work both, 4 they need a amount of hair…