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Can minoxidil (Rogaine) trigger long term hair reduction if not balding?

Question by Nox: Can minoxidil (Rogaine) trigger long lasting hair decline if not balding? I am debating using minoxidil on my experience for facial hair development (sure this operates following a couple of months). Nonetheless, I have no family members heritage of real balding and I never want to somehow influence this gene. I would relatively have head hair without end than a tiny facial hair now. Can minoxidil (Rogaine) trigger long term hair decline if not balding? Best solution: Reply by margaThe hair decline is much more hard to handle in gentlemen than in girls. Regardless of the abundance of medical merchandise on the marketplace designed to overcome baldness, those that contains minoxidil are identified by dermatologists as the most efficient when its qualities are merged with Propecia, also known as finasteride, yet another molecule that can quit hair loss. What do you consider? Solution under!

Are there any balding products?

Issue by Iago: Are there any balding merchandise? Hi, I have alopecia areta which is an auto-immune problem that can make you get rid of hair. In my situation, I misplaced all of my hair by the time I was in the 1st grade. I have been wearing wigs ever considering that then, but I’m so tired of them now. I just want to really feel the sunshine on my scalp. The factor is however that I am primarily bald apart from for some patches of strangly hair and it seems to be disgusting. I do not want to have to shave my head each and every night to pull of the bald appear. I just want a completely bare scalp. Are there any items or strategies I can use to make all of the patches of hair go away? Greatest response: Reply by Sur La MerTraction alopecia is hair…

what do i do to cease my hair from balding and greying?

Issue by stubbornhair: what do i do to stop my hair from balding and greying? i am a 34 calendar year previous female and have had issue of itchy scalp for some time now before i discovered that my hair have started out slipping off speedily. i do not know what treatment method to use and how to handle this. as a end result, i now use wigs and hair weavons but i genuinely desire to have my organic black hair grow again once again. i am an african black and live in west africa. i will not mind the price or whether orthodox or different cure. all i want is a treatment and as rapidly as i can get it. your answers are really required. Best answer: Solution by Russellshave it off Give your response to this question below!

im african american women and i have a balding location in the center of my head what can i do to handle it?

Question by Sukina J: im african american ladies and i have a balding place in the middle of my head what can i do to deal with it? i ve been obtaining this thining in the center of my hair for a while what can i do to avert it to get even worse what productd or treatment method is avaible Best solution: Solution by Jive Talkin’sounds like Alopecia. you ought to check with a professional beautician. Alopecia areata (AA) is a condition impacting humans, in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the human body, normally from the scalp. Simply because it brings about bald places on the scalp, particularly in the first phases, it is sometimes known as spot baldness. In 1%–2% of situations, the problem can distribute to the whole scalp (Alopecia totalis) or to the total epidermis. Give your answer to this query…

I have premature balding and I was wondering if natural cures work? I’m as well youthful for propecia, and so forth.?

Concern by jake: I have premature balding and I was pondering if organic remedies perform? I am also young for propecia, and many others.? I will not know if you will find any real truth guiding the complete set an eggyolk and honey on your head, or paprika and so on. I am only 16 and this hair decline is really bugging me…I have talked to a dematologist presently, and it truly is not some bizarre hair ailment, just sound alopecia areata (i feel it truly is named) or male sample baldness. It truly sucks to have it this young, but I guess there is not significantly I can do. If these natural remedies actually function that would be a lifesaver. I guess you will find not a lot to get rid of, but some of the remedies need vigourous massaging which seems to pull out much more hair. I…

what is the ideal answer to covering a moderate sized balding spot on the back of the head?

Issue by shawn w: what is the best resolution to masking a average sized balding location on the again of the head? i have hairs there there just wonderful any choices Best response: Answer by jojomy bf has the identical issue. 🙂 try out likely to a salon and asking them for a haircut that will help reduce the “balding” appear. they are going to be capable to give you a hair style that is flattering, even with the good hairs. Know greater? Depart your own solution in the comments!

How to avert balding hair at a younger age?

Concern by John: How to prevent balding hair at a young age? I am a dude in ninth quality and I’ve recognized that women discover balding hair unattractive on more mature and youthful gentlemen. My hair is not balding yet, but I was questioning if there were some steps I could get now to stop my hair from balding in the potential. I would also like to know if making use of hair gel would make your hair go bald in the potential, simply because I use it on a everyday foundation. Greatest solution: Reply by learn shakeBalding is typically triggered by genetics or tension. You can shed your hair if you use severe shemicles discovered in bleaches and coloring items. If your going to use gells, get organic essences manufacturer. Extremely effortless on your hair. Give your reply to this issue underneath!

what are some excellent balding prevention health supplements to consider?

Query by mfisch: what are some good balding prevention dietary supplements to get? Hey, I am 22 and a male. My hairline is receding a small little bit about my temples. I read if you try out to avert the hair decline ahead of its absent for also extended, it will regrow again in that area. I am fascinated in buying some pills or some supplements that may well insert an added issue in my diet to actually improve hair development. Any ideas from folks who have experienced accomplishment? Best solution: Reply by BarcodeTaking a B-Intricate pill daily will support advertise wholesome hair progress. Incorporate your possess answer in the responses!

if you know your heading to go bald ought to you begin remedy just before the balding will get bad?

Concern by simdawgydawg: if you know your heading to go bald need to you begin treatment method just before the balding will get poor? so im 19 a long time previous and I know I am going to go bald. My father and uncles have been all bald and my hair is commencing to slim. It is relatively obvious and I just wished to know if it would be sensible to begin making use of Rogaine now just before it begins receiving too bad. I know i should go to a doctor to inquire but just wished to see if any individual on-line would have any tips. thank you Greatest response: Response by asweerdfno Incorporate your own answer in the responses!

what is the actual cause of hairloss and balding?

Question by J D: what is the real cause of hairloss and balding? if a child as youthful as 22 begins enduring hairloss(thinning) what could be the triggers of this….at that age he’s supposed to have hair,are there any leads to other than the scientific DHT stage trigger. are there any non secular triggers? or nutritional triggers for male sequence balding. Best reply: Solution by carlymainly it really is hereditary…possibly it skipped a generation or two What do you feel? Reply under!

does hair falling out and not increasing again imply balding? what is alopecia?

Query by ∑0n†i d3 ∑on†3rr3y: does hair falling out and not developing back again imply balding? what is alopecia? when i am getting a shower i shed like 20 strands of hair. This has been going on given that 2 many years in the past. Haven’t witnessed any baldness. Does alopecia mean hair lost that never ever grows back since i seen dropping hair every working day is standard. Greatest solution: Reply by BlazerSlamyour shedding its natural to get rid of 50 strands of hair a day. Give your solution to this question under!

Order “Raymax Professional Low Level Laser Therapy unit – Prevent Hair Loss, Thinning, Balding, Regrow new hair”

Raymax Professional Low Level Laser Therapy unit – Prevent Hair Loss, Thinning, Balding, Regrow new hair Strongest in home use laser biostimulation, hair regrowth unitMaximum strength, implementing 19 x industrial grade laserReal lasers, more powerfull than any Laser Comb!Treatment time only few times a week,Wired, provides constant power during treatment The Raymax Laser Wand is designed to stimulate miniaturized and weakened hair follicles with specific wavelength of low-level laser energy that stimulates cellular energy and hair regrowth. The Raymax Laser Wand stimulates hair follicles which results in producing thicker, fuller, shinier, and healthier looking hair. Unit comes with an universal, auto-voltage sense power adapter for worldwide use. List Price: $ 269.00 Price: $ 269.00 Question by Psychology Smarts!: Has anyone had hair loss from using hair products, and especially Head and Shoulders shampoo? My 14 year old daughter has lost 30-35% of her hair over past 4-6 months. Today, the…

Postal order “XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers Light Brown Thickens Balding or Thin Hair – 25g”

XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers Light Brown Thickens Balding or Thin Hair – 25g Xfusion Keratin Hair Fibers to match naturally growing medium brown hair.It will not stain, run, smear, or harm clothing or skin.XFusion resists wind, rain and perspiration.Colors can be mixed for a perfect match every time.XFusion comes in 8 shades to blend with any hair color: black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, blond, white, grey and auburn. XFusion immediately gives men and women thicker-looking hair. It consists of colored organic fibers made of pure keratin protein – the same protein that makes up human hair.When shaken onto balding or thinning hair, XFusion fibers instantly and securely fill out the hair a person already has, giving him or her the appearance of having significantly more hair. Since XFusion works with existing hair, it can enhance even the sparsest areas. It is not, however, appropriate for completely bald individuals.…