What does breast most cancers truly feel like?

Issue by spidergirl: What does breast most cancers really feel like?
Could you explain to me in which in the breast the lumps arise, what they feel like, and so forth.?
What are some other signs and symptoms of breast most cancers? Are hair reduction and tremors some indicators?
At what age can you get breast cancer?
Any other details I need to know?

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Response by Kelle
There are Numerous various varieties of cancer with different indicators.

Breast most cancers is unheard of beneath the age of thirty.

Hair reduction occurs if chemo/radiation treatment is utilized.

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“Teenage women who smoke improve their risk of building breast cancer prior to they reach menopause, according to a report in the Oct. five situation of the journal The Lancet (Vol. 360: 1044-1049).

The authors mentioned the risk is nearly double if younger women begin smoking cigarettes within 5 years of their initial menstrual cycle.

Pierre R. Band, MD, and a group of Canadian researchers discovered that the chance of breast cancer in females by age 50 was eighty% greater than if they hadn’t commenced smoking cigarettes at a youthful age.” quotation

http://www.cancer.org/docroot/NWS/content/NWS_one_1x_Teenage_Smoking_Joined_To_Breast_Most cancers.asp

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hair decline treatment method for the duration of breast feeding?

Problem by lillie: hair loss remedy for the duration of breast feeding?
did anybody try out any hair reduction remedy that is (truly) efficient and protected to use although nursing??

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Response by blt830
B Complicated vitamins, not B6 or B12 but B Complicated. It stopped my hair decline and was risk-free.

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