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Are there cancers that lead to hair reduction?

Concern by bmk: Are there cancers that result in hair loss?
My spouse commenced dropping hair at seventeen (also started out obtaining really negative anxiousness for no explanation, decline of strength and sleeping problems). Hair reduction will not run in his family members but when he was tested the medical professionals didn’t know what was leading to his hair reduction. But I was wondering if there are specific cancers that aren’t taken care of that can cause hair decline simply because on 1 side of his loved ones they have a number of varieties of cancers that ran threw the family but he isn’t going to know what cancer they experienced.

Best solution:

Answer by redmug100
No, chemotherapy leads to hair loss not most cancers by itself. Hair reduction in folks with no most cancers are because of to genetics

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can bad hair decline mean most cancers?

Concern by Chiran: can negative hair loss indicate cancer?
i have bone aces way too and i really feel very tried soon after carrying out nothing at all at all.The baddest factor is i get rid of ten to twenty hairs a working day and have my PMS two instances a thirty day period

Greatest response:

Response by KowzRKool
Hair decline in most cancers individuals is owing to chemotherapy.

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Prior to therapies these kinds of as chemotherapy and radiation, how had been most cancers individuals taken care of?

Concern by chrstnwrtr: Prior to treatment options such as chemotherapy and radiation, how had been cancer individuals taken care of?
This acquired me contemplating. Soon after listening to a relatively gross story from the Center Ages that dealt with a nun managing a cancerous tumor, how ended up most cancers individuals taken care of prior to the advent of chemotherapy and radiation?

And here is an extra question: why does chemotherapy lead to hair reduction and nausea in clients?

Greatest answer:

Answer by Diane A
Until a tumor could be lower out, most cancers resulted in death although there have been possibly loads of off-the -wall therapies. In the early stages of Xray remedy (feel 1900s)–it was deemed to be effective if the pores and skin burned! Surgery for growths goes as far back again as the Egyptians & Greeks (they utilized numerous medication & substances for anesthesia).

Many Chemo drugs work by concentrating on the mobile cycle in speedily dividing cells (which is just what a tumor is–really rapidly dividing & developing cells) the hair follicle is 1 such swiftly regular dividing cell line (your hair grows, right?) so which is why they get “killed” off & hair falls out. So also the cells lining the GI tract are affected & you have several of the GI aspect effects linked with chem. That and several numerous medication cause nausea in general.

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Spiritual mother does not want father using most cancers drugs?

Issue by Political referee: Spiritual mom will not want father taking cancer medication?
My father has liver cancer and my mom isn’t going to want him taking these medicines. They say they are negative for your body and he ought to just pray to God.

How do I reason with my mom?? I have given up.

Greatest response:

Solution by DawnkeyWuvsU
Why does her view subject? Does she have precedence in excess of his wishes? If so, agreement an legal professional, asap.Don’t permit him be tortured due to the fact she’s a jackass.

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How do I confirm that someone in my community is faking most cancers?

Concern by Mindy: How do I confirm that an individual in my community is faking most cancers?
There is a girl in my neighborhood that we know is faking most cancers. She has a FB web page devoted to her “fight!” she is having fundraisers, car washes, bake income, her mom’s church donated $ 5,000, etc to get donations. We requested the place she acquired “treatments” she gave us the location and they say she is not a individual there, but we are not shut adequate to confront her and would desire to continue being anonymous. We have other proof, like her leaving perform for three hours, saying she had time to generate to the most cancers center, get chemo, go purchasing and the travel is thirty min to and 30 min from. There is no issue she is faking it, the concern is, how do I get proof with HIPPA legal guidelines in location? The center explained they cant give us information if she IS a client but they are permitted to inform us she ISNT a affected person! We set on her FB web page that they advised us that and they stated the centre is personal and protecting above their individuals! several of her family members members know she is faking but have nevertheless to come ahead, almost certainly due to concern of family humiliation? It is totally improper of her to accept income donations from individuals when she does not have most cancers. She is never ever sick, never misplaced her hair, in no way had surgical treatment, but promises to have had chemo and radiation and most cancers in remission 3 instances. She was posted on her FB page as obtaining chemo at nearly 9pm and then at 10:15 racing a automobile for her charity! How do we get her caught without having currently being right concerned? We will not want backlash from her or her family members due to the fact they can be a rowdy bunch, so we can not confront her straight, and how else do we get proof when her and her family have a lie for every accusation? What she is performing is Mistaken and tends to make us unwell realizing there are people who Actually have cancer that could benefit far more from this. She is getting advantage of folks and performing one thing disgusting! She has also had other concerns in her previous, such as saying she was raped when she acquired pregnant at sixteen, when she was 14 she was found handed out in ladies toilet at college and mentioned two unusual ladies (grownups) shoved a bunch of Lortabs down her throat and mentioned get these or we will slit your throat? She also is a pill addict and has been caught stealing cash and pills from many individuals and also has been caught lying most likely thousands of instances. But she often finds a way out. She has also defrauded credit score card organizations, been in problems for scorching checks, and many others. Please help! Any tips would be valuable on how to get her formally caught and stop her from profiting from peoples kindness for one thing she does not even have! Thank you!

Very best response:

Response by Tarkarri
Report her to the law enforcement, anonomously if you like. This is fraud (if what you assert is true) and they are in the very best placement to look into and lay costs.

It is attainable she is not lying.

I utilised to blend a quick shopping trip with my chemo treatments as it was a 1 hour travel each way and get it accomplished in about four hours.

I was in no way unwell with my chemo. Heaps of paople do not have hair loss and some never need surgical procedure.

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What does breast most cancers truly feel like?

Issue by spidergirl: What does breast most cancers really feel like?
Could you explain to me in which in the breast the lumps arise, what they feel like, and so forth.?
What are some other signs and symptoms of breast most cancers? Are hair reduction and tremors some indicators?
At what age can you get breast cancer?
Any other details I need to know?

Greatest response:

Response by Kelle
There are Numerous various varieties of cancer with different indicators.

Breast most cancers is unheard of beneath the age of thirty.

Hair reduction occurs if chemo/radiation treatment is utilized.

Simply click on the crimson terms.

“Teenage women who smoke improve their risk of building breast cancer prior to they reach menopause, according to a report in the Oct. five situation of the journal The Lancet (Vol. 360: 1044-1049).

The authors mentioned the risk is nearly double if younger women begin smoking cigarettes within 5 years of their initial menstrual cycle.

Pierre R. Band, MD, and a group of Canadian researchers discovered that the chance of breast cancer in females by age 50 was eighty% greater than if they hadn’t commenced smoking cigarettes at a youthful age.” quotation cancers.asp

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I have had a double Thyroid Most cancers and survived and now I am shedding my hair ten several years later on, Support?

Query by : I have experienced a double Thyroid Most cancers and survived and now I am dropping my hair 10 years afterwards, Help?
I have survived most cancers and my hair is thinning is there everything I can do to assist preserve it?

Ideal reply:

Response by BSherman
Your thinning hair has practically nothing to do with disease from a decade back.

Most folks expertise thinning hair as they age.

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Why Do you need to have to shave hair when you have most cancers?

Issue by Sesamestreet K: Why Do you need to have to shave hair when you have cancer?
I do not have most cancers but I have just seen that when people have most cancers they usually shave there hair off. I just want to know why?

Greatest reply:

Solution by peaches6
Some individuals lose their hair from chemo treatments, so they both shave it off once it begins slipping or use a wig to cover the loss of hair. My father was blessed. He failed to drop any hair.

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what other then most cancers can trigger clomps of her to come out?

Question by : what other then cancer can cause clomps of her to appear out?

i intended to say hair i don`t no why i place her.

Best reply:

Reply by kayangtee
Alopecia is one particular trigger. Fungal infections of the scalp is one more and also thyroid ailment. THC in marijuana can trigger thinning of the hair as nicely. It would be best to see a medical professional for some program blood work.

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I want to donate my hair to folks that want it.Like most cancers sufferers.How can i observe my hair to see if they?

Concern by Bounce: I want to donate my hair to men and women that need to have it.Like cancer sufferers.How can i monitor my hair to see if they?
use it and who gets it.Generally i want to see the conclude outcomes.Does any person know of a excellent web site i can get a lot more details?

Very best solution:

Response by Panda
No. In standard individuals with cancer have brief term hair loss and not often acquire genuine hair wigs. Most organizations such as Locks of Enjoy make wigs for a condition named Alopecia Areata which is NOT most cancers. Locks of Enjoy sells hair it receives abroad, so there is no tracking done, it can than put some of the money back into the non-profit portion of their business or keep the additional revenue . . there is no tracking this portion of their enterprise.

Actual hair wigs get about three or four various hair not just 1 . . so once more it is not feasible to track your own hair.

Their are other corporations too that will settle for donated hair.

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How can I aid individuals with most cancers?

Concern by Maggie O: How can I help individuals with cancer?
I am actually engaged in oncology and I really want to be there for folks with most cancers. I allready voolunteer at a clinic, and I do not have any further money to donate.
Any concepts?

Finest response:

Reply by Kathy
Volunteer at a oncology ward maybe.
Ive reduce my hair twice to donate to youngsters who have missing their hair due to reasons like most cancers or alopecia…is that an solution? They require a minimal of 10 inches and it cant be colored and many others.
Maybe you can see if you can sit and hold preserve a person company while theyre receiving therapy, or in their hospital mattress.
If you know a person who has most cancers, supply to aid at home…tidy up, walk pets or watch their little ones if they have any. Probably do a load of laundry or two if essential. Or go to, and give family associates a opportunity to have a nap or shower or whatsoever.
Ive misplaced a number of people who Ive cared for because of to cancer. Its wonderful you want to support them.

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Are there treatments for most cancers that do not consequence in hair loss?

Concern by Morg: Are there treatments for most cancers that do not end result in hair decline?
from what i know people with most cancers drop their hair from the kemo treatments not nessisarly the disease its self. (be sure to appropriate me if i am wrong)
and i was wondering if there was a type of remedy that would not result in hair reduction? if so what sorts of most cancers does this apply to?

Best answer:

Reply by Amber
Not all varieties of chemotherapy medication trigger hair decline, and not all sorts that do trigger hair decline lead to the exact same extent/severity of hair reduction. It also depends a lot on the particular person. Some individuals never ever drop their hair no make a difference what medications they are on.
Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can both cause hair decline, not only on the scalp but all more than the physique, but hair thinning can be disguised relatively by reducing the hair brief and employing light hair items, like baby shampoo. 🙂

If you are concerned about on your own or a buddy or family member, the oncologist (most cancers medical doctor) will be in a position to tell you if the specific medication currently being used may well lead to hair reduction.

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I am seeking for a speech manufactured by a female poet who was dying of most cancers.?

Concern by Alex: I am hunting for a speech produced by a female poet who was dying of most cancers.?
I observed the movie of the speech several years back. The lady supplying the discuss experienced been identified with most cancers, and would die before long after the discuss was recorded. She may possibly or could not have been a poet, I’m not confident. The girl experienced a piece of cloth wrapped all around her head, certainly to conceal the evidence of hair reduction from chemo treatment options. The fundamental message of the speech was “what the hell are you waiting for?” or a thing alongside these lines, and it was very potent, as she talked about how no person has the luxurious of waiting until later to do what you want to do, simply because existence is short and you can die unexpectedly. At one position I feel she just explained straight up “You happen to be gonna die.” if that assists narrow it down. Can anyone help me discover the video I’m conversing about?

Notice:I also posted this problem in the most cancers part of the overall health category on accident.
From what I can don’t forget, the lady’s speech was not notably involved with the afterlife. It was a lot more anxious with passing on suggestions to these even now dwelling, as a wake up contact from complacency and reasons. She swore a whole lot, if that helps.

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does obtaining alopecia areata imply that u have most cancers?

Problem by juicy_rell520: does having alopecia areata indicate that u have cancer?
my boyfriends hair not too long ago commenced falling out in circles and after investigation it sound like alopecia areata. but is it cancer? he is scared and so am i. and he wont go to the dr. we have kids with each other and he is terrified that we r heading to have to notify the youngsters that their daddy is dying.Please Aid ME

Ideal reply:

Reply by Cammie
This is an car immune disease and there are treatments.

See a skin doctor.

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Hair replacement possibilities for a girl battling most cancers?

Question by MARIA D: Hair substitution possibilities for a woman battling cancer?
i have recently been switched to yet another chemo drug and right after many years of therapy, i believe this a single will do the work of completely obliterating most or all the hair on my head.

given that i do not want to live the rest of my lifestyle bald, i’ve been reading about healthcare hair replacement:

my query is, has any individual else gone by means of the exact same or can offer you constructive suggestions on what methods i can take? approx. cost comparison re. every single kind of treatment and which one particular would seem to perform the finest w/ the most nominal bothersome outcomes?

only critical solutions, you should. right after going via bald once again, hair yet again – i can not take any much more yo-yoing and being bald permanently utilizing bothersome wigs and hats are no extended a practical option.

thank you.

Finest solution:

Response by Asd D
Cancer is a horrible factor, I am sorry for you!

You can use a wig, there are lovely wigs out there:

They appear almost true, will not you assume?

Hope you get better quickly!

kiss xx

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alopecia ensuing from most cancers treatment is a?

Query by VIP: alopecia ensuing from most cancers treatment method is a?
a. autoimmune dysfunction
b. iatrogenic illness
c. mycotic condition
d. ailment that can be handled with antibiotics

Finest solution:

Solution by Laurent
b. iatrogenic illness

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