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chemical hair loss?

Issue by goody2shoes10110: chemical hair decline? So for my occupation i do alot of cleaning and i have been noticing hair reduction on my arms and legs from contact. i was surprise if anybody knew a chemical or a merchandise that leads to hair decline? this kind of as………..ex. 409???? Ideal answer: Answer by Susan SOnly corrosive chemical substances, like lye, can trigger hair reduction. Maybe the hairs have misplaced their color? What do you think? Reply underneath!

I have dyed my hair black by accident,whats the greatest way to lighten it?without havin to use severe chemical compounds?

Issue by Carrie: I have dyed my hair black by incident,whats the best way to lighten it?with out havin to use severe chemical substances? since i endure with alopecia, i dont want to irritate it anymore make sure you assist? Ideal solution: Reply by JewicideAdhere your head in ice cold water for like 3 several hours. Give your solution to this question below!

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Excessive Chemical Hair Loss Treatment Essential oils with herbal extracts that are proven to regrow and thicken hair.Our Treatments are 100% Natural & Organic,free of any health risk. Hair treatments with harsh chemicals, can damage hair and cause breakage. When your hair is chemically treated, by bleaching, coloring, perms and so on, they can damage the hair causing breakage and loss. This is usually temporary but traumatic. Hair styling can cause damage of a more permanent nature, as it can lead to traction Alopecia, a condition which occurs when the hair is pulled so tightly that it places tension on the scalp. This treatment provides extra nutrients that feed and strengthen your hair and scalp to restore it quickly. List Price: $ 39.99 Price: $ 39.99 hair loss information