How to cure Alopecia Areata How to cure alopecia areata. The 1st point you need to obviously know what a…
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Is there a way to cure or Fixing Thinning Frontal Hair for Light-skinned black men?

Question by jouri21: Is there a way to cure or Fixing Thinning Frontal Hair for Mild-skinned black gentlemen?
My hair is actually getting slim on the leading of my head. It didn’t often used to be that skinny. My Thinning failed to genuinely started to happen until finally most likely 2 or three several years after I graduated in 2003. I am 24 yrs outdated. I appear from a Biracial father blended with black and white and my hair texture is just like his. Of course he has a bald type but seems to be really fantastic with it. Is there anything at all I can do for my hair becoming skinny? I am presently on a good diet plan and eat heaps of veggetables and drink plenty of water. But I feel as if thats not enough. Please aid!

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Response by Karan S
A drug known as minoxidil, when used to thinning areas of the scalp daily, is considered to be powerful in stopping further hair loss and in developing new hair. The drug helps in dilating the blood vessels, thus impacting the blood offer and the source of hormones to people places of the scalp that are dropping hair.

One more drug referred to as finasteride taken in a pill sort day-to-day, helps in stopping more hair reduction in most circumstances and expanding new hair in some instances.

The use of this sort of medicines could assist to decrease hair tumble but it is typically witnessed that when the application is stopped, regrown hair slide out. Facet effects this sort of as discomfort of the scalp are also fairly frequent. Corticosteroids: Injections of cortisone into the scalp can handle alopecia areata. Treatment method is typically repeated month-to-month. Medical doctors at times prescribe corticosteroid capsules for substantial hair reduction because of to alopecia areata.

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Is there any cure for Alopecia?

Query by Keep it Inexperienced: Is there any treatment for Alopecia?
My youthful sister has it.
Is there any factor we can do to help?

Greatest solution:

Response by Christy(Lee’s Mommy)
Alopecia may possibly occur from several triggers, including tension reactions, hypothyroidism, exposure of the hair follicles to topically-utilized chemical compounds, therapies used for cancer, and genetic male-sample balding. The problem is often categorized by its specific manifestation, this sort of as patchy balding (alopecia areata), whole reduction of head hair (alopecia totalis), or overall decline of entire body hair (alopecia universalis). Alopecia areata and alopecia totalis regularly affect women, and the condition may possibly persist for several months to about a year, often lengthier.

Typically, alopecia is interpreted by Chinese medical professionals as the result of a deficiency syndrome, particularly involving blood deficiency, with generation of inside wind or invasion of exterior wind that has an effect on the head the predicament is often complex by blood stasis and/or blood warmth. The perception that there is an influence of wind in the etiology of the hair reduction is reflected in the Chinese name for the illness, which is youfeng, practically oil-wind. The reference to oil, which can also mean shiny, is an expression characterizing the smooth, shiny scalp physical appearance in which the hair has been misplaced. The Chinese name has led to some humorous translations in the deal insert for Alopecia Areata Drugs, the primary indicator is for “grease hair dropping.”

The underlying pathological procedures lead to the hair follicles to be undernourished. Blood deficiency can occur from inadequate diet, abnormal use of medications, the ageing method, anxiety response (be concerned, anxiety, melancholy, which impairs spleen function and thereby decreases nurturing of blood), and debilitating ailments. Unexpected hair reduction, like other sudden health changes, is interpreted as a consequence of “wind” in this scenario it is invading the channels that traverse the scalp.

A standard description of the cause of alopecia is introduced in Practical Traditional Chinese Dermatology (one):

The hairs are the extension of blood, and the standard expansion and improvement of prolonged, pliable, and challenging hairs relies upon on the sufficient provide of nourishment from ying and blood. If the provide of vitamins is reduced, the wind may be produced in the entire body to cause decline of hairs. Nervousness, melancholy, and mental instability may possibly trigger manufacturing of inside warmth, and the abnormal heat in the blood might make wind and lead to decline of hairs because of to diminished nutrition offer, and this kind of sufferers may possibly demonstrate medical manifestation of wind syndrome owing to blood warmth. In individuals with persistent illnesses and exhaustion of essence and blood, the deficiency of blood may possibly also generate wind to cause decline of hairs, and such patients may possibly display the clinical manifestation of wind syndrome thanks to deficiency of blood. In sufferers with their conditions wrongly handled or refractory to any treatment, the new blood can not be created to nourish the hairs because of the stagnation of blood and obstruction of meridians, and such patients could show scientific manifestations of wind syndrome owing to blood stagnation.

In accordance to the English-Chinese Encyclopedia of Practical Conventional Chinese Medicine (2),

Alopecia is primarily triggered by deficiency of liver and kidney with subsequent failure of [blood to go up and nourish] the hair. The hair pores are open up when the hair is badly nourished, and wind invades the pores on the celebration. Therefore, deficient blood with wind [invasion] qualified prospects to hair loss. Nonetheless, stagnation of liver qi and impaired qi system will also consequence in hair loss due to the fact of the malnutrition of hair because of to stagnation of qi and stasis of blood.

The identical encyclopedia has an elaboration of the etiology of alopecia in the volume of dermatology (16):

This condition is usually triggered by deficiency of blood, which fails to cooperate with qi in nourishing the pores and skin. The striae of skin and muscle tissue in turn turn out to be unfastened, and the opening of the sweat glands is loose, consequently, pathogenic wind intrudes from exterior, creating blood-dryness and malnutrition of the hair. Aside from, the temper of depression, stagnation of liver qi, and overwork may impair the heart qi and trigger stagnation of qi and blood stasis so that qi and blood can not nourish the hair, hence the incidence of the disease deficiency of the liver qi and kidney qi might also cause this illness, due to the fact the liver merchants the blood whose condition can be manifested by the hair, while the kidneys create bone marrow which is also dependable for the growth of hair.

In Practical Standard Chinese Dermatology, a few simple formulation are recommended:

Wind Owing to Blood Heat

Wind Owing to Blood Deficiency

Wind Owing to Blood Stagnation

Rehmannia, raw

Rehmannia, cooked

Tang-kuei, tails



Crimson peony




Biota leaf



Morus leaf





Biota leaf





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How do you cure alopecia areata?

Issue by Bubbles: How do you remedy alopecia areata?
I discovered I experienced a “vacant” location on the again of my head about the size of a penny. At first I thought the hair salon messed it up a small bit, but right after hunting at it a couple of a lot more times.. It was a fucking bald spot and I am a fifteen year aged boy. My father is bald but not in the same location I am…

Any cures? Remedies? Suggestions? Transplants?

Very best response:

Answer by Edward
if its considerably less than 6 mnth
N nt alopecia universalis

It wl responds to minoxidil +dexamethasone

Anothr drug regime is
Psoralenr n UVA +Dexamethasone

Seek the advice of a dermatologist
That wl aid yu mch……….

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Any cure but for alopecia common, no physique hair now?

Issue by Boots: Any cure nevertheless for alopecia common, no entire body hair now?

Ideal response:

Answer by mizzpreppy
I have a few words for you and your daughter…Tahitian Noni Juice. This may seem considerably-fatched but it has been called every thing from a lifesaver to a miracle. This juice has been known to do almost everything from remove diabetes in some to thickening and growing hair. It is really wonderful and there are hundreds of testimonies that I could introduce you to. If you genuinely want to assist your daughter with her Alopecia with no her encountering any adverse affects, then remember to make contact with me @ Currently being that I am close to your daughters age, I couldn’t potentially picture getting in her predicament and I would enjoy to aid.

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Any new analysis for a cure for baldness?

Issue by Druggy E: Any new research for a remedy for baldness?
Hey i’m sixteen a long time aged and suffer from traction alopecia. I have really negative bald places on my head but i control to cover them with my terrible hairstyle. But if the wind blows or i use a hat or it rains you can see all my bald places and trust me it seems to be really undesirable. So i was wondering if they manufactured any new developments in hair loss? It’s destroying my self esteem i cant even go exterior any longer or swimming which was my favourite activity.

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Solution by Psychobenzaprine
Follicular transplants are probably your best guess. Bosley® is the leader in that distinct industry.

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Issue by Dino P: Heal FOR ALOPECIA AREATA?
is there anything that performs on alopecia areata/totalis?

Very best answer:

Reply by Wise Cookie
“Since hair usually grows again in a calendar year, you might choose not to treat alopecia areata.

If you pick not to deal with the problem and hold out for your hair to grow again, you may possibly desire to:

Use hairpieces or hair weaves. Hairpieces are made from human or artificial hair that is implanted into a nylon netting. Hairpieces might be connected to the scalp with glue, metallic clips, or tape. Hair weaving entails sewing or braiding items of more time hair into present hair.
Use certain hair treatment goods and styling techniques. Hair treatment items or perms may make hair look thicker. Dyes may possibly be used to colour the scalp. Even so, continual use of perms or dyes may result in much more hair decline.
The most widespread therapy for patchy hair loss is a lot of injections of corticosteroids into the scalp, about 1cm aside, every single 4 to 6 weeks. Constrained research stories that hair grows back again at the web site of injection in some folks.

Kids and some adults may possibly be handled with topical corticosteroids that are utilized to the influenced skin. Minoxidil (Rogaine) may possibly be used alongside with topical corticosteroids.

Speak to immunotherapy may possibly be the most powerful remedy for severe alopecia areata. A medicine is “painted” on the scalp as soon as a week. This irritates the skin and helps make it pink and scaly. Hair progress may show up within three months of beginning remedy. Scientific studies have proven that 50 percent or more of people with extreme alopecia areata experienced a very good reaction, but how a lot hair grew again varied widely. Facet consequences of contact immunotherapy consist of a serious rash ( make contact with dermatitis) and swollen lymph nodes, especially in the neck.

Psoralen with ultraviolet A light (PUVA) therapy may also be utilized to deal with alopecia areata. PUVA normally is reserved for individuals who have massive locations of pores and skin impacted by the disorder or who are not able to use other remedies. For PUVA, a drugs, called a psoralen, is utilised to make the pores and skin much more delicate to ultraviolet A (UVA) light. Then the pores and skin is uncovered to UVA mild.”

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Do just about anyone know a remedy and/or cure for bald places?

Question by Michael C: Do anyone know a cure and/or remedy for bald spots?
I have had bald spots for 10 years thanks to ring worms. I thought it would have grown back by now, but it hasn’t. I have gone through elementary, middle school and im currently in high school. I would love a full head of hair please. Can anyone help me?

Best answer:

Answer by Phyllis C
Try don’t b bald it is the name of a hair grease it is sold at sally beauty supply store

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Do anyone know a cure and/or remedy for bald spots?

Question by Michael C: Do anyone know a cure and/or remedy for bald spots?
I have had bald spots for 10 years thanks to ring worms. I thought it would have grown back by now, but it hasn’t. I have gone through elementary, middle school and im currently in high school. I would love a full head of hair please. Can anyone help me?

Best answer:

Answer by Phyllis C
Try don’t b bald it is the name of a hair grease it is sold at sally beauty supply store

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Is there a cure for Alopecia yet?

Question by the kid: Is there a cure for Alopecia yet?
Alopecia Areata? Cure?

Best answer:

Answer by theoneonlydoctor
first of all find out if u r on any drugs causing hair loss like anticancer drugs, anticoagulants like heparin, etc.,or if u r exposed to harmful radiations,if u r lacking sleep, or malnourished & u can work upon accordingly.
take balanced diet ,can take multivitamin such exercises that improve blood circulation to head &scalp,putting urself upside down for a few mins every day.
u can use ointment containing ‘minoxidil’.rub it over the affected dilates blood vessels & improves blood supply.but the thing is u can hav good hair growth only as long as u use it.alopecia recurrs after u stop treatment

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What is a organic cure to advertise hair growth?

Concern by Silent: What is a all-natural treatment to promote hair progress?
My daughter is practically two many years outdated and still has barely any hair…what are some previous at house solutions to help her hair develop faster?

Finest reply:

Response by Mark
Rub castor oil on her scalp. it genuinely expedites hair grows dramatically.

EDIT: you should dont poke holes in her head offering a two 12 months previous a great head therapeutic massage….

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Does Arnica support to cure alopecia?

Problem by : Does Arnica support to treatment alopecia?
Does Arnica and other Homeo / Ayurvedic treatment method aid to cure alopecia?

Very best solution:

Reply by Stella Mk two
Alopecia has no identified heal. If someone is hoping to sell your some choice treatment method, you will be squandering your funds. Individuals like this prey on folks with things like alopeica, since there is typically a spontaneous remission and the hair grows again. So, of course, the alternative individuals then say “see, our treatment method worked !”. Will not get suckered in – go with the normal treatments, you have just as considerably chance of a heal as any person else.

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I need help identifying the name of a hair loss cure. ?

Question by : I need help identifying the name of a hair loss cure. ?
Someone told me about this cure for baldness, but she doesn’t remember the name of it or didn’t get it. It costs $ 25.00 for 3 months. It is some kind of product to give men fuller, thicker hair. Do you know the name of this product?

Best answer:

Answer by &ray
It might be Spectral DNC or Rogaine.

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Is there any Alopecia Cure or therapy?

Problem by Ryan I: Is there any Alopecia Remedy or therapy?
Im a 14 yr outdated boy, and have had Alopecia since I was 5 many years aged. It is finding really noticeable, how can I conceal it? Is there a heal? Any medications?

Very best solution:

Reply by Sara
I am a 14 12 months old woman and I have had it considering that grd five. I attempted a few remedies like Minoxidil (it tooks months to observe new hair, but the hair that grew was super slender) Prednisone (did not do a thing). i listened to the injections have a much better opportunity of doing work… but if your afraid of needles it’s not the greatest way to go LOL. You could try a laser comb but there very expensive (i believe around $ five hundred.00) or you could consider a natural way, which is what I may well do following. Unfortunately there’s no definite cure however 🙁

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