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My cute minor puppy has a cough, i need to have aid!?!?

Question by xlaurenk: My cute tiny puppy has a cough, i need to have assist!?!? My pom is 3 a long time aged and suffers from alopecia x and epliepsy. He at present is suffering from a dry hacking cough and I am actually anxious about him. He’s experienced the cough for about a working day now. I strategy to get him to the vet as shortly as they open up on monday but are there any house remidies any individual is aware of? I’d truly enjoy the help if anyone can believe of something. many thanks. Ideal solution: Reply by Michael SAbsolutely nothing to fret about. He has Kennel Cough, it really is like the canine equivilant to a common cold. Time will recover it and will not physical exercise him too significantly while he is recovering. Take him to the vet to be certain it really is kennel…

What are some cute approaches to put on bandanas?

Concern by girly girl09: What are some sweet methods to put on bandanas? I am a freshman in university(woman) have been having difficulties with alopecia currently. I have obtained a big spot on the again of my head and by my ear and was questioning how to wear a bandana with out hunting like a pilgrim or gang member. Also, I would really like to listen to if you have any other suggestions for covering it up. Any beloved hats scarfs and so on? Also any fav bandana prints? Thanks (:. Greatest answer: Solution by bethh

I’m a younger, cute african american princess with ALOPECIA.?

Query by B: I am a younger, adorable african american princess with ALOPECIA.? My 1st bald place arrived at the tender age of eleven when my father passed absent. All through my teenager many years bald places came and went. Nothing truly drastic. At the age of 20 my very first born produced herself identified. I grew to become semi-bald. I went to HCM to get a hair transplant (matrix). Wherever they experienced to shave the remaining to give me a glued on wig. I was dissapointed and following three-6 mos I stopped heading. My hair started out to increase back soon right after. Now I am 25 and my 2nd born just arrived. Now I’m completely bald as her bottom. I don’t truly want to go back to the matrix. Is there any medication, shampoos anything out there I can use? Am I in the dark about everything? I…