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What are the black dots in my 10 yrold daughters bald place from alopecia?

Query by newdad022000: What are the black dots in my 10 yrold daughters bald place from alopecia? My daughter is 10 yrs previous and had alopecia areata.She only has a quarter sized spherical bald location on her head.But in the bald spot i see black dots?What is this and what can i do? Very best solution: Answer by PhilinNWflaHair follicles ? Just take her to expert, she is practically adolescent and will be going via all varieties of self uncertainties about her physical appearance without having the pressure of alopecia. Know much better? Go away your personal solution in the responses!

do any one particular know if rogaine performs and expand your hair? my daughters doctor instructed me to get her on rogaine?

Query by trina_r1: do any one know if rogaine functions and expand your hair? my daughters physician advised me to get her on rogaine? she has alopecia and this is their very last consequence to grow her hair. Ideal reply: Answer by jazzyjazzproperly my sides ended up thinning out so i began employing mane n tail and its filling back in so try out it Give your solution to this query beneath!

how do i get rid of white places on my daughters encounter?

Issue by DIVA Do: how do i get rid of white places on my daughters experience? My 10 yr outdated has them on her confront. I use sunblock as considerably as feasible but she even now has them, how do I get rid of them? Very best answer: Response by CJI am generating an assumption that when you say “white places” you are referring to “white patches” instead of “white bumps.” If you are seeing patchy white places on your daughter’s confront, she might have vitiligo. From the NIH: Vitiligo (vit-sick-EYE-go) is a pigmentation ailment in which melanocytes (the cells that make pigment) in the skin are wrecked. As a consequence, white patches appear on the skin in different elements of the body. Comparable patches also look on both the mucous membranes (tissues that line the inside of of the mouth and nose), and the retina (internal layer of the…

Will a protein treatment aid my daughter’s hair?

Query by Pan: Will a protein treatment help my daughter’s hair? My 7 yr outdated has alopecia and when she gets stressed or unwell has bouts of hair loss. Her type of alopecia is alopecia areata so she has hair decline in patches. College is finding prepared to start below and she is anxious…can I get her to a salon and get a protein remedy to reinforce her hair? Any recommendations on items that will enhance her hair? Thanks for your recommendations. Best response: Reply by nicoleprotien will not support alopecia…it will only help the relaxation of her hair if it is ruined from coloration…if its too broken too considerably protien will make it snap….just use a good conditioner and if you can see the lacking locations of hair whilst her hair is down…put it in a ponytail until the hair grows again Know greater? Leave your personal reply in…

Will water hurt my ten yr old daughters hair if she has Alopecia Areata?

Question by newdad022000: Will drinking water hurt my 10 yr previous daughters hair if she has Alopecia Areata? My daughter is ten and is beginning to show symptoms of Alopecia Areata.Its an autoimmune ailment that triggers hair reduction. Its not really that poor at all,but i want to be protected.Shes at the moment acquiring injections in the scalp,which dont damage at all.Also,steroid lotions. She enjoys to swim.Im anxious the water will hurt her.Its mainly chlorine where she swims.She also loves the ocean. Will swimming in these waters damage her?Really should she use a cap? Best answer: Response by curatorSwimming in any sort of drinking water is great. Go for it. Include your possess response in the feedback!

What is this black spot inside of my 10 yr aged daughters bald spot from an Alopecia injection?

Question by newdad022000: What is this black spot inside my 10 yr old daughters bald spot from an Alopecia injection? My daughter is 10 and is going thru a thing called Alopecia Aerata?She has one quarter sized bald spot on the right side of her scalp. She has received,for the past 2 months,steroid injections into the bald spot.Its painless,she doesnt feel the injections. Today i noticed a black mark inde the bald patch.Is this from the shots or is it from something else? Best answer: Answer by aWellWisherThis has not been mentioned in the side effects. See- http://www.keratin.com/ad/ad021.shtml It may be collection of blood beneath the skin that will absorb given time. Add your own answer in the comments!