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why does patches of my beard quit developing?

Query by beakerbladecos: why does patches of my beard stop developing? i have four symmetrical patches in two sets, 1 symmetrical in position and dimensions on both aspect of my chin and just underneath the jawline on each and every side, measuring about 1/two inch, circular in sample. I have by no means had a problem with my beard ahead of it truly is usually developed in evenly and entirely in all places, the patches are clean to the contact, any concepts below? Greatest reply: Answer by lizzyloui experienced that on my head a number of a long time ago and it turned out to be Alapesha The problem has an effect on .1%–0.two% of individuals, occurring in both males and women. Alopecia areata takes place in people who are seemingly wholesome and have no skin dysfunction.[four] Initial presentation most commonly takes place in the late teenage many years, early…

If hair reduction was due to Lower Testosterone, can misplaced hair start off return developing again right after Testosterone Treatment?

Concern by harry: If hair loss was owing to Lower Testosterone, can misplaced hair begin return increasing again soon after Testosterone Remedy? Hi, i believe i am struggling from reduced testosterone, i look to have most of the indicators which includes hair decline. Just questioning if i do testosterone therapy will my lost hair commence to return developing right after the therapy ? Or is the receded hair absent permanently ? receded hair is absent because about five many years now, not just about everywhere but a bit on the sides, entrance and crown area. I would be a variety four in the nor-wood scale. If anybody know about this can you remember to let me know,Thanks in progress Greatest solution: Solution by andy tHi Harry Converse to your medical professional and request if they will prescribe a lower dose Finasteride pill for you. It can be prescribed for hair…

Can I appear more youthful even sexier with out hair decline therapy by developing that 1 remaining strand of hair to?

Question by : Can I seem younger even sexier without hair loss therapy by developing that 1 remaining strand of hair to? a 20 foot duration and then combing it over by almost bald dome over and above yet again? Best response: Response by NickSure – as all females know, the combover is a strong aphrodisiac Add your personal response in the feedback!