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I have bald spot on the temples of my scalp, has anybody experienced this and mounted the issue?

Issue by miguel p: I have bald place on the temples of my scalp, has any person had this and set the problem? I experienced it for a long time. It’s not lacking natural vitamins simply because i drink them and eat good. A single issue I utilized to do restricted hairstyles and pony tails..but i dont consider it will completely do harm to the hair follicles..I had it about fourteen yrs old and now im 24. I depart it unfastened and dont tighten it so im not producing it worse..its not pretty at all. I barely do hairstyles since its that visible. if i pull my hair back you can see it. If the wind blows you can see it. Its so hideous and embarrasing. Any one particular experienced this difficulty like me and set it? a week ago i bought 2% minoxidil or how at any time you…

I experienced from horrible hair loss owing to anemia, what is actually the best way to make it develop back quickly?

Issue by That is Awesome!!!: I experienced from awful hair reduction due to anemia, what’s the greatest way to make it develop back again swiftly? I by natural means had voluminous wavy hair and medium thickness hair shaft and my hair was slipping in dozens every single time i put my hand in my hair or a brush or sthn, so since of my hair’s volume it nonetheless seems to be ok but I hate the little slender hairs expanding back that frizz and just search unsightly, how can I make it develop back quickly, what types of health supplements can I consider to make it grow thicker and more robust? understanding that I go by way of loss of apetite a lot and I do not consume routinely, will the nutritional supplements do any excellent in that case or I have to take in a great deal with that?…

ALOPECIA victims: Have you experienced accomplishment with Rogaine?

Question by Pumped Up Kicks: ALOPECIA victims: Have you experienced accomplishment with Rogaine? I am trying Women’s Rogaine. Have you tried out it? Did you have any success? Any failures? I used to use the Nioxin topical treatment (I’ve been using it for as extended as I can remember), and it truly is assisted sometimes. But I think I have gotten employed to it. And I’ve taken dietary supplements, and people only worked once (but quick and efficient), and a few years later (when I needed them once again), they failed to help. I have used Bosley, and a number of of the Nioxin-“knock-offs” that didn’t do anything at all. It really is not “thinness” that I am anxious about. I am a school scholar with literal patches of hair that are missing from my head. It really is been a issue I’ve dealt with all my life, with excellent…

Has any person out there who has experienced a brazilian blowout skilled too much hair reduction or breakage afterwards?

Question by Mary: Has any individual out there who has had a brazilian blowout seasoned abnormal hair loss or breakage afterwards? I am contemplating attempting this on my curly hair for summertime but I am researching it first. Final calendar year everybody beloved it but this 12 months I have observed stories of hair decline and breakage soon after performing this 1-three times.Also if you experienced it accomplished with curly hair did it get rid of your curls? I just want to chill out them a bit and get rid of frizz. Thanks in advance for your solutions. Ideal solution: Reply by ☮ ѕтєƒ☺I did knowledge hair breakage, following the treatment. But my hair was already destroyed. if your hair is strong, I guess it would seem great, and no it isn’t going to get rid of curls. Know greater? Leave your very own response in the remarks!

I experienced got my hair accomplished and when i took it down i experienced a bald location in the middle of my head?

Query by Yana: I experienced obtained my hair completed and when i took it down i had a bald place in the center of my head? It was puss and scabs and when i lastly washed it, it was just a bald spot, how can i get rid of it due to the fact i Dislike IT! so considerably, i experienced it for a prolonged time , can i get a shot or one thing to make it develop or some variety of hair solution? Please assist. Very best reply: Solution by CaityIf its a bald location, The hair will grow back by by itself…Ultimately If its a scar on your head, Then the hair doesnt expand above the scar The merchandise that *declare* to make your hair increase quickly is costly Just use your hair in a ponytail to disguise the place Give your solution to this issue below!

How do i expand my Little bald spot that ive experienced for 3 many years on the coastline of my hairline. anny items, no matter what?

Question by Sheila: How do i develop my Little bald place that ive experienced for three a long time on the coast of my hairline. anny merchandise, whatever? i had this bald place for six yeras, and i truly havent been attempting to expand it right up until now. but any merchandise or Something that will make it expand in all the way or atleast some hair ? T H A N K S A L O T ( : Very best reply: Solution by wizzardMight be Alopecia Areata (Spot BALDNESS). It is an autoimmune illness that leads to bald location that can spread to the whole scalp and sometimes even the total physique. Anxiety has been identified to be the principal result in. For a start off you can assess with the photographs in www.curespotbaldness.com. Adhering to this, a pores and skin biopsy need to be carried out by…

Has any ladies here experienced hair loss?

Question by Shy: Has any females listed here experienced hair decline? My buddy is experiencing hair loss and she doesn’t know why. She is thirty a long time aged. Her hair is coming out in handfuls. Any ideas? Ideal answer: Solution by LexPossibly it is due to the fact of the heat because i no mine comes out alot trigger of the warmth but not in handfuls. she could have a tumor which is creating her to unfastened alot of hair.but who is aware of, have her go to the physician Include your very own reply in the remarks!

Has anyone experienced any Actual results with hair-reduction therapies?

Concern by Bobbo: Has any individual experienced any Genuine success with hair-decline treatment options? I’ve seen a lot of recommendations for protecting against hair loss and regrowing hair, but I was questioning if any individual has experienced any Individual success with any normal solutions, or merchandise on the marketplace? Thanks! Best response: Answer by sumDiet program and life style are two key variables that influence the well being of the hair. Inadequate diet, disease and deficiencies of any specific vitamin and mineral influences the high quality of hair and issues like dandruff, thinning hair, balding, premature graying and so forth. spoil the hair. Verify out http://usefulinfo-hairloss.blogspot.com/ for more information. Include your own response in the reviews!

Has anyone with Alopecia Universalis experienced regrowth with topical immunotherapy?

Concern by Tom: Has anyone with Alopecia Universalis had regrowth with topical immunotherapy? Im 16 and im having topical immunotherapy and its in fact looking good. The hair follicles have opened on the entrance of my head and on odd elements all more than my scalp, im obtaining small very small hairs popping by way of in teams of about 5 all above my head. I was wondering if anyone else has Alopecia Universalis and if this is looking excellent, thanks guys Greatest reply: Answer by Andy CThat is great obtaining your hair regrow again i am a alopeia universalis undergo and have tried using a lot of therapies but absolutely nothing seems to be working i have this situation for four many years now and not that i like it but i deal with it but i’m a ladies who has this problem. You should inform me how extended…

Has anybody ever experienced achievement from home treatments for alopecia?

Issue by ZZ: Has anyone ever had good results from residence solutions for alopecia? I was thinking about employing property remedies, but I have understood there are so numerous recommendations and questioned if they had been well worth it. Greatest reply: Answer by Smokies HikerHere’s a website link that will give you a lot of information and different views about the matter. Hope this info will be of help! Good luck! http://search.aol.com/aol/look for?question=residence+cures+for+alopecia%3F&s_it=key phrase_rollover Increase your very own reply in the remarks!

What is the greatest hair loss merchandise you can buy ? Will they perform if you have experienced hair reduction for a couple of a long time?

Issue by brad w: What is the finest hair loss products you can acquire ? Will they operate if you have experienced hair reduction for a few years? Greatest solution: Reply by STORMI had hair thinning because of to treatment and surgical procedure (stress) and acquired new hair progress in a handful of weeks time by utilizing Nioxin, marketed at most mall elegance salons. I took the whole treatment from shampoo, conditioner and scalp vitamins and held the stops trimmed. My hair is fuller and thicker yet again. Give your answer to this issue below!

has anyone right here experienced treatment method for alopecia areata? what remedies/items did u have?

Problem by Rocker Dudette: has any individual right here experienced treatment for alopecia areata? what therapies/products did u have? ive got 1 big bald place guiding my ear, for two months now. im making use of two merchandise from svenson international. im getting biotin 300mcg and soya milk. my hair fall now is around thirty strands for every day, but before it was like a hundred per day. a person suggestions me to take night primrose oil. what can u say abt this? does any person listed here purchased a shampoo which aided them get thicker hair and stopped the hairfall? what manufacturer? Very best answer: Solution by Jaelee SI have not utilised everything but I have worked in a clinic for 7 many years…They have a drug known as propecia out appropriate now that can help with your problem…You have to have a doctor’s prescription to obtain it although……