I am 19 & struggling from extreme hair decline. plz support me !!!!!?

Issue by yamaha1015: I am 19 & struggling from extreme hair decline. plz aid me !!!!!?
I am only 19 & have just entered next 12 months of my higher education &&&I am suffering from severe hair loss(heredity). the bald patches have started out to appear at the back of my head .
Simply because of this my pals make fun of me especially the ladies . They say that I would not be obtaining any girlfriend (it truly is not the primary issue).
I imagine that there exists a remedy for every single issue , so if you people have the solution ,plz submit it (no wigs).I would adore to have some normal treatment for this difficulty.
If not give me information about medical procedures .
Plz give me some really effective recommendations , buddies .

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Solution by Joseph W
you need to have to just see a doctor and have him notify you what to do.

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Ovarian cyst and extreme hair decline?

Issue by S K: Ovarian cyst and extreme hair decline?
I’ve been getting rid of a whole lot of hair for the past 12 months–literally fifty percent of my hair is misplaced. I identified out 3 mths ago that I have an ovarian cyst. My blood results are regular now, however they were a minor irregular at initial.About two months after the 1st take a look at and the blood outcomes magically grew to become normal. Do cysts go absent? Does any individual know how and/or when the hair reduction will cease? It is absolutely depressing me, especially considering that I have been to the dermatologist and he just advisable Lidex and Nizoral shampoo, which did not aid at all. I have a large sum of hair slipping every single day, but when I wash my hair (about 2-3 times a week) double the volume comes out and even much more arrives out after I comb my hair following washing it. I do not know how much a lot more optimistic I could keep. I maintain reassuring myself that it will end before long, but I am just scared of heading bald.Must I get retested?Durations are basically typical now .I have obtained 25lbs in abt 1 yr, possibly owing to the cyst. Please aid if u can.

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Answer by daisy_d87
i dont believe hair loss is linked to the cyst but i could be wrong. i was diagnosed with a cyst as nicely but i drop my hair everytime I am pressured.. mention this to your GYN and see what she suggests. Ideal of luck.

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Aid!! Extreme Hair Loss!!?

Concern by angelica: Aid!! Excessive Hair Loss!!?
ok, my previous issue was about no matter whether microwave oven foods causes hair reduction. Most of you explained no. So wonderful. This is the point: I am doing work element-time and I am working with a whole lot of pressure from my manager despite the fact that i’m not operating each day and I even dread going to work often. As much as i detest to confess this, at times, I even cry but I will get over it before long adequate. But, eventhough i face a large sum of anxiety, it wouldnt trigger that considerably hair loss appropriate? cos when i was experience stressed from finding out final time, my hair doesnt fallout. So, is it really caused by anxiety?

Whenever I operate my fingers by means of my hair, about 10-20 strands of hair will fall out. When i’m sleeping, my hair proceeds to drop. I am genuinely concerned.

At 1st i went to see a physician about this hair reduction difficulty and he recommended that i lower my hair but even soon after i did so, the issue still persists. Then, i suspect it really is the shampoo that i use given that my good friend instructed me she experienced the very same thing when she was utilizing the same shampoo. So, i transformed the shampoo but my hair even now continues to fall and you will find no enhancement.

I’m really worried. Must I seek out consultation from a hair professional?

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Response by *cas*
If it worries you that poor then for your benifit as a hair professional, it will give you an solution both way. Pressure can be the result in of just about everything. Probably stressing above how significantly hair reduction is even creating it even worse. I dont know for positive. Make confident you are ingesting correct, attempt some vitamins, a shampoo thats not harsh, attempt and consider a few deep breaths and just try to rest. If that nevertheless doesnt function as a hair expert.

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I had a extreme hair loss. Do I need to have to adjust my Indian passport ahead of I use for my increased reports?

Concern by : I had a significant hair decline. Do I need to have to adjust my Indian passport before I use for my larger scientific studies?
In 2009, when I got my Indian Passport, I was not bald. Now I experienced a severe hair decline and have long gone 50% bald and I want to cut the hair brief or shave it. There are no other considerable alterations. Missing my hair only. Do I need to apply for a new passport? Please support me.

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Response by ownpool
Telephone the passport workplace if you are in India or the consulate, embassy or higher fee if you are overseas and get an official answer.,

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Suffering extreme hair reduction right after Japanese Hair Straightening?

Question by Purple: Struggling severe hair loss right after Japanese Hair Straightening?
I got my hair rebonded back in March and have dropped more than a third of it because then. Everytime I run my hands via my hair, I drop 7-ten strands on common!
In the shower I shed clumps following shampooing and conditioning.
Bald places are displaying up in my hair.
I utilized to have beautiful thick hair, ho can I get it again?

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Reply by Corn
Ok. Well, some men and women who’s hair are thinning use shampoos that are meant for horses. I am not kidding! Horse shampoos, i guess aid. But I heard it smells like crap…

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Can extreme normal function out support avoid hair decline?

Concern by bugz4k: Can intensive standard function out aid stop hair loss?
Hi all!

I have been experiencing fluctuating hair reduction because puberty.
Im 23 now.

Even so, ive been functioning out(all natural, no nutritional supplements) for the previous three several years. What ive recognized is, that when ever i work out frequently, and sweat carefully in the scalp, my hair are likely to grow healthier. and hair decline decreases.

I maintain my hair small, about one.5 inch extended.

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Answer by Jenn
Hair reduction has to do with mixture of radical factors, hereditary, anxiety, life style, and vitamins. Operating out, is great, but how is your diet? If that has improved,diverse nutrition in foodstuff intake may possibly also mixed with more healthy life style alter will also see reduce in hair decline.
pressure levels decrease as effectively, when your operate out, there is launch of pressure, that can also assist in hair loss. Good luck dont cease functioning out,take in correct, sounds like your on appropriate street.

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