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patchy facial hair loss?

Question by ALB: patchy facial hair reduction? Considering that 2 moths back I started out getting rid of hair in the corner of my chin. I am 20 and I can increase a entire beard. The patch commenced modest but now its about the measurement of a nickle. Not confident what to do. Did any individual else ever have the very same difficulty? What did you do? Did it ever increase back again? Best reply: Solution by BriannaSeems like a kind of alopecia or some other variety of alopecia. Go see the physician now. This will only get even worse and the longer you hold out for treatment, the much less probably you may get the hair back again. Give your reply to this query below!

i am forty seven i have brown facial hair these days i have been noticing white patches of hair expanding back in ?

Issue by Thomas D: i am 47 i have brown facial hair these days i have been noticing white patches of hair developing again in ? could this be alopecia or what could it be. Ideal response: Response by MmmSeems like age coming and that is all right. If you will not like the white coloration get just for men.. I know a # of gentlemen that use that and they like it. You can locate it at walgreens. What do you believe? Reply beneath!

Why has my facial hair grow to be thinner / stopped expanding?

Query by Danni: Why has my facial hair turn into thinner / stopped increasing? I have noticed a small region of my facial hair is thinning or stopped growing. This has never occurred to me prior to and I have no known health or pores and skin problems. A modest area of stubble underneath my bottom lip has turn into thinner above the final few of weeks with hairless elements around individual hairs. This is creating my stubble look uneven and unpleasant. Does anyone know what may well be occurring to me? Ideal reply: Answer by ☆ΜαΣϰιντολογιςτ☆Not each and every question is acceptable and successful for Yahoo! Answer and yours is 1 of them. There are numerous things that can attribute it. All you will get is guesswork, but what is the stage in that? It could be alopecia. It could be malnutrition. It could be some lifestyle modify. Your…

Is it feasible to improve the spot of facial hair?

Query by Marcelino: Is it possible to increase the spot of facial hair? I have mustache and some beard but I want to have a comprehensive beard like the King from 300 like a fullness. I never know if it really is attainable to have more facial hair grow in other regions of my cheeks but I wanna know so I can end browsing through web sites. Thank you in progress people! 🙂 Greatest reply: Reply by ethanMuch more frequently you shave more quickly it grows. Add your very own response in the comments!

hair loss and sebous scalp and facial pores and skin?

Problem by coka: hair decline and sebous scalp and facial skin? I am a 26 many years aged female. I have a hair loss troubles for several years precisely from my sixteen.yr of age. But in final few of a long time that is my evening mare. Doctor diagnosed me Effluvium telogenes but it so awful that I feel to be the entrance to some serious Alopecia issue. I am checking my hormonal position but I nonetheless have some question ex.,do women undergo as properly as man from DHT(male hormone) hair reduction or male sequence baldness? I have tried virtually every item focusing on sebous pores and skin of head and face(because from time to time I also have acnes) but it didn`t assist at all, also many items for hairloss troubles and didn`t work it out. If any person understands some thing remember to say it. Very poor me!…

Can hair reduction therapy such as Rogaine be utilized to support facial hair development?

Question by texmex: Can hair loss treatment method these kinds of as Rogaine be utilised to help facial hair progress? I am a 22 calendar year old male and my facial hair is even now fine and patchy. I only have to shave about once or 2 times a week. Could rubbing a hair loss therapy for baldness onto the encounter each and every day lead to my facial increase to grow out thicker and faster? If so, how long till the influence is apparent? Several thanks. Best solution: Response by puzzledit will not even support real hair expansion! Never complain! It is a ache inthe @ss to shave each and every working day Know far better? Go away your personal answer in the feedback!

Facial hair removing following alopecia treatment?

Query by wendy r: Facial hair removing immediately after alopecia treatment? I had alopecia areata (a one inch diameter bald patch right over my forehead, unlucky place!) but luckily it really is all grown back again now immediately after I changed by job. The dilemma is, the treatment I undertook has brought on some facial hair to appear on my forehead reaching all the way down to my eyebrows, darker hair on my cheekbones and good but darkish hair like sideburns. I really hate it as I’ve acquired quite honest pores and skin and it helps make me feel so self-aware that I’m pondering if I can wax it. The hair is intended to fall out by itself as I’ve stopped the treatment method, but I am acquiring impatient. Will waxing it by some means make the hair “permanent”? Thanks! 🙂 No, I did not consider to ask because I…