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Doyou feel Rogaine the hair grower is a bogus item?

Query by Ambrosio: Doyou think Rogaine the hair grower is a bogus solution? I’m just employing it to grow hair on my crown head or together aspect my forehead but THAT exactly I maintain knowledge thinning in my hair. Does the item not operate? Greatest reply: Solution by Rebecca SIt can’t be that poor. It can be prescribed. I do not believe physicians would prescribe it for the sake of it. Assuming I am pondering of the very same point as you which is ‘Regaine’ What do you feel? Response below!

What does chemotherapy really feel like?

Concern by Angela: What does chemotherapy feel like? I am meant to start off chemotherapy next 7 days for the very first time(for leukemia)and I have a handful of queries. Does getting chemotherapy through an IV hurt? Does your hair constantly drop out? Is it going to make me really feel ill? What are the most common aspect outcomes? How lengthy do you generally have to keep at the healthcare facility? I enjoy the answers. Best reply: Response by LORD Z1 giving blood only it takes longer 2 any individual adhere a needle in you hurts 3 not constantly does your hair tumble out but it is common four nausea, diarrhea, fever and exhaustion five relies upon on the dosage and other circumstances you could have but typically significantly less than a day if not accomplished outpatient which implies hrs. Give your solution to this issue under!

What scalp condition do you feel i have?

Concern by Bayb33: What scalp situation do you consider i have? Im an african american female and For the earlier 2 months i have experienced a scaly whitish greyish patch of pores and skin on my scalp that i can peel up. It spreaded to yet another portion of my head. I dont have any hair loss from it even when i peel the skin up. The skin just will come back again tho and it itches n burns. My physician jus appeared at it and mentioned it looked like ringworm of the scalp n gave me shampoo and drugs for it. But i believe it psorasis simply because i share a comb with my sister n mother and they dont have it but. What do you consider ? Greatest solution: Reply by Arpana NzelUse a cream known as nizral or use its shampoo.It would be greatest if you will…

What do you feel of the john frieda 3 working day straight hair issue?

Query by Casandra: What do you consider of the john frieda 3 day straight hair factor? I attempted the brazilian hair theropy thing thats kinda like the john a single but it didnt function and i have the john frieda straightener and i adore it so can you give me execs and disadvantages on the three day straight solution and if it performs and stuff … many thanks 😀 Best solution: Answer by Sur La MerHair straighteners are acknowledged as hair relaxers, keratin treatment options and hair-smoothing goods. They perform by breaking and reforming the chemical bonds in keratin, which is the main protein that provides shape to every hair. Hair-straightening products are authorized to contain small concentrations of formaldehyde (.two percent). But numerous hair-straightening answers have been discovered to incorporate effectively previously mentioned the allowable limit. For instance, 1 well-known hair-straightening item that advertised itself as “formaldehyde-free” really contained…

What does breast most cancers truly feel like?

Issue by spidergirl: What does breast most cancers really feel like? Could you explain to me in which in the breast the lumps arise, what they feel like, and so forth.? What are some other signs and symptoms of breast most cancers? Are hair reduction and tremors some indicators? At what age can you get breast cancer? Any other details I need to know? Thanks. Greatest response: Response by KelleThere are Numerous various varieties of cancer with different indicators. Breast most cancers is unheard of beneath the age of thirty. Hair reduction occurs if chemo/radiation treatment is utilized. Simply click on the crimson terms. http://www.breastcancer.org/ “Teenage women who smoke improve their risk of building breast cancer prior to they reach menopause, according to a report in the Oct. five situation of the journal The Lancet (Vol. 360: 1044-1049). The authors mentioned the risk is nearly double if younger women begin…

Do you feel that rogaine for females is the greatest solution for loosing hair as a medication?

Query by Religion: Do you believe that rogaine for ladies is the greatest resolution for loosing hair as a medication? and if it is what rogaine for girls side consequences ? my pals suggested me to use it. Thanks for your assist and worry . Best reply: Reply by chrisbelgium2I will not believe there are aspect outcomes. What do you consider? Answer under!

I have a bald spot on the top of my head and seen to feel very soft and spongy, not as hard as the head?

Question by CC: I have a bald spot on the top of my head and seen to feel very soft and spongy, not as hard as the head? My doctor said it was a infection but it doesn’t itch or feels flaky. What can it be any help? Best answer: Answer by F.NGo get it checked out..fast, whenever you have something on your body that you can’t identify your first trip should be to the doctor. That way you can catch whatever it is early and fix the problem. If there is nothing wrong, at least you will know!!Don’t mess around with stuff like this!! What do you think? Answer below!

What do you feel of Nivea for guys Hair Recharge Shampoo? Have any individual attempted it?

Issue by NAS: What do you think of Nivea for gentlemen Hair Recharge Shampoo? Have any individual tried out it? It claims that it treats hair reduction by combining two hugely lively elements Carnitine and Creatine, supports hair expansion. Carnitine boosts vitality manufacturing in hair root cells while Creatine facilitates power storage (in-vitro established). The System stimulates hair roots and reduces natural hair thinning. Best solution: Answer by •• TONY ••It may well preserve what hair you have looking nice, but it will not regenerate hair expansion or prevent hair reduction. That is in your genes and inheredited from your mother’s facet of the family members. So get a search at your maternal grandfather and uncles. Your hair growth sample will practically certainly follow theirs. Incorporate your very own solution in the remarks!

10 things to whoever manages to make me feel much better?

Query by Nerdfighter: 10 things to whoever manages to make me sense far better? I just received identified with Alopecia Areata, and my hair’s falling out in patches that are gradually becoming seen to other folks. Any optimism? Tell me a joke or something that’ll make this significantly less suckish. Best response: Solution by Gay PikachuSearch at Sinead O’Connor, bald can be gorgeous. Know much better? Leave your very own reply in the comments!

How would you truly feel about dating a bald woman?

Issue by My Romeo: How would you truly feel about dating a bald woman? I have had alopecia (a issue that qualified prospects to hair loss) ever considering that I was 13 (now 18) and I have always wondered what a dude would really assume if they identified out the female they have been dating needed to inquire out was bald. So I would really appreciate you trustworthy thoughts. I haven’t truly dated considerably primarily because I don’t know how to even broach the subject. Any ideas? Greatest response: Solution by Medical professional evili would, for me i dont truly care about looks if they have a great personality then why not Increase your individual response in the comments!

Which hair reduction product do you feel is finest?

Issue by raf: Which hair reduction merchandise do you feel is very best? I am baffled about all these hair decline goods on the industry!I am hunting for something for guys that can support quit the frontal hair decline or assist it regrowth.Did you,men and women,uncover one particular that actually does the function?Thanks everyone. Very best answer: Solution by so_satisfiedFolligen Cream Normal hair nutrient technique that aids hair expansion by enhancing the health of ruined scalp tissue. Finest suited for application to the frontal hair line or thinner regions of the scalp. Use the Folligen Lotion for thicker areas. Folligen Cream aids hair health by strengthening the well being of broken scalp tissue this kind of as with seborrheic dermatitis or damage from tough chemical compounds, sunburn, and hair dryers. It is utilized to the scalp areas with thinning hair before bedtime, then shampooed off in the morning. Use of…

Query to fellas: How would you feel if you discover out that she is bald and has alopecia?

Query by jo m: Query to guys: How would you really feel if you locate out that she is bald and has alopecia? My friend’s teenage daughter has alopecia. She is entirely bald and only wears a wig. To a non-discerning eye, the wig appears so genuine. In any case, the daughter has been viewing a man for a thirty day period now who nevertheless has no clue that his gf is only sporting a wig. My friend advised me that her daughter will inform him in time, when she feels like it. That is her organization but how would you really feel if you uncover out following a month, that the lady you are observing has stored that magic formula from you for a month or two? Finest answer: Solution by ElliottIt is dependent on the guy. A nice guy wouldn’t care, but youngsters are typically not particularly delicate…

Online shops: “Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula Temple and Nape Gro Balm, 4 Ounce”

Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula Temple and Nape Gro Balm, 4 Ounce “feel” formula’s tingling sensation supports strong growing hair and healthy scalpThermalceutical complex pinpoints scientific ingredients directly in the areas that need it mostStimulates blood flow to the scalp in the temple and nape areasBalm continues to work even after you stop feeling it My Dr. Miracle’s temple and nape gro balm is my prescription to help promote growth in the temple and nape areas. List Price: $ 8.39 Price: $ 2.99 Question by Jamie’s Mommy: How do you know if you have permanent hair loss due to medication? I took Yaz several years ago, and noticed I lost a LOT of my hair. Its curly and has always shed bad, but this was a lot all the time. I don’t have bald spots or anything, and still have medium thick hair, but about 2/3 of what it was.…