Teenage female hair reduction?

Issue by danielle.: Teenage female hair reduction?
I’m 15 years previous and inside the final thirty day period I have understood my hair slipping out. When I consider showers it ends up in the drain and by the stop of the week theres practically a handful of hair gathered. I am not confident what the hair loss is triggered from.

If anybody understands what it’s brought on from I would genuinely recognize responses.


Greatest solution:

Solution by Moriah
There is a amount of issues that can trigger hair reduction.

This internet site tells you all of them: http://www.kidshealth.org/teenager/illnesses_problems/skin/hair_decline.html

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im a black female with bad hair decline.?

Question by www.rainbows21: im a black feminine with poor hair reduction.?
i reduce my hair a few months back n i imagined my hair would expand back faster and more robust but it hasnt grown n im possessing a lot more hair reduction what products could i use to make it develop back again since i dont like my hair getting short like dis because i have had a great duration of hair most of my life so any females that kno of any non costly hair item make sure you enable me know thankz.

Best response:

Answer by KS
one.Consider mizani go away in conditioner and night treatment
http://www.mizani-united states.com/
two.Attempt Dr. Miracles I know what you are pondering. But it really works.
three. If attainable consider to get an appointment w/ a specialist. They can assess your predicament and set you up on a phase software to get your hair healthful.

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Female bald spot treatments?

Question by : Woman bald spot therapies?
I am eighteen years old so I’m attempting to correct this ASAP! I employed to have thicker hair, but from dyeing and straightening its just alot thinner. The back leading of my head is virtually bald, just has a tiny piece of hair to protect it. The past yr I have not dyed it, and hardly use warmth on it at all but it nonetheless doesn’t develop back again. I’ve also took biotin but have gotten no promising results. I want to thicken my hair but a lot more importantly get rid of that awful bald location! Does any person have any suggestions for me?

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Reply by Tayler
I will not know what you have seemed up on the web or what you are willing to pay, but right here is a site for hair loss treatment method in women:


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I’m a 28-yr-aged female, and I am experiencing a great deal of hair loss. Why is that?

Query by Last Get in touch with: I’m a 28-12 months-aged woman, and I am encountering a great deal of hair decline. Why is that?
It is not falling out in patches to recommend baldness, so it is falling out all over. I’m obtaining new expansion in its area, but its texture is quite good and very frizzy. What can I do to remedy this?
I have, in truth, dramatically altered my diet regime (as in not consuming a lot of processed foods or any quickly meals) in the past two years. Might that have anything to do with my hair decline?

Ideal response:

Answer by kimmi_35
Very first off, you need to see your physician and make sure you dont have any medical issues leading to hair loss. Thyroid dysfunction is a huge lead to of hair decline, as is tension.

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21 yr aged female, severe hairloss..why?? help!!?

Issue by Queries!!: 21 yr outdated female, severe hairloss..why?? help!!?
I’m 21 yrs outdated and my entire existence I’ve experienced slender hair but standard. Not too long ago I have been loosing handfuls of hair to the stage in which you can see my scalp alot far more than you used to. Its scaring me simply because I am so youthful and folks always mention how “slim” and how “tiny” hair I have. My hair is long about to my boobs and it’s killing me contemplating I could potentionally be balding and really go bald. I cry almost each day when I brush my hair and see the quantity that falls out just before, in the course of and after my shower šŸ™ I’m taking YAZ start handle that I switched over to awhile again but in no way seen if it all started out going on after the alter. I’m also extremely skinny and tall but I consider natural vitamins!!! Remember to assist me!! šŸ™

Best response:

Answer by Morgan
for christ sake get off the YAZ!!!!! Seemingly you have not read about all the wellness issues and loss of life YAZ has induced. I take Apri. A although in the past I stopped taking it simply because I was receiving the shaded upper lip that beginning manage occasionally brings about and the sudden absence of the hormone manufactured my hair slide out. I was seriously freaking out…..then it just stopped. Its been a prolonged time but I am nevertheless making an attempt to develop my hair again. I guess this is a relatively frequent facet result of getting beginning handle.

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Is any individual bald like me? I know my Avatar shows me with hair.. and yes am I a female… Is any individual ELSE bald????

Question by fiyah!: Is anyone bald like me? I know my Avatar displays me with hair.. and indeed am I a female… Is anyone ELSE bald????
I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, a hair loss illness, when I was just in early third quality. It would be great to know an individual else who goes via the identical issues as me. It’s tough being bald and likely all around in university and general public.

Greatest solution:

Reply by baldyhugs
im bald nothing wrong with, as for you dont automobile what people consider of you i bet you nevertheless search fantastic

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Is it standard for a young female to get rid of hair after shampooing and following brushing her hair when its damp?

Query by shangelbabe05: Is it regular for a younger lady to drop hair soon after shampooing and soon after brushing her hair when its soaked?
I am scared it does not seem standard to me. Is there a particular kind of shampoo I can use to stop my hair reduction?

Greatest response:

Solution by happy_woman
Sure, it is completely standard but it is critical to find out if the hair that is coming out is drop hair (healthful hair) or broken strands (destroyed hair). You can locate that out by looking at a strand that comes out of your hair and see if their is a little white bulb at the end, this implies that almost everything is okay. If not, then you need to have to locate out what is leading to you hair to brake off, no matter whether it be way too a lot manipulation, or using the improper merchandise. If you are encountering a lot more hair decline than you are employed to consider going to a skin doctor to see there are any even more problems.

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How frequently need to a female clean her hair?

Issue by Kimberly: How often should a girl clean her hair?
So I have listened to that as well much washing can lead to it to get soiled a lot more quickly, and I’ve even listened to recurrent washing can guide to hair decline which is naturally undesirable simply because I want long, thick hair. But I’ve also listened to that this is a comprehensive fantasy and that much less washing leads to irritation in the scalp and can even stunt expansion. Now I genuinely will not know what to do due to the fact I’m striving to grow my hair out long. What are your individual experiences with this?

Very best response:

Reply by Devon
Not a fantasy, don’t clean way too often it is undesirable for your hair’s natural oils. You’ll have to experiment with your self, I can go after or two times a 7 days and have it function flawlessly, but my hair by no means mattress oily no subject what, whereas your’s may possibly, ask your stylist next time you get it cut, commence with each and every three times.

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I am a teenage female and my hair is slipping out?

Issue by : I’m a teenage female and my hair is slipping out?
I am in my early teenagers and for the earlier few weeks, my hair has been falling out and thinning at an alarming price.

When I wake up it is all more than my pillow and I am terrified I have alopecia, like my mum did.
Can anyone aid?

Best answer:

Reply by Sophie
It could be because of to hormones. Though if your mum had alopecia then there is a high likelihood you will inherit the problem also. Go see your GP, they will be in a position to give you tips. Good luck!

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How could you protect up a quarter sized bald location on a female?

Issue by Bretagne: How could you protect up a quarter sized bald spot on a girl?
I observed this 1 wide with a miniscule bald location right now and, quick of tattooing the scalp or possessing ass hair transplanted on to it, I am not certain as to how you would go about covering that up.

Ideal solution:

Solution by live2aim
Hold out was this you? You may possibly want to discuss to your medical doctor, as this is a indication of Alopecia Areata.

Anyway, this can be coated up with particular hair variations or just coloring the scalp with a marker close to the hair coloration.

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What are the frequent brings about for female hair loss?

Question by annar12002: What are the typical leads to for woman hair reduction?
I’ve usually experienced a whole lot of wholesome hair on my head.
Recently I have been loosing hair like wild – inside of final two months I’ve lost about twenty five% of my hair. I’m a 33 yr aged feminine in very good actual physical issue.
What can be leading to it?
Thank you for the answers. I will go see my doctor.

Best answer:

Answer by from your goals
You require a black gentleman

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What physician do you see for female hair decline?

Query by cheerqueeen879: What medical doctor do you see for female hair reduction?
For temporal hair loss who do you see?

Greatest reply:

Solution by coley200722
Have your Thyroid examined to make sure your hormones are balanced you don’t have to be in your forties for them to be off my buddy experienced a issue with hers and she is 19. Also make positive u r using vitamins we really never get enough fromm our foodstuff any more.

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is there anything at all i can do female hair reduction because of to malnutrition?

Query by Emily: is there something i can do female hair reduction because of to malnutrition?
im 17 y/o feminine… i am at the moment obtaining treatment method for getting anorexia… im eating now and i know i should be focusing on that but my hair is falling out in enormous clumps and im afraid that eventually unwell have nearly no hair….
so because im previously feeding on which should support and its nonetheless falling out are there any special shampoos or something i can use to also prevent hair reduction?

Greatest solution:

Response by Socrates I’m Back Again MOFOs
Rogaine for Women. They market it at any Walgreens or other pharmacy.

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Quite Unwell Younger Female, Want Health-related Understanding & Help. What does she have?

Concern by Gabe C Xtra eleven: Very Unwell Young Girl, Need Health care Expertise & Guidance. What does she have?
I have a pal who’s sufferring from several distinct signs, and we are striving to determine out what’s inappropriate with her. Don’t be concerned, she is NOT IN Want OF Crisis Consideration. We have scheduled an appointment for her to meet up with with a medical doctor in about a month, but right up until then, we would like to get a couple of very first viewpoints. Nevertheless, she’s not a quite healthful individual in the 1st place. First allow me give you all a minor little bit of qualifications info about her.

She is 17, 5’2″, and weighs 94 lbs. She has been mildly annorexic for about four several years, and just lately this has escalated to serious. Given that the age of 14 she has been an insomniac, averaging 3 hrs of snooze per evening. She was not too long ago diagnosed with a thyroid problem, but she has nevertheless to just take much more exams and uncover out just what sort of thyroid condition it is. She has been under a wonderful, wonderful deal of emotional anxiety in the past 3 years, which has led to a state of in close proximity to-consistent despair. She’s been smoking cigarettes for a few several years, and about two 1/two weeks back, she overdosed by using 750mg of Vyvanse* in three times.

* Vyvanse is a stimulant, like Adderall, utilised to handle Include and ADHD signs and symptoms. The active component in it is related to amphetamine, and produces a euphoric “speeder” influence. The maximum everyday dosage for an grownup is 70mg.

Now, here is a record of the distinct indicators she’s been recently complaining of. If any person notices that 1 of her prior conditions could be the lead to of one or far more of the indicators, be sure to accept it in your reply. Also, if any or all of the signs collectively are signs of an additional sickness, be sure to tell what that may be, and some data about it.

one. Belly pains. (Shooting, sharp, stabbing pains in her stomache, intestines, and appendix).
two. Again pains. (Muscle aches in her middle again.)
3. Enflamed tonsils. (Tonsils and tongue have white locations on them. Unusual taste in mouth.)
4. Constipation, long lasting two weeks.
5. Really peculiar stool. (Modest, skinny, foul smelling.)
6. Receding, thinning hair. (Hair reduction is taking place quite quickly.)
seven. Exhaustion “tired” muscle groups. (Can not elevate elbows previously mentioned her head.)
8. Shortness of breath. (Cannot inhale really serious.)
nine. Physique shakes. (Mild and periodic.)

*Notice: Even though these signs and symptoms have been serious sufficient to interfere with the girl’s personal existence, they have not however grew to become so serious that she wants hospitalization or bedrest.

Once more, if any of her prior problems look to be leading to one particular of the listed indicators, please point it out.

And if any or all of the signs and symptoms appear to show a new sickness or disorder, please list which types, explain to the identify of the new sickness, and leave some information about it.

Also, any information relating to treatments of the signs and symptoms is tremendously appreciated.
Turns out she has hyperthyroidism.

And Vyvanse is not to be offered to individuals with thyroid troubles, specifically hyperthyroidism.

The Vyvanse constipated her, and because she took so a lot, it constipated her greatly. Those had been all of the pains.

Thank you absolutely everyone for all of your assist.

And, Emma, it genuinely is a buddy.Clearly, I am a guy. Putting “pal” in quotations, implying this was about myself, was not only carried out in ignorance, but impolite and cruel.

Very best answer:

Reply by April
All of the symptoms you pointed out are basic indications and signs of anorexia. Her entire body is not acquiring the vitamins and minerals it demands so she is worn out, shaky and obtaining gastrointestinal problems. Anorexia causes hair reduction when it gets to be significant due to the fact her entire body is drawing vitamins from anywhere that it can get it and the result is making her hair fall out. Since she is anorexic, she is most likely also suffering from a great depression which merged triggers all the earlier mentioned symptoms you have mentioned. It seems like the circumstance has grow to be significant and she wants medical attention as soon as feasible. The constipation and unusual stool indicates that her body can no extended soak up nourishment as it wants to.

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I am seeking for a speech manufactured by a female poet who was dying of most cancers.?

Concern by Alex: I am hunting for a speech produced by a female poet who was dying of most cancers.?
I observed the movie of the speech several years back. The lady supplying the discuss experienced been identified with most cancers, and would die before long after the discuss was recorded. She may possibly or could not have been a poet, I’m not confident. The girl experienced a piece of cloth wrapped all around her head, certainly to conceal the evidence of hair reduction from chemo treatment options. The fundamental message of the speech was “what the hell are you waiting for?” or a thing alongside these lines, and it was very potent, as she talked about how no person has the luxurious of waiting until later to do what you want to do, simply because existence is short and you can die unexpectedly. At one position I feel she just explained straight up “You happen to be gonna die.” if that assists narrow it down. Can anyone help me discover the video I’m conversing about?

Notice:I also posted this problem in the most cancers part of the overall health category on accident.
From what I can don’t forget, the lady’s speech was not notably involved with the afterlife. It was a lot more anxious with passing on suggestions to these even now dwelling, as a wake up contact from complacency and reasons. She swore a whole lot, if that helps.

Very best reply:

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Blended female with “good hair”, 1 yr old with “nappy hair”. Any suggestions on how to care for her hair?

Issue by Zipporah: Blended girl with “great hair”, 1 yr aged with “nappy hair”. Any suggestions on how to treatment for her hair?
I am a 28 calendar year aged blended girl with what my family members calls “great hair”. By no means appreciated that phrase as it indicates any individual else’s hair is bad. Anyhow, my mom is white and I grew up with her. She by no means learned how to treatment for black hair, so I did not both. With my hair I can just operate it below water and wah-la.. Immediate Shirley Temple curls. But listed here is my problem, two a long time ago I was raped by a guy I never know. I turned pregnant as a end result of the assault. My daughter is lovely and I enjoy her far more than life alone. Nonetheless, her hair is not at all like mine. Her curls are quite tight and study course. And her hair gets really, very dry. I have experimented with luster’s pink lotion, motions, cholesterol treatment options, and spray moisturizer. I am at a decline and do not want to cause her hair to split or fall out. Does any person have any beneficial hints or suggestions for me? You should no impolite race jokes or hurtful adoption comments. Only severe useful answers you should.

Very best reply:

Solution by Isabella
I have the very same problem! I really loathe how my hair gets so dry. You may well can find a therapy on Carol’s Daughters.http://www.carolsdaughter.com/portal.aspx?CN=CA745373939B
My mom retailers there.

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Is there a Treatment method/Cure for Female Pattern Baldness?

Question by Stankonia: Is there a Treatment/Cure for Female Pattern Baldness?
I have thinning hair (female pattern baldness) around the crown location. I am 35 years old and have been dealing with this issue for some time, but it is quite depressing to see my hair progressively thin above the a long time.

I bear in mind that a number of many years ago, a medical professional instructed me that I experienced/have Poly Ovarian Cystic Syndrome, and I discovered out that hair decline is a symptom of POCS.

Is it attainable that my hair loss will cease, if I get the POCS dealt with? Is it achievable that my hair will develop back again?

I tried monoxidil for ladies, but the hair falls out if I stop employing it.


Greatest solution:

Response by M.D. Alison C
year in the past I suffered extremely a lot from dandruff and hair loss far too and I started out trying every thing you can envision to cease my hair loss.
the things that actually worked for me was:

one) Vitamin A – an anti-oxidant which encourages wholesome creation of sebum in the scalp

2) Vitamin E stimulates circulation. Good blood flow in the scalp is crucial in retaining hair follicles effective. The ‘B’ vitamins add to melanin, which offers hair its healthy coloration and also stimulates blood flow

three) therapeutic massage is also helpful. Massage stimulates circulation. As presently noted, excellent flow in the scalp retains hair follicles lively. Professionals advise a handful of minutes of day-to-day head massage by hand. Flow by means of massage could be enhanced by employing a handful of drops of lavender or bay essential oil in an almond or sesame oil base with massage

four) Try rubbing your scalp with garlic juice, Onion Juice or Ginger Juice(you can possibly of one out of 3, Do not blend any of two or 3)

five) also he utilised natural treatment method – TrichoZed and Provilluss (do not use Rogaine – it will not work!)
People are a good merchandise that helps prevent hair reduction and includes Biotin and the clinically examined components authorized by the FDA to help re-develop your hair.! I think it is really important!

It labored and nonetheless functions for me!

I do not know if any pharmacies carry TrichoZed but I do know that you ought to purchase it directly from the manufacturer and examine far more about the solution listed here


(TrichoZedā„¢ will create apparent hair progress in thirty to 45 days. A steady use of TrichoZedā„¢ makes certain permanent outcomes inside of 6 months. Additional use shall keep optimal well being of your hair.)

and right here


(Provillusā„¢ will produce noticeable hair growth in 40. A dependable use of TrichoZedā„¢ ensures long lasting benefits inside ~5 months.)

It enhances hair development by blocking DHT (Dihydrotestostrone) – a key lead to of hair loss!

Also Informative video about Provillus – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ydvCHhbRkk

great luck!

not only my possess individual encounter + functioning as a family doctor



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What’s the title of the Hair decline treatment method that was demonstrated on Rated K on 2/28/ten. Matters also include vat female?

Query by hairloss101: What is the title of the Hair decline treatment that was demonstrated on Rated K on 2/28/ten. Subjects also consist of vat woman?
It’s like a shampoo? or a lotion that they apply and therapeutic massage to the spot.

Best reply:

Reply by Greg35
Below a few simple home solutions which can be experimented with at property to manage hair drop.

1.Rinse your hair with a mix of apple cider vinegar and sage tea this will help hair develop..

2. A medication loaded in sulfur is also recommended as sulfur performs an crucial portion in the framework of the hair.

3. Therapeutic massage with olive oil just before likely to bed at evening and subsequent morning, clean off the hair delicately..

four. To treat hair loss implement a little lemon juice with some black tea.Therapeutic massage well and shampoo.

five. Conquer two eggs,and increase two tablespoons of water to it. Rinse hair and pour the egg combination more than the hair.Massage the scalp properly and depart for 10 minutes.Then clean it.

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