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In the previous 2 months I have dropped over forty% of my hair since of a gentle sort of alopecia…?

Question by PANDABEAR: In the last 2 months I have lost over 40% of my hair because of a mild form of alopecia…? has anyone else ever has this happen? Is there anything I can do to prevent my hair falling out? How long does this last? Best answer: Answer by stowchick01I’m assuming you’ve seen a doctor about this. I wish I could answer your question…I’d say the best thing to do now is just wait it out. If you’re uncomfortable with it try contacting Locks of Love (not sure if they just work with cancer patients). Try looking up info. from They may be able to give some kind of idea. Good luck. What do you think? Answer below!

what are some remidies and items to keep your hair gentle?

Concern by Kaitlin: what are some remidies and goods to keep your hair gentle? I just want maby some hair merchandise and property remedies inside of budget . Best solution: Response by namelessAttempt depart in conditioner, especially with keratin. Attempt scorching oil therapies (there are property cures), they can help hydrate hair and preserve it gentle. You can’t have delicate hair with out having healthful hair so probably get a trim to get rid of useless finishes. Give your reply to this concern below!

Do I have the bald gene? I have telogen effluvium and gentle alopecia areata?

Question by Troll: Do I have the bald gene? I have telogen effluvium and delicate alopecia areata? My trichologist told me I have telogen effluvium and mild alopecia areata in the again and appropriate side of my upper head. I am seventeen and a male. I have been losing Masses of hair every single day, and it is not balding in the male pattern baldness way at all. I know to go bald maybe later on on in life your hair requirements to be sensitive to dht, does this imply my hair is delicate to dht? I study that telogen effluvium and alopecia areata has nothing to do with dht influencing the hair, it truly is more the nerve as I was very pressured out, needed to kill myself, didn’t go out, ate junk meals for numerous months. Any help? Do I have the balding gene? Greatest answer: Solution by…

How can i make my hair develop lengthier quicker and get it silky, shiney and gentle?

Query by Jaylene Botero: How can i make my hair grow lengthier quicker and get it silky, shiney and delicate? My hair is up to my again and its wavy and extremely thick but i want it back again to the way it employed to be ahead of i had it lower (it was up to my butt). I dont have split ends, i dont straighten, blowdry or curl my hair. Also, how do i get it a lot more gentle, silky, and shiney?? Thanks in progress :o) Ideal answer: Response by KenziePreserve carrying out what you’re carrying out, and have your stylist slender it out a bit. The excess weight of your hair when it was extended was weighing the curls down. Don’t clean your hair every working day, and rinse your hair in cold water. Like, as chilly as you can stand. What do you consider? Solution underneath!