Shaving problem with my head?

Query by Sharna: Shaving dilemma with my head?

two times ago I shaved my head for a most cancers charity. I have alopecia so I get few bald places all around my head. Anyway when I shaved the hair below my skin is still apparent, which is good, but since of my alopecia it really is all blotchy and spotty. It seems as if I’ve actually failed at shaving, its just so patchy. Is there everything I can do about this?

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Solution by Dr. Dolittle
Time will get rid of it don’t buy any stupid goods to remove it I experienced Alopecia and about 3-6months afterwards it went away I experienced mild Alopecia even though nothing at all massive

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i have spots on the back of my head i listened to its alopecia please aid me?

Query by Marcus: i have places on the back of my head i heard its alopecia remember to support me?
any person you should give me some suggestions.

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Reply by hola519
my uncle has alopecia and he has no hair what so at any time not even eyebrows. so i dont believe you have that.

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I have a small bald spot on my head and am i teen?

Issue by gmailhotmail42: I have a modest bald place on my head and am i teenager?
I am a teenager and have a random modest bald spot on my head. i don’t know what its from. possibly from straightening my hair. are there any other opportunities as to what occurred. and whta need to i do to treatment it?

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Answer by wizzard
If the spots are in the size of a quarter and has a clean surface. Check out the photos in the internet site below, if its comparable then it have to be Alopecia Areata.

My bro managed to uncover a internet site called when he had the very same difficulty that clarifies about the problem and indicates remedy. He gave it a consider and to all our surprise he recovered.

Its very useful. You may possibly want to give it a consider. Wish you a fast recovery.

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Why do I have a bald spot on my head and what can be carried out about it?

Query by HeyTherePony: Why do I have a bald location on my head and what can be completed about it?
When I was about six, I began acquiring a bald place on the side of my head. It was quite small, and my mom had them so she figured that they have been like hers and that the hair would just increase back. I’m 18 and the bald spot is nevertheless there, and it truly is considerably bigger. It is genuinely bothersome simply because i cannot ever dress in my hair up without having it showing, and it really is quite massive. I don’t forget receiving photographs in my head for it once but it did not support at all. I’m also lacking a chunk of eyelashes on one of my eyes way too, if that is associated at all.
Anyways, what is this/why did I get it, and is there something that can be completed about it now that it really is been around for so prolonged??
My mom will get bald places but she goes and receives the shot and the hair usually grows back.

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Reply by Dark Angel
You can get hair impants to support cover the bald place. Why you have it would require to be established by a physician. If you mom also has (or had) it, it could be genetic. Talk with your doctor.

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I m Bald . I m hunting handsome. But I have lost my hair in entrance of my head. So I consider for die?

Query by Shilesh: I m Bald . I m seeking handsome. But I have misplaced my hair in front of my head. So I feel for die?
I m Bald . I m looking handsome. But I have missing my hair in front of my head. So I Sensation very poor. and since I m single, I cannot see my baldness in entrance of mirror.. Some time I believe I should Die… I have no this sort of funds to hair transplant Surgical procedure. and I don’t like any wig………I had drugs but when I End it.. Approach for hair expand is also End… I cannot see it….

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Answer by Jin
Don’t fear as well much about being bald. Maybe you are obtaining alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is a problem in which hair is misplaced from some or all locations of the physique, normally from the scalp. Because it brings about bald spots on the scalp, specially in the initial levels, it is occasionally called location baldness. I’m positive that there are treatments that are not too weighty on the pocket. And by becoming anxious due to the fact you happen to be one and currently being bald is hindering you from conference the appropriate individual for you, Do not BE! Because if that man or woman actually enjoys you, getting bald is not an issue in having a partnership. Just relax, hope you’ll feel ok.

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can scratching your head alot result in hair loss?

Concern by ???: can scratching your head alot cause hair loss?
i scratch my scalp all the time primarily on the prime back in which your element starts, and i imagined hey it could be dandruff so i went by means of four months of medicated shampoos for dandruff and it failed miserably i even now scratch and i see a handful of indicators of hair loss, i just never really feel correct i rub my hair and it feels like there is alot lacking you know just vacant, i see scalp on the remaining and right sides about the for head corners and if i never comb my hair a certain way i see my scalp, so could this scratching be contributing to hair reduction or am i just worrying you should support

i also do alot of brushing when im styling it

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Reply by Sei
I never think scratching it leads to hair reduction, but employing products in surplus for a extended period of time will undoubtedly do the trick. Merchandise burn off the hair, denature the proteins and sooner or later eliminate the root. Scratching will get rid of dead skin and, in moderation, is really excellent for the scalp. Scratching is like a massage and encourages blood flow to the scalp, which is excellent for hair growth. Also a lot may agitate the pores and skin, even though, and this is in which I can see you working into a dilemma. Your fingers also have oil, so scratching the scalp as well significantly can give you pimples in your scalp, so keep away from excess scratching.

If you have a dilemma with dandruff medicated shampoos and conditioners usually are not often the ideal. Use a item that is independent as opposed to two in one particular. One particular bottle of thick shampoo and a single bottle of thick conditioner. Pantene, Tresseme and Dove are excellent shampoos and conditioners. You by no means want to use a conditioner that is too slim due to the fact it does not continue to be in your hair long adequate to be powerful. Conditioner is what offers your hair volume, glow and vital oils. Shampoo is what cleans it. When you wash your hair constantly shampoo twice, rubbing the scalp even though you do, and situation as soon as. Leave conditioner in your hair for about five minutes although you clean the rest of your entire body before rinsing it out. These are for greatest final results. Will not repeat conditioning as you could make your scalp too oily. Will not use surplus conditioner, both. A quarter-sized volume is a lot, even much less if you have limited hair. For most men and women rubbing conditioner into the scalp is a undesirable notion as it makes your hair oily quicker. For individuals with a dry scalp rubbing it in is a excellent thought. Wash your hair each and every morning or each and every evening. Only do your hair when except if it gets incredibly filthy proper right after you clean it.

Avoid items for a although. These will only enhance your hair reduction.

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Bald location on a womens head, Any tips?

Query by Weenie310: Bald place on a womens head, Any guidance?
Im 24y.o. feminine and I noticed I had a bald place on the again of my head, its a minor more substantial then my thumb. What could result in it?? I know tension is normally a significant element but im not underneath a whole lot of tension. I do have an substantial medical history tho.
Is this one thing I should see my primary doctor for or just wait around it out??
Im really self conscience about it, even tho its not that noticable 🙁
Any guidance is appreciated.
Please no impolite remarks.

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Answer by Karan Tharma
Hair loss can be thanks to many leads to this sort of as…
Fungal scalp infections, zinc or vitamin deficiency, too much dandruff, and car immune.
As your hair loss is in a tiny patchy location, it could be thanks to automobile immune or fungal an infection.

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I have a bald spot on the best of my head what could it be?

Query by Abby: I have a bald location on the prime of my head what could it be?
My mother claims I have had this when I was born. (I am a woman – 17 several years previous). No hair grows there. It is about as large as the flat element of my thumb. I keep in mind going to a medical doctor for it when I was in 4th quality. They gave a title for what it was but I don’t don’t forget. It is just the color of my pores and skin (white – or pink, I guess). It may possibly be a mole? There are two small bumps on it. They have been there for a even though.

It will not damage or something, but I am just frightened. It really is not cancer is it?

Many thanks for any info. I never go to the physician simply because my mother cannot pay for it.
Can you make sure you be critical? I am quite concerned about this. Thanks.

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Reply by Kristl Corridor
precisely how often do you perform fellatio see you could have expertise some form of rubbing phenominon towards your scalp the penis is sleek but sometimes that is completely losing it can act like sandpaper when rubbing against something that resembles a scout issue about location permanently you must look into that

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what is the issue called exactly where a man or woman can’t grow hair? not just on their head, but all in excess of their human body?

Concern by majic44: what is the problem known as exactly where a man or woman cannot develop hair? not just on their head, but all in excess of their human body?

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Response by japanizationstation1
Alopecia probably? I am not confident, but I never feel I spelled that properly. 🙂

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i have spots in the back again of my head i heard its alopecia you should assist?

Concern by Marcus: i have places in the again of my head i heard its alopecia remember to help?
make sure you support me

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Reply by Astaroth
Doesn’t sound like it to me. Seems like spots on the back again of your head

Verify out the Wiki and http://www.nhsdirect.nhs.united kingdom

I wouldn’t fret if I was you, modify your shampoo to some thing more moderate like childrens shampoo and if they will not obvious up then see your GP.

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my boyfriend has grown a bald patch on the facet of his head. started out off the dimension of a dime…?

Query by Alin: my boyfriend has grown a bald patch on the aspect of his head. began off the measurement of a dime…?
now its gotten to the dimension of an orange. I know the clear reply is “go to a doctor”… however however he is in a difficult economic situation and has to put it off a pair far more weeks. Just questioning if anybody is aware what may be likely on? very last time he confirmed me that the hairs just tumble out when it pulls on them evenly. Any support is appreciated!

Very best solution:

Reply by NickP
If hair is coming out that straightforward then he has no option. Drop the additional latte, the added Tv channels, and anything else together those lines and get to a medical doctor. You may verify with the neighborhood heath department for a “free of charge” clinic.

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my wonderful hair is obtaining skinny at the sides of my head and also im acquiring spots their way too what could it be?

Question by linzi m: my wonderful hair is getting slim at the sides of my head and also im receiving places their way too what could it be?

Greatest solution:

Answer by Christy D
Go to a medical professional and have them look at it. Are you obtaining spots on your head or do you have spots of hair missing? You critically want to have it looked at. Alopecia is when you have spots on your head exactly where hair has fallen out. This needs to be handled because it will spread and occur allover your head. Treat it now.

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I just had cellulitis on the facet of my head and my hair is slipping out, can i end this? will it grow back?

Issue by Parker: I just experienced cellulitis on the aspect of my head and my hair is slipping out, can i quit this? will it grow again?
I had the an infection a minor far more than 2 weeks ago and and i was practically way too ill to shift. i was approved Zyvox 600 mg tablets to consider twice daily for ten times, and my infection went absent. i have been under an abnormally substantial sum of tension in the course of this infection due to the fact my grandma died last sunday. my hair didn’t begin slipping out until following i was off of the antibiotics for about 2 days, at first the volume of hair that fell out was about the dimensions of a penny, and it stayed that way right up until these days. i scratched my head and seemed at my hand and it was protected in hair, it came out like it wasnt even connected. now the measurement of the bald spot is a bit larger than a 50 cent piece. i am commencing to worry. make sure you support, does anybody know if there is a way to stop my hair from slipping out? or if it will expand again? and if it does expand back again is there a way to make it take place more rapidly?

Greatest solution:

Reply by Matt
bad dude. i feel sorry for you.. 🙁 uhm i dont genuinely know but you need to consider to go to a derm. to verify out the pores and skin beneath your hair or some thing.

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I Discover a bald place on my daughter head?

Question by Sheila3999: I Discover a bald location on my daughter head?
Just a handful of hours ago i notice a bald place on my seven year aged daughter head!!!, its about the dimensions of a quarter, God I have been performing analysis all night and I found it could be ALOPECIA AREATA, I am so terrified, I am dealing with my seventeen 12 months aged with cancer I have to other kids that has ADHD & learning issues, I cannot bare everything else….I just cannot….any person Help
No its not ringworm, this is a quarter sz baldness their is no hair at all
Nicely previous night I identified one more location on her listen to ! 🙁

Very best solution:

Response by melissa1987

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Bald patches on head?

Concern by Tex W: Bald patches on head?
2 Weeks in the past my daughter, found a little bald patch at the front of her hair.Today she has discovered another location, at the again of her head. I have a idea it could be tension Any concepts?

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Reply by Cece
There are many factors why this is happening you can research the net by typing in hair reduction…….but I would go to a doc to ck it out asap

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if you hair reduction in hair(not also significantly a just handful of a day) in head, eyebrows and eyelash would they develop back?

Query by TheseustheGreat: if you hair decline in hair(not too much a just few a working day) in head, eyebrows and eyelash would they grow back again?
If they expand back would it increase back again thinner or thicker or longer or shorter or the way it was-even if you lessen anxiety?

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Response by LYNN W
it will grow back again just the way it was just before

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i m suffering from alopcia i obtained four patches on my head anybody understands greatest remedy?

Question by OsI: i m suffering from alopcia i acquired four patches on my head any person is aware of greatest remedy?

Ideal solution:

Reply by alins
Hi,I don`t now what it`s the greatest therapy for you but don`t lose time and uncover an excellent skin doctor.I say that due to the fact I have Alopecia Universalis,an severe illness of Alopecia Areata.For moment go to:
Best needs!

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