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What can I do to avoid hair reduction when heading by way of Chemotherapy?

Concern by its z: What can I do to avert hair loss when going by way of Chemotherapy? Will some thing chilly compressed against the scalp avoid hair reduction? Very best reply: Response by JennaI didn’t actually do this but I read it performs. They say to set some thing cold on your head whilst you are getting the chemo and it is suppose to keep your hair from slipping out. Never know how effectively it works but it really is worth a consider. Insert your personal solution in the remarks!

if you know your heading to go bald ought to you begin remedy just before the balding will get bad?

Concern by simdawgydawg: if you know your heading to go bald need to you begin treatment method just before the balding will get poor? so im 19 a long time previous and I know I am going to go bald. My father and uncles have been all bald and my hair is commencing to slim. It is relatively obvious and I just wished to know if it would be sensible to begin making use of Rogaine now just before it begins receiving too bad. I know i should go to a doctor to inquire but just wished to see if any individual on-line would have any tips. thank you Greatest response: Response by asweerdfno Incorporate your own answer in the responses!

How typical is hair loss when heading on the pill or NuvaRing?

Problem by Shelly K: How typical is hair decline when likely on the capsule or NuvaRing? I observed that a side effect is hair reduction.. I have thick hair and I’m black[if that has anything at all to deal with it]…Would it be most likely for me to drop hair? If so, how a lot? Very best solution: Answer by Izzy DProbally not that a lot. But less woukd appear out if you ise the ring. Possibly just a handful of when you brush it What do you consider? Solution below!

I am heading bald! What is the very best hair regrowth/hair loss solution/therapy? For gentlemen?

Problem by hpdc90: I am heading bald! What is the greatest hair regrowth/hair loss item/treatment method? For guys? I have a receding hairline and I you should not know what to do! My hair’s falling out.. Finest answer: Response by L!NDY… ♥ ♥get that foaming hair grower stufff!!!!!! at like wallymart or miejer or target and shops like that Give your solution to this problem underneath!