I have a bald spot in my hair and other small bald spots along with itching of the scalp?

Concern by Richie: I have a bald location in my hair and other minimal bald spots alongside with itching of the scalp?
Hi there I am seventeen a long time outdated and just lately I located a bald location in my hair and a handful of slight bald spots nearby that show up to be obtaining even bigger and my hair also itches. I have study close to that It could be ringworm as it is widespread in black men and women or alopecia areata, but I was pondering if anybody could aid prior to I go to the medical professional since I don’t have healthcare. Also the bald place is not A round quarter sized circle as I read that is what alopecia areata looks like, aid make sure you!!!

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Answer by me
I have alopecia, so I realize how anxious you need to be. I am also a RN, and you want health-related interest. Given that you are 17, I hope that you are still in school, and that is a very good factor due to the fact you can go see the university nurse. Ringworm is a contagious ailment and the school nurse is required to assess your issue. I’m not certain the place you got your details that black people are inclined to ringworm due to the fact that is merely not real. Ringworms do not care what color your pores and skin is, or even if you have 4 legs! Sure, pets get it way too.

Alopecia areata “spots” can be as little as a pencil eraser, or as big as a softball, so do not let the dimension be the issue you emphasis on. If the faculty nurse guidelines out ringworm, then you should see a medical professional.

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How do you stop your head from itching so bad?

Question by ???: How do you stop your head from itching so bad?
I am significant I scratch every 4 minutes, deep and hard. I scratch so considerably that I have hair decline that I can see and really feel. It truly is so embarrassing when I am in community scratching the crap out of my head. I do not have lice so do not even think about that. I could have genuinely undesirable dandruff but viewing how I’ve tried out all types of dandruff shampoo I am commencing to consider it’s anything else. Could I have Psoriasis

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Response by amber
possibly check out with a dermatolosist

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Is abnormal scalp itching and dandruff linked with hair reduction?

Issue by BurningPyre: Is excessive scalp itching and dandruff connected with hair loss?
I had these symptoms about 7 months back, and I was getting rid of hair. I went on propecia for 6 months (I stopped one 7 days back). Now, these signs are coming back again once more. I am on an anti-dandruff shampoo and have been for a while. Is this connected with hair loss, or is this some thing fully distinct?

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Reply by D L
You are possibly possessing some type of worm in you scalp thanks to a chemical from any of people items, check out this web side and any hyperlinks so you could educated a minor about shampoo and conditioning….Good Luck…http://www.organicconsumers.org/bodycare/shampoo022105.cfm…

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I have Alopecia Areata & my scalp has been experience extremely sore currently & has been itching.?

Issue by ~*Treasured*~: I have Alopecia Areata & my scalp has been experience very sore lately & has been itching.?
I was pondering does any a single know if its simply because of the alopecia areata?.Probably a symptom Its been sore in the previous, ahead of I was identified wit Alopecia Areata, but that was due to the fact I use to constantly dress in pony tails, I have not wore a pony in a whilst. I tried searching it up on the internet & I couldnt find it. I also can not afford to go to the skin doctor:-(. Thanks for any guidance or help.

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Reply by cyberdoc
No, alopecia areata does not cause discomfort or itching. You may possibly be getting dandruff, fungal infection or psoriasis. You need to seek the advice of a skin doctor/trichologist.

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