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Is my hair likely to tumble out (i’m 14)?

Concern by : Is my hair going to tumble out (i am fourteen)? I’m fourteen male and my biological father has thick hair and so do i but i come to feel like the top of my head (the area the place most guys shed their hair) is thinner than the hair on the backside of my head. If i operate my hand via my hair on the prime i am virtually constructive that it’s thicker in the again. What is actually likely on? Is there a factor like that Rogain for men that i can use to cease my hair from slipping out? Ideal answer: Answer by Crouton III am frightened it seems like you have a ailment known as Alopecia Areata, which the only way to treatment it to shave your whole head, so it thickens and goes back again to standard. Great luck! What do you feel?…

Hair decline- when’s it likely to end?!?

Query by labile_manatee: Hair loss- when’s it heading to quit?!? I am a 16 yr aged lady. My hair’s been slipping out steadily since last September (eight months). I’m confident it is telogen effluvium, activated by an episode of severe stress previously on last year. It truly is diffuse and hasn’t been coming out in handfuls or everything like that. I thought it may possibly be hypothyroidism simply because I have some of the indicators (experience excessively exhausted, yawning all the time, the outer ring of my eyebrows have fallen out, receiving heavy intervals and pressure headaches often), and also due to the fact my grandmother has it. My mother also has a good deal of the symptoms for hypothyroidism. I have been to the medical professional two times, experienced my blood analyzed two times (the initial end result showed my thyroid amounts currently being a little below typical, the…

why am I likely bald?

Question by japster1: why am I likely bald? Ideal reply: Answer by arvlormzstreess….possibly!!! hold out , wait !!! dont stress just nevertheless i was listening to the information yesterday and they announce that research indicated that lady are more attracted to bald males due to the fact they are likely to have a far better sexdrive than guys with a complete batch of hair. Include your own reply in the comments!

How can I notify if somebody has Leukemia and is likely by means of Chemotherapy?

Issue by mojdeh g: How can I explain to if someone has Leukemia and is heading through Chemotherapy? I know of a person proclaiming to have cancer, and to be going through leukemia, they also claim to be using morphine drugs for the ache. I have in no way noticed any hair decline in the particular person and they do not ever search ill in the slightest, they also assert to have have experienced it for numerous a long time and they are below the age of sixteen, is this all feasible? Very best reply: Reply by collinWell, you can have Leukemia at any age. Even so, chemotherapy only lasts for a couple of months at the longest. If this particular person has experienced continuing chemotherapy periods for several A long time, they would be living in a hospital and (unless of course you happen to be household) you would…

Am i very likely to get facet outcomes on 2omg prednisone for five times, 10mg for 5 days and 5mg for 5 times?

Query by hailie: Am i likely to get facet consequences on 2omg prednisone for 5 days, 10mg for five days and 5mg for 5 times? I’ve been approved prednisone for eczema and alopecia but i am really nervous about the aspect effects, in particular the inflammation of the confront. How likely is it that i will get the common steroid facet outcomes on a 15 day course tapering from 20mg? that was intended to be 20mg* Very best response: Solution by curatorfifteen days is fairly brief. You could get insomnia, elevated hunger and irritability, but the swelling, bodyweight acquire and bone density issues are usually connected with for a longer time programs. Incorporate your possess reply in the remarks!

I am a 19 12 months previous vegan likely bald, what deficiency causes hair decline?

Query by Rel: I am a 19 yr outdated vegan likely bald, what deficiency triggers hair decline? I am a 19 calendar year outdated woman and have been a vegan for nine many years. I began shedding hair about a 12 months ago and my when thick hair is so slender now that i have bald places practically all in excess of my head. The hair has been slipping out evenly amongst my complete head. What am I missing that can cause this? zinc? B12? Protein? What deficiency can be creating my hair decline? I’m not going to quit getting a vegan so don’t consider to convert me. I’m worried about my hair and my wellness but I wont damage another creature for my benefit. There are usually vegan alternate options, I am just curious as to what I may not be acquiring sufficient of. Best solution: Answer by nathan…

My spouse will be likely by way of menopause quickly what ought to I anticipate?

Concern by grob: My wife will be likely by means of menopause soon what must I anticipate? Due to the fact of Cancer treatment and a hysterectomy right after that my wife will be likely through menopause, fairly before long. The cancer remedy gave me a preview but the hysterectomy will be the total on thing. What must I expect? How can I be supportive? Very best reply: Reply by Designer~WifeThe best piece of advice I can offer is for you to constantly hold in brain that she Can’t management the mood swings – She will request you to do something and you will do exactly as asked and you will still get yelled at lol. It will get greater, but you will require to be individual and take issues with a grain of salt for awhile. Excellent luck to you the two. Give your reply to this question under!

Is it feasible to produce Trichotillomania from the thought of likely bald?

Question by JacQy: Is it possible to develop Trichotillomania from the thought of going bald? Well basically I lose a lot of hair all the time… I’ve spent hundreds of dollars at the hair specialist but everything seems normal. I feel like i’m definitely going bald and as a result I tend to touch and pull on my hair a lot to see how much hair will fall out. I’m just wondering if this is related to Trichotillomania??? thanks! Best answer: Answer by __A_YAHOO_USER__If you are irritating it enough (I.E. straching) than yes you could be causing it. If it is falling out in patches you probably have a condition called alopecia areata, if it is falling out all over you probably have alopecia totalis. Talk to your Doctor about cyclosporin Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Any ladies likely via this way too?

Query by American Teenager: Any girls likely via this way too? Becoming a teenage lady is hard adequate with no health difficulties, but trying including a couple of into the equation. Im planning to introduce to you, a tad bit of my “girl” daily life. Periods? Haha, that is a joke. I havent experienced a interval because August. Sounds alright in theory but it has influenced my well being significantly. Previous 12 months I was a fifteen calendar year outdated girl, contemplating and contemplating getting sex but way too consious about my bodyweight. That was when I weight one hundred fifty appx and most of it was muscle mass. Yah, I was no twig but I wasnt “body fat”. Now, I have been combating my body for four months to stop attaining weight. I have in fact set on 30lb since the beging of the faculty yr, and not eating…

I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, and my hair will not likely cease falling out from the roots, what to do?

Query by SFbestmom: I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, and my hair won’t halt falling out from the roots, what to do? was identified with Alopecia Areata, and my hair will not halt falling out from the roots, what to do? I tried AphoGhee therapies, I dont have perms no any dies in my hair, this is genuinely stressing me out you should assist me if you can. everytime I touch my hair i see strands in amongst my fingers. I free about 300 strands a day Finest reply: Response by Zu Marohplease make you be content every single day dan believe about one thing large consume oxy drinking water three moments /day one hour before try to eat NUTRISI THIANSI could help you 1, CALSIUM 1 Rp a hundred ninety.000 seven. ZINC Rp. one hundred twenty.000 eleven.VIGOR Rp.480.000 far more details inI Encounter Guide SUTIKNO MULYO DIHARJO TLP 03192170203/08993454598…