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A comprehensive guidebook to comprehension the mysterious and often hard-to-pinpoint disorders of the immune method–and obtaining the keys to analysis, treatment method, and recovery.An estimated fifty million men and women endure from signs and symptoms like exhaustion, joint pains, despair, or coronary heart palpitations — indications that the immune method has turned on itself, creating conditions these kinds of as thyroid condition, hepatitis, or multiple sclerosis. And while medical professionals may possibly prescribe therapies to minimize these area illnesses, when asked about the lifestyle-extended health implications of an autoimmune problem, they often just shrug their shoulders. Yet significantly like cancer, possessing one autoimmune illness puts you at high danger for developing an additional, and understanding the underlyi

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hair reduction remedy for male

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my mom and her lupus… i need an reply :(?

Query by alexandra lima: my mother and her lupus… i require an answer :(?
my mother is 33 many years outdated she has lupus. she is loosing hair her joints are Tremendous swollen. Is there any remedy for her hair? i dont want her to go bald. 🙁 you should assist

Best solution:

Answer by nalfred12
she may well be losing her hair as a side effect from prescription drugs.

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Who need to I see about my hair reduction?

Question by …: Who should I see about my hair decline?
The middle of my hair line has a spherical bald spot and I am scared I’m likely bald (I’m twenty). My hair isn’t going to seem to be thinning since I’ve experimented with the “pull examination” that I have read doctors do and no hair seems to come out when I pull. Ought to I go proper to a dermatologist or must I see my GP? I truly feel like going to my GP would be a waste because he most likely isn’t going to have as comprehensive understanding of male sample baldness as a skin doctor does.

What do you fellas believe I must do?
I must include that my hair is really thick, my hair line is just screwed up.

Ideal reply:

Response by Kaitlinn B
That transpired to me and im only fifteen.
and my hair is normally thinnnn!
See yrr medical professional.

and go to yrr regional vitamin retailer and get this type referred to as Ultra HAIR.
I use them and they work nicely.

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hair loss.. I need to have responses!?

Concern by jessica: hair decline.. I require answers!?
I am a woman 19 a long time aged in the earlier thirty day period I started out to have plenty of hair loss, I went to the physician like 3 weeks ago, and the medical doctor informed me itll just take six months for hair to regrow and that it is nothing to fear about it is primarily just tension, but I haven’t been stressed over everything.. and he took a blood examination from me which came out to be every thing typical. My hair is nonetheless falling out and my hair use to be really poofy but now its received a lot considerably less than it use to be.. I was wondering if any person can permit me know what vitamins or hair treatments are very good to stop hair loss.. Thank you!

Ideal answer:

Reply by Jay
consider having biotin, its water soluble so you cannot overdose. I was suffering from a trich, hair decline, so I tried out biotin a folic acid. My hair began expanding back 🙂 You can see critiques on youtube for it if that aids

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I have alopecia ‘n I need to have hair trimmed ‘cus of break up finishes.?

Query by Me: I have alopecia ‘n I want hair trimmed ‘cus of break up ends.?
My hair’s mostly bald at the whole prime of my head. I noticed a physician ’bout my hair, explained it was alopecia. It’s growin’ again now. Falls out as soon as in a although, not much. I can protect it up very easily now, ‘n it’s not that noticable, in any case. Not the difficulty, even though.

My hair’s midsection duration ‘n I have at minimum an inch ‘n a half of break up finishes.
I’m concerned, when I get it reduce, they’ll inquire ’bout it ‘n get grossed out (I experienced a boyfriend dump me ‘cus my he found out ’bout my hair).

My mother’s tryin’ to get her cousin or co-worker to trim my hair considering that they utilized to be/are hair dressers.

Must I just hold out for them to trim it, or what should I do if I get it minimize skillfully?

Ideal reply:

Answer by Hikarii <333
Oh, hun, just screw their view.

If they is not going to minimize it, go somewhere else!

It is your money they want in any case.


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My cute minor puppy has a cough, i need to have aid!?!?

Question by xlaurenk: My cute tiny puppy has a cough, i need to have assist!?!?
My pom is 3 a long time aged and suffers from alopecia x and epliepsy. He at present is suffering from a dry hacking cough and I am actually anxious about him. He’s experienced the cough for about a working day now. I strategy to get him to the vet as shortly as they open up on monday but are there any house remidies any individual is aware of? I’d truly enjoy the help if anyone can believe of something.
many thanks.

Ideal solution:

Reply by Michael S
Absolutely nothing to fret about. He has Kennel Cough, it really is like the canine equivilant to a common cold. Time will recover it and will not physical exercise him too significantly while he is recovering.
Take him to the vet to be certain it really is kennel cough and nothing else they’re going to give you some antibiotics.

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i need help on straightening my hair?

Query by Marissa T: i need assist on straightening my hair?
i utilised to have Alopecia areta, when your hair folicules atack themselvesand you drop your hair, and now it has grown out and it really is frizzy. I want it to be staight but i dont want to hurt it any a lot more than it is. Any recommendations on which flat-iron or spray works? I really want one thing that will get it straight.

Very best reply:

Solution by Kelly Smith
Your hair seems genuinely weak as it is. If you flatiron it, I would do it Very SPARINGLY. Also, you may want to deep problem. There is certainly a truly wonderful hair mask by Neutrogena referred to as “Triple Dampness Hair Masque”. It comes in an orange tub.
If you get a flatiron, make certain it truly is ceramic. Ceramic damages considerably less than other individuals.

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How need to I make my hair thick (healthy) and a lot of hair? ?

Concern by Maha: How ought to I make my hair thick (healthier) and a good deal of hair? ?
I consider vitamin A and B for my hair. I consume milk every morning but they aren’t thick and even they crack easily. My hair fall every single one day and when i clean my hair specially I get so numerous hair in my hand. I never ever use flat iron nor either curling iron .. I just use blow dryer and not close to my hair. But nonetheless I never get the hair I want.

Very best answer:

Reply by Amin

01. A very good Hair minimize:

Hair reducing and regular check out to a very good hair saloon truly ends dry and dead hairs, making it seem new and thicker.

02. Hair color and dye:

Hair colour and dying will give your hair extra coating and when you are carried out with your hair lower furthermore hair shade, it gives your hairs thickness.

03. Oiling your hairs frequently:

Like every motor and motor wants oiling for sleek and much better functionality and appear, likewise hairs need to have oil and full treatment. Oiling frequently makes your hair naturally thick and dense appear.

Try out to oil your hairs just before likely to mattress and wash them towards with excellent shampoo every early morning.

04. Wash your hairs with a mild and good shampoo:

Usually pick and use those classes of shampoos which are specifically designed and designed for your valuable hairs. Wash your hairs with shampoo gently, do not rub your hairs with harsh hands and palm. Always try to give your hairs therapeutic massage although doing shampoo with your fingers carefully. Further pressure when doing severe rub on to the hairs make them

05. Give your hair a excellent top quality conditioner as effectively:

Don’t overlook to give and use a gentle conditioner of identical classification which is specifically manufactured for slim and hair loss.

06. Really don’t pat dry your hairs with towel:

Often consider to use slight and mild hand even though drying your hairs right after clean. Most of women attempt to squeeze their hairs so that they can have their hairs dry early. This is harmful, keep away from squeezing, wringing and twisting your hairs.

07. Handle your hair carefully and smoothly to steer clear of hair reduce:

– Avoid ponytails and other style in which your hairs are tied up. Because when you untie so your hairs stretches and hair falls.

– Use hair dryers to make your hairs dry.

– Brush and comb your hairs gently and effortlessly.

08. Consume effectively and well balanced diet:

This idea is really important and required to have thicker hairs. When you try to eat very good, all features and areas perform flawlessly with no any distortion and disturbance. Consider to include Vitamin B and Iron in your breakfast and each meal. This will reinforce your hairs and make them thicker naturally without having obtaining pricey surgeries and treatments.

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How Considerably Copper and Zinc Do I Need to have For Healthy Hair Expansion?

Issue by BarbieDoll: How Considerably Copper and Zinc Do I Need For Healthier Hair Expansion?
I heard copper is very good for hair melanin and hair expansion, how much of it do i need, and I mean in phrases of nutritional supplements, I also listened to that copper interferes with zinc and that if I take in too considerably copper it could trigger hair loss, so Im very baffled to how much zinc and copper I should consider to equivalent every thing out, remember to only answer if you seriously know what your chatting about, many thanks!

Very best reply:

Response by Carandy1
The best issue to do is to dietary supplement your diet program with a prenatal vitamin. Then you get the suitable amount of all vitamins and minerals. There can be too much of a good thing, not only can it be tough on your hair, taken in the wrong amounts it will not crack down in your liver, and can hurt your kidneys.
Do not get vitamins bought for hair progress, they are an costly gimmick and not well worth your funds. Prenatal nutritional vitamins are the greatest!

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I dropping my hair because of a disease i need help?

Issue by laurenjade11: I shedding my hair because of a disease i need aid?
its named Alopecia Aeata Ive attempted the a hundred photographs in the head at any time two months but it was tourcher now i am developing my hair out to place on the bald spots any have any other suggetions .
I’m beginning highschool now and its getting even worse i am dropping hair on the leading of my head oh and i am a female
im not striving to complian that considerably i recognize it could be significantly worse

Ideal answer:

Response by IMNS
Consider antifungal – Nizoral shampoo.
Apply Arnica Hair Oil. It’s homoeopathic medication.
Multivit. minerals tab will also support. Very good luck!

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I had a extreme hair loss. Do I need to have to adjust my Indian passport ahead of I use for my increased reports?

Concern by : I had a significant hair decline. Do I need to have to adjust my Indian passport before I use for my larger scientific studies?
In 2009, when I got my Indian Passport, I was not bald. Now I experienced a severe hair decline and have long gone 50% bald and I want to cut the hair brief or shave it. There are no other considerable alterations. Missing my hair only. Do I need to apply for a new passport? Please support me.

Greatest reply:

Response by ownpool
Telephone the passport workplace if you are in India or the consulate, embassy or higher fee if you are overseas and get an official answer.,

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Do you need to flat iron if you get Brazilian Blowout on relaxed hair?

Question by karamjihaseyo: Do you require to flat iron if you get Brazilian Blowout on peaceful hair?
Soooo my hair is peaceful, but I feel I’m gonna get the Brazilian Blowout to breathe some existence again into it. My hairdresser stated that after the treatment method, it need to become super straight basically by blow drying. Is this accurate?

Very best response:

Response by Jenny Bolawski
my friend received it done and could get out of the shower with wet hair and enable it dry by natural means and it would dry straight..she woulnt need to have to do something to it…its fairly wonderful

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Im fifteen many years aged and i have Alopecia areata ? what need to i do?

Concern by : Im fifteen many years old and i have Alopecia areata ? what should i do?
i have like 13 months with it my hair is falling out ? what ought to ido apart from contacting a doctor ?? help plss

Best reply:

Response by Ian
There is no heal for alopecia areata. Hair frequently re-grows on its personal. Therapy can aid the hair re-develop far more swiftly. A skin doctor may prescribe to support the hair re-grow a lot more swiftly. When a man or woman has alopecia areata, the hair will begin to re-grow when the entire body gets the correct indicators. Sometimes this occurs with out remedy. Even with treatment, new hair reduction can take place. Every thing depends on how the immune system reacts. If you really feel ashamed by hair reduction, there are things you can do to disguise patchy hair reduction:
•Style your hair to protect the bald spots.
•Wear a wig, cap, hat, or scarf. These do not interfere with hair re-expansion.
•Some folks shave the head.
•Use make-up to attract lacking eyebrows.

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How frequently need to a female clean her hair?

Issue by Kimberly: How often should a girl clean her hair?
So I have listened to that as well much washing can lead to it to get soiled a lot more quickly, and I’ve even listened to recurrent washing can guide to hair decline which is naturally undesirable simply because I want long, thick hair. But I’ve also listened to that this is a comprehensive fantasy and that much less washing leads to irritation in the scalp and can even stunt expansion. Now I genuinely will not know what to do due to the fact I’m striving to grow my hair out long. What are your individual experiences with this?

Very best response:

Reply by Devon
Not a fantasy, don’t clean way too often it is undesirable for your hair’s natural oils. You’ll have to experiment with your self, I can go after or two times a 7 days and have it function flawlessly, but my hair by no means mattress oily no subject what, whereas your’s may possibly, ask your stylist next time you get it cut, commence with each and every three times.

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If I am having prenatal nutritional vitamins and a fish oil supplement, how much need to my hair grow a month?

Concern by Cheesy hawtt.: If I’m getting prenatal natural vitamins and a fish oil dietary supplement, how much must my hair develop a thirty day period?
I am desperate to increase out my hair..If this is not a successful hair-growing treatment, what is another way I can expand my hair out rapid? Thank youuu

Greatest reply:

Reply by Sur La Mer
They might expand rapidly, and so will the rest of your physique & facial hair.

Prenatal vitamins will not make your hair expand. Pregnant females have to start off having treatment of their bodies when they’re expecting, indicating stop using tobacco, drinking, dyeing or perming their hair SO OF Program their hair begin developing once again. But it has absolutely nothing to do with their hair, it has some thing to do to help the growth of their unborn kid.

Fish oil: Do you know if the label states that the fish oil includes ‘one or far more of the following: Cod, English Whiting, Shark,” even snake oil. Can you taste the shark?
It may increase really little by little or none at all if you’ve got straightened your hair in the past.

You get the toughness & all your vitamins & minerals & proteins Cost-free from the very good food items you consume from Mother Mother nature, not made by guy like John Frieda or GNC, and no shampoo can aid develop hair, not even those manufactured for horses. Horses will not abuse their hair, employing heating tools, and they take in far better than men and women, but it is not going to add more hair & make their hair more time more quickly.Shampoo supposed for animals may possibly have pesticides or other medications for treatment of pores and skin problems or parasite infestations such as fleas or mange. These must in no way be used on individuals.

The U.S. Foodstuff and Drug Administration (Fda) does not have to approve health supplements — no agency in the United States does. Due to the fact of inadequate good quality handle and inspection, supplements contaminated with weighty metals, pesticides, or prescription medications have been sold to unsuspecting consumers. And Food and drug administration principles covering producing good quality do not apply to the businesses that provide herbs, natural vitamins, and other uncooked components.
Beginning in February 2008, they skilled one symptom after one more: diarrhea, joint pain, HAIR Reduction, lung issues, and fingernails and toenails that fell off. Fda has received quite a few reviews of hurt related with the use of these merchandise, like stroke, liver damage, kidney failure, heart palpitations, and dying. three-15-eleven

Google: MSN “Nutritional vitamins Can Do A lot more Harm Than Great.”
According Dr. Melissa Piliang, a skin doctor at the Cleveland Clinic. Americans expended an believed $ 176 million on hair loss items final 12 months, and probabilities are some of that funds was not effectively put in. Really don’t permit charming salon owners, seductive ads or fancy gimmicks persuade you otherwise.

CNN, Slate, Client Reviews, MSN, YAHOO have posted them online for a long time how individuals invest $ twenty billion per 12 months on nutritional vitamins and dietary supplements.  In accordance to Each day Overall health, here is an write-up that will inform you why . . . individuals Products by any other title do NOT Operate.  It is fake advertisements. Google: Are Nutritional supplements Very good For You? About 7,430,000 results (.15 seconds). THEN Google: Are vitamins & health supplements very good for you? About 4,250,000 final results (.14 seconds) Some can in fact shorten your existence!
Google: Hair development triggered other gentlemen nationwide in class-motion lawsuits. About one,640,000 benefits (.ten second.

Greatest tips from Hollywood’s nicely recognized hairstylist in the 80’s once mentioned: “Hold foods in your mouth and hair products on your hair.”

Google: “Food items for Healthful Hair” – Your hair might be the fastest-growing tissue in the human body but, not like the skin, it are not able to mend alone. That is why obtaining the proper equilibrium of nutritional vitamins and proteins is critical. Do not anticipate to look like you’ve stepped out of a hair professional the day soon after you’ve got transformed your diet regime. It is most likely to get at least a few months prior to you really see tangible results.

Growing healthful hair will not come from a bottle or tablets and hair items do not speed hair development. Any hair oil, is one more type to preserve hair moisturized, practically nothing far more. If you might be in HS, your hair & nails need to be expanding normally, and as healthily as attainable, since you might be consuming healthy foodstuff. But when hair just isn’t expanding as quickly, it is due to the fact they’ve been tampered with: chemicals, hair straightening, and so on. . .

Slicing your split finishes your self, spend five-ten minutes. on a sunny working day so you can easily place them, utilizing a two” scissors, lower strand by strand, part by section, making it possible for new development to consider above. Then 2x a 12 months, get a great hair minimize. This will not likely speed items up, but it will make the hair look more healthy although it is increasing. Even healthier hair like mine get them, due to regular brushing & styling.

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What shampoo need to I use to aid keep my hair?

Query by Morris Gump: What shampoo need to I use to support maintain my hair?
I am a male in my late teens. I even now have a full head of hair, but it has absolutely been thinning out, and I have a background of hair reduction in my family.

Currently I have recognized that the shampoos and conditioners I use seem to be to dry out my hair. It gets
brittle so a lot so that I often never want to clean my hair at all. It would seem like I’ve experimented with almost everything, and absolutely nothing is mild ample.

I’m not seeking for a treatment, or prescription brand name.
I also comprehend that merchandise/genetics enjoy a much bigger role in hair decline. I only want to discover the shampoo that will do the minimum sum of more injury to my hair… although I nonetheless have it!

Any ideas ?

Best answer:

Answer by The Summer of George
I also have quite slender dry hair and I use Axe shampoo with conditioner…it functions genuinely very good. BTW conditioners won’t/can’t dry out your hair…sounds like you just have in a natural way extremely dry hair…you may also go in the girl’s segment at the shop and appear for shampoo and conditioners for dry hair….but give the axe shampoo w/conditioner a try out…it is extremely mild and operates excellent on my hair.

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What do I need to have to go from brownish red to blonde?

Question by Ashley: What do I want to go from brownish pink to blonde?
Can a person notify me specifically what to purchase from Sally Elegance to get my hair from a dark reddish brown to blonde?

Thank you!

Very best solution:

Solution by Summer
Ok, you will have to do a lot of bleaching. Like A Good deal. And as soon as you’ve got bleached you can use blonde hair dye. If you dont bleach it proper and go straight to blonde hair dye, then your hair can flip orange.

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Need to I do an sizzling oil treatment before or after I rinse my hair?

Query by nea: Ought to I do an very hot oil remedy prior to or soon after I rinse my hair?
I needed to rinse my hair purple. Rinses are not long lasting and are suppose to clean out in a couple of months. I also needed to do an sizzling oil therapy since my hair is really dry. I’m terrified that if I do the scorching oil remedy very first my colour is not going to actually adhere and if I do the scorching oil therapy last my colour will fade so what should I do?

Very best reply:

Response by Sur La Mer
Scorching oil therapies are Intended for destroyed hair. If your hair is broken, Keep away from substances, even if they rinses out soon after a few of weeks.

Scorching oil treatment options, btw, does extremely tiny benefits to hair.
Hair items are NOT made of glue to fix, stop, reverse hair from acquiring damaged, or hair reduction, or make them expand . . . . they are a trillion greenback organization. They also do NOT give cash again assure for destroyed hair or hair loss brought on by warmth & chemicals – hair’s worst enemies.
“No hair can change the hair’s biology,” suggests Eric Bone, senior VP of world-wide analysis and innovation @ L’Oreal United states of america. “Merchandise that ‘repair’ them are like glue used to place a damaged vase again collectively. At the end of the day, it is even now broke,” suggests skin doctor Paul J. McAndrews, MD, a scientific professor @ the College of Southern California College of Drugs. “Overall, items are a short term resolve, even though some can assist stop damage. But your best bet is genuinely to quit damaging hair, period.”

Style satisfies chemistry fulfills biology: We are talking hair coloring.

Taking part in with chemical substances is not like enjoying with outfits, or undertaking a manicure, there are penalties for actively playing chemical compounds in the lab. Even hair color professionals at the salon are not rocket scientists, they do a bang up dye work to their clients or their own hair.

Chemical substances can enter the physique through the pores and skin.
> > > Hair dye chemical substances joined to cancer
London, Feb twenty, 2013 I have been declaring that given that 2009.
Hair dyes, which incorporate property hair colouring kits and individuals employed at pricey salons, are joined to lethal most cancers-triggering chemical compounds, alert scientists. In 2009 the Mail revealed that women who employed hair dyes more than 9 occasions a yr experienced a sixty% greater chance of contracting blood cancer.
A calendar year later the European Fee banned 22 hair dyes which place lengthy-term consumers at danger of bladder cancer. < < < <

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