Hair decline woman?? I am 21 many years outdated and just lately have noticed my hair has thinned up fairly a little bit.?

Concern by Miriah: Hair loss woman?? I am 21 several years aged and lately have discovered my hair has thinned up very a bit.?
For the very last thirty day period or so my hair has thinned all more than my head. My hair feels useless, i imply no life what so ever. I purchased the pantene professional v hair restorative, but still left my hair feeling dry and brittle nevertheless. Effectively about a month in the past me and a person received into a combat, and my hair was pulled three occasions in one day, quite difficult. I question could this be the cause for my hair loss. My scalp is sore and hair pulls out easily. I have also lost a excellent amount of bodyweight since my infant 15 months in the past. Could it be from this. I have also been an implanon beginning handle for about a yr now. I am acquiring the implanon eliminated up coming thirty day period simply because i believe this is the lead to. Also was questioning if a person might know how to stop hair reduction, or any suggestions. Was just wondering if any individual may have some in sight. You should no impolite solutions i am very delicate about this topic, and i am just looking for truthful support. Thank you. Miriah

Ideal solution:

Solution by Rasmus
Stress possibly…?

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whats the initial perception do you believe people would have (specially women) when observing a bald seventeen yr outdated man?

Query by : whats the 1st impact do you think individuals would have (especially girls) when seeing a bald seventeen yr old male?
just questioning

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Response by Riley
They have Leukemia or other cancer and there on chemotherapy therapy, or they have hereditary Alopecia areata causing early hair loss.

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Are there any blood checks for a 16 year outdated woman shedding her hair?

Question by DuckyWucky: Are there any blood checks for a sixteen 12 months outdated woman getting rid of her hair?

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Reply by Dane
Have her referred to a hair specialist. It could be a problem known as Alopecia. Then once again, this could be triggered by a vast span of items.

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my 13 12 months outdated son has a bald place but not wingworm how do u make it the hair develop back again and how lengthy?

Question by nicholas b: my thirteen year previous son has a bald location but not wingworm how do u make it the hair develop back and how long?
in the back again of his head appropriate in the middle

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Response by tearsofmephisto
Rub tomato juice mixed with lemur blood (watered down) on the bald spot 2 times a working day, every working day, for 2 months. Cease right after Exactly two months. Then hold out two months and if there is no visible modify then repeat the method.

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androgenic alopecia at my seventeen many years outdated?

Concern by 2 Souls In one Physique: androgenic alopecia at my 17 several years outdated?
i’ve been noticing my hair’s falling mostly when i get a tub.. there’s a noticeably volume of hair in the drain when i complete bathing and today i went to the dermatolgist to get a diagnose.. he mentioned i have androgenic alopecia and all i can do is sluggish down the falling procedure.. i need some advices remember to…aid me?

Greatest response:

Solution by Merlin
Probably locate a various dermatologist.

Not a valuable analysis.


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My 3yr outdated has been acquiring up a hundred and five fevers, rashes and hives, no bodyweight gain off and on four(one yr) Whats going on?

Issue by ashes: My 3yr previous has been acquiring up one hundred and five fevers, rashes and hives, no fat gain off and on four(one yr) Whats likely on?
three Yr outdated daughter has been getting ill ever since we moved to Japan(military). She has been getting recurrent large fevers(a hundred and five) and rashes or hives that soon adhere to inside weeks. She has also experienced viral and bacterial infections left and proper. I am so drained of not receiving any solutions as to why this happens every other week. My 10 month toddler is demonstrating signs of all this also. The only issue I do know is that she was just diagnosed with alopecia(hair slipping out in some spots) and eczema which is seasonal and does not relate to the stuff she is acquiring.
I do not know what else to do as significantly as these fevers and rashes, simply because they are causing issues. Also I just discovered out that she has not acquired any excess weight in in excess of 3 months. I do not know what is likely on. Any suggestions? Please help!

Best answer:

Answer by txgirl806
My lil one particular is two and she also has eczema :(….she breaks out in hives way too….I feel you need to take equally of them to a little one medical professional and if press will come to shove you ought to move absent from japan…your childrens safty need to often be amount one particular which I’m fairly positive it is :)…preserve us up to date and permit us know whats going on with the kiddos

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25 several years outdated and getting rid of a whole lot of hair?

Question by Sarah S: 25 years outdated and getting rid of a great deal of hair?
It really is not noticable when looking at my head, but there are constantly clumps falling out and my hair is all in excess of every little thing, like a puppy that sheds truly negative. Any ideas on what may possibly be going on?
Indeed, I did have a child 7 months ago. My hair is still falling out very a lot. This is standard?

Best solution:

Reply by thinkerchic
Have you offered delivery lately? When your pregnant the hair you usually drop doesnt drop out then following you have the baby you shed all that you ended up suppose to get rid of and then some. If this is the case its extremely typical.

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Any ideas for an eighteen-yr outdated male with hair loss?

Concern by NightWarrior: Any suggestions for an eighteen-yr old male with hair reduction?
It began at age sixteen, I thought it was originally due to use of hair-gel, but now I do not use gel anymore but I nevertheless have the hair-reduction dilemma growing on the temple of my head. Hair falls off easily sometimes whilst combing and after showers…. Also I sweat easily on that part of my head. Remember to, do you have any suggestions of any all-natural oils or health supplements I could consider?

Best answer:

Solution by Elle
ok honestly there is no permament treatment but i know that there is this certain shampooo line or some thing for men that if you use constantly, like for the rest of your existence, it will support you i cant consider of the title, but its excellent unless you stop making use of it, thats the capture:)

hope it served great luck:)

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Options to a 22 Yr Outdated Man losing his hair?

Question by Nonya: Solutions to a 22 Year Old Guy losing his hair?
I’m a 22 year old guy, and I’m losing my hair. It’s thinning, there’s a noticeable partial bald-spot at the crown of my head, and the front is really thinning out. To top it off, my hair is blond and very fine in texture, making it appear even thinner.

So today I shaved my head. I’d rather be bald than get bald slowly. But my mom said that I’m too young to be getting bald, and that there has to be a real solution out there. Is there anything that’s scientifically proven to restore hair loss? What should I do?

Best answer:

Answer by Thelma
I think yours is male baldness. but Male pattern baldness affects up to 30 per cent of 30-year-old men and 50 per cent of 50-year-old men.
* Minoxidil is a lotion available from the pharmacist that you rub on to the scalp. It comes in two strengths – 2% and 5%. The latter is more effective, although it does not seem to be effective for everyone. It is not clear exactly how it works but it may slow down the process of hair loss and can cause new hair growth but it usually takes at least four months to start to show an effect you have to keep on using it or it will stop being effective. It may work for women with male pattern baldness too.
* Finasteride (Propecia) is an oral drug treatment. It works by preventing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and so the hair doesn’t thin. It can take several months to start to show an effect and may take up to two years for hair to re-grow, but works for the majority of men, although not all and cannot be used by women with male pattern baldness. In the UK it’s only available on private prescription from your GP and is only effective during a course of medicine.
* Surgical techniques. Scalp surgery was originally used, moving flaps of skin with hair to areas without, but is less used now because hair transplant techniques have become refined, transplanting hair follicles from areas such as the back of the head by the removal of a thin strip of scalp and then the follicular units in it are replanted into the bald area.

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Is white hair actually a signal of outdated age?

Question by Hansen: Is white hair actually a sign of outdated age?
Howdy, there. I’m inquiring this concern simply because I am quite puzzled with the typical perception that white hair seems when you increase more mature and older. I am only sixteen, but I’ve already began to see white hairs appearing in my hair. It would seem to have been increasing fairly currently.

Is this regular? How does white hair form? Is it due to the fact of a deficiency of a specific mineral required in the entire body?

Best answer:

Answer by Jeanine
I know it really is a deficiency of vitamin E so you ought to begin taking some or possibly you just overly pressured out.

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how outdated do male pattern baldness generally begin & achieve its clown look?

Concern by sky: how outdated do male pattern baldness usually commence & complete its clown appear?

Very best solution:

Answer by huexiong
There are 2 vintage designs of male sample hair loss (androgenic alopecia). These are the normal kinds you see. The initial practically constantly commences by thinning of hair on both facet of the head at the front, leaving a peak in the centre (M shaped). This then progresses, often quick at times sluggish, until all the hair on the crown has disappeared leaving a rim close to the head (you nicely explain this as “clown pattern”).
The 2nd pattern is thinning and loss starting from the crown at the again of the head. This is typically considerably slower but will spread in region right up until the conclude end result is practically the exact same as the 1st sample. Comprehensive decline of hair, normally very swiftly, is the indication of a condition called merely alopecia that can even end result in total decline of all hair on the body.
Today there are prescription drugs like rogaine (minoxidil) that will gradual or end hair loss if used early enough, but they are costly and if treatment method is stopped the hair will proceed to be dropped.

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Why does my 9 calendar year outdated sister drop a whole lot of hair?

Issue by Zenny: Why does my 9 yr old sister lose a whole lot of hair?
She just turned 9 just lately and she has been shedding a great deal of hair for the earlier so months. When she combs here hair, requires a shower, puts it up. Pretty much all the time. My mother and I are starting to get truly concerned, we are also considering about getting her to the physician. If anybody might know the explanation why that is happening, please react. Thank you.
She does drop a good deal of hair but does not have bald spots. When she normally takes showers is when she loses the most hair. SHe use to have a great deal a whole lot of hair and now she almost 50 % of what she had.

Greatest solution:

Answer by breezyy f child!
she might have aelopecia (sp?).

consider google-ing that and see if it’s what’s happening to her.

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what are the quickest and most efficient treatment options for hair loss (alopecia) in 15 12 months outdated?

Query by Fred: what are the fastest and most effective treatment options for hair reduction (alopecia) in 15 year aged?

Greatest reply:

Response by dr.marcovici
I will relegate my reaction to the presumption that you are, first of all, a male, and 2nd, experiencing prevalent pattern hair loss aka androgenetic alopecia (AGA). For anyone who does not in shape these two situations, the following suggestions might not utilize.

AGA is by significantly the most wide-spread type of hair loss influencing more than 95% of individuals who experience decline of hair. It is axiomatic that the more youthful a man or woman is when they start shedding hair the much more serious the degree of decline will be. Till lately, few risk-free and efficacious possibilities of any variety have been available.

In the earlier number of a long time a amount of possibilities have been examined and created accessible. Two choices will be reviewed in this reaction. The very first is pharmacotherapy (Rx). The 2nd is non-drug, botanically-primarily based.

The Rx possibilities for a man consist of essentially a few options. The first, topical minoxidil (Rogaine™), is applied directly to the thinning scalp after or 2 times everyday. Revealed scientific studies present that the use of this drug can arrest, or in some cases reverse thinning hair — however the certain mechanism of motion by which minoxidil has an effect on hair development stays undetermined.

Noticed side consequences of oral minoxidil contain pericardial effusion, occasionally progressing to tamponade, and angina pectoris may possibly be exacerbated. In experimental animals, minoxidil triggered numerous varieties of myocardial lesions as properly as other adverse cardiac outcomes. Side results with topical minoxidil are normally pointed out to be considerably less significant but unfavorable aspect consequences are undoubtedly not unidentified.

The up coming drug obtainable to take care of routine hair loss is oral finasteride (1 mg. Propecia™). Finasteride, a sort II 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor has also shown efficacy in blinded medical trials. In a 5-calendar year research of men with mild to reasonable hair reduction, forty eight% of individuals dealt with with Propecia (finasteride 1mg) skilled some regrowth of hair, and a more 42% reported no even more decline.

Facet results noted with finasteride incorporate a modify in prostate certain antigen (PSA) stages, feminizing birth flaws, impotence, reduced libido, gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) and others.

Dutasteride, a double five alpha-reductase inhibitor was recently accredited for the treatment in males of pattern hair reduction. Not like finasteride, dutasteride blocks the two acknowledged isoforms of five alpha-reductase variety I & sort II. Some reports suggest that dutasteride outperforms finasteride in protecting against hair loss.

Known facet results of dutasteride are equivalent to these noticed with finasteride. These include impotence, lowered libido, ejaculation problems, gynecomastia and other prospective concerns.

Just lately, a novel method to the dilemma has been the administration of non-drug based mostly botanically-derived therapy. The concept for this has occur from the use of botanicals to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a dysfunction with a somewhat equivalent metabolic chain of activities to sequence hair decline.

Several non-drug treatment choices have turn into obtainable in the previous couple of many years. Although most by natural means derived hair loss remedies advertise a high basic safety profile — especially when when compared from pharmacotherapy, couple of are supported with revealed medical analysis. This is really appropriate inasmuch as with no goal proof it turns into hard, if not impossible, to assess the prospective utility of a presented product.

To sum up, especially for a young man or woman (age fifteen) who is starting to knowledge hair reduction, a reasoned approach, of balancing identified medical utility towards potential negative facet influence, must be utilized. Pharmacotherapy provides putative advantage but, specifically for a young individual, might exhibit unreasonable prospective chance. Non-drug based mostly therapies provide the promise of more secure scientific results but must be scrutinized to focus on those that definitely back their claims with empirical facts.

The greatest resource I can propose to any person anxious about hair loss is to enlist the support of one’s major treatment provider because this is, presumably, an knowledgeable advocate who has the patient’s finest passions in thoughts.


Geno Marcovici, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

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Thinning Hair, I am eighteen yr outdated lady :(!?

Problem by Lirael: Thinning Hair, I am 18 yr outdated female :(!?
I’m actually nervous, simply because it appears to me that the hair just previously mentioned my forehead (my fringe) is thinning out masses, I can see my scalp in bright lighting fixtures, through my hair. I always a uninteresting burning feeling there immediately after getting a shower (it’s practically nothing to do with shampoos, because I modified shampoos to purely natural kinds and it nevertheless occurs) The new hair that grows is thin, wiry and a pale brown (my hair is medium brown) and is really elastic. I am really frightened since I am an eighteen calendar year previous girl, and I know it’s much much less acceptable for a woman to have slender hair than a guy. My mom has alopecia totalis, and my father is balding by natural means. (a bald patch) My sister has blonde hair, in contrast to myself, my parents, and I and she has a total head of robust hair. She tells me I am imagining items, but I can not assist considering that my hair is thinning! In the shower, at minimum 6 hairs arrive out in my hand at once. What can I do to avert this?! Really should I see a medical professional? Is it really what I think it is?

Finest solution:

Solution by ashley timber
If your mother has alopecia then get your butt to the medical professional. It could be simply because of your diet plan or perhaps something else. Alopecia is an x connected dysfunction, that means you are far more most likely to have it than a brother of yours. Your mother has two x’s, the disease carried on one particular. Your father has a single x. When the two x’s are transfered to you, you might get your mothers healthful x or your mothers diseased 1. You may have gotten the poor x and your sister the excellent. When in doubt, often see a physician

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