Bald Place im 17?

Question by jh07: Bald Place im seventeen?
im 17 many years previous and like two weeks in the past i got a haircut and soon after observed i experienced a lil bald place on my head. At first I thought imagined the barber had gave me a daring spot. I cut my hair at the very least once every two 7 days because it grows truly rapidly. So i dont consider im going bald. Its been two months and it hasnt grown back again in.

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Reply by John J
Appears like alapecia.
I had a case of this and experienced it dealt with with cortizone injections directly to the location. My location was no greater then a quarter (twenty five cents).

Listed here is a hyperlink, and despite the fact that the photos below appear pretty extreme, alapecia can be very a really small patch all by iteself.

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Bald place from hair relaxer what can i do to help it?

Question by Jissai Undertaking: Bald spot from hair relaxer what can i do to aid it?
Alright since I was really younger beneath the age of seven or probably even the age of 7, my mother place a relaxer in my hair. I have a really delicate scalp, so everytime I get an relaxer or even scratch to challenging it hurts. And I get sores right after I get the relaxer. So I stopped acquiring them months ago.

Nicely in any case, when I was younger I had really brief edges, and bald places on them. Also a few in the back (which grew back again right after I acquired like nearly all of my hair minimize when I was 11) so now I’m 19 and my edges are about one/two inch and its brittle, and I also even now have the bald spot. I have actually believe hair so it will not consider heat well so I give my self a olive oil deep problem everyweek and the rest of my hair will clean out but not my edges. Occasionally you can scarcely observe the places when my edges get thick, but some moments my edges will 10 out making the spots far more noticeable.

Ugh what am I to do D’:

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Answer by Liew Solar
Could be Alopecia Areata (Place BALDNESS) an autoimmune illness. It leads to bald location that can distribute to the entire scalp and at times even the whole physique. Anxiety has been recognized to be the primary lead to.

For a start you can compare with the photos in Adhering to this, a pores and skin biopsy need to be carried out by a skilled healthcare medical professional or a dermatologist. This is the greatest way to diagnose and verify. It will present any abnormal concentration of T-cells (immune cells) at the influenced area.

My bro did the very same when experienced this difficulty. Nevertheless he managed to recover employing a therapy he found in the internet site. Would like you a rapid recovery

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What are the black dots in my 10 yrold daughters bald place from alopecia?

Query by newdad022000: What are the black dots in my 10 yrold daughters bald place from alopecia?
My daughter is 10 yrs previous and had alopecia areata.She only has a quarter sized spherical bald location on her head.But in the bald spot i see black dots?What is this and what can i do?

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Answer by PhilinNWfla
Hair follicles ? Just take her to expert, she is practically adolescent and will be going via all varieties of self uncertainties about her physical appearance without having the pressure of alopecia.

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I brushed out some of my hair when there was hair spray now there is certainly a little bald place.?

Issue by Kyra Bunny: I brushed out some of my hair when there was hair spray now there’s a small bald location.?
When I concluded getting a shower to get rid of all the sticky stuff in my hair I seen there was a bald spot up coming to my hair line, then I freaked out. It’s not huge, and it is not noticeable considering that my hair handles it, but I am even now nervous. Will hair still increase? Ought to I not be concerned?

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Answer by Melanie V
The most common lead to of a bald location is alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is a fairly frequent autoimmune situation that attacks hair follicles creating bald places. The follicles continue to be alive so regrowth is constantly achievable–and is really probable, particularly in gentle cases. Vital oil scalp treatment options are confirmed to be extremely efficient for alopecia areata hair regrowth. Since it is an autoimmune problem, it is crucial to preserve immune method well balanced and tranquil to keep away from future attacks.
If you put on you hair in tightly pulled variations creating strain of hair follicles you can get what is identified as traction alopecia. If the bald location is in an region that the hair was tightly pulled it could be the cause. You can understand much more at the hyperlinks under.

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i have a bald place in my hair how can i cover it up or get rid of it?

Issue by kobe 13: i have a bald location in my hair how can i go over it up or get rid of it?
the bald location is on the side of my head closer to the top and i do not actually have prolonged hair to cover it up

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Answer by cinnabunny
shave your hair and then go over it with a razor. this will depart you with a shiny bald head. but there’s not a lot you can do to include up that bald place in any case unless of course you want to get hair plugs.

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My five 12 months daughter has a dime sized bald place.

Question by Ivone: My five calendar year daughter has a dime sized bald place.
I noticed these days when I was brushing her hair that she experienced a bald place which is a minor off coloration from right here scalp. She has never had stitches or any scarring injuries to result in a bald spot. It is just randomly there. Is this regular for a kid to have a random bald location?

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Solution by Stacey A
if i ended up you, i would get it checked out by a physician to be secure.

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I Discover a bald place on my daughter head?

Question by Sheila3999: I Discover a bald location on my daughter head?
Just a handful of hours ago i notice a bald place on my seven year aged daughter head!!!, its about the dimensions of a quarter, God I have been performing analysis all night and I found it could be ALOPECIA AREATA, I am so terrified, I am dealing with my seventeen 12 months aged with cancer I have to other kids that has ADHD & learning issues, I cannot bare everything else….I just cannot….any person Help
No its not ringworm, this is a quarter sz baldness their is no hair at all
Nicely previous night I identified one more location on her listen to ! 🙁

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Response by melissa1987

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bald place situation.. support plzzzz?

Issue by Angel Harmon: bald location situation.. support plzzzz?
ok i have a bald place on the prime of my head, not big. but its visible. i require my bald spot, to go away!!! how can my hair expand there!!!! please aid

many thanks!!!!

any cures???? thanks

Best solution:

Solution by a a
u can apply castor oil which support developing hairs. use every single evening and massage on that place. dabar vatika natural hair oil also assists.

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my 13 12 months outdated son has a bald place but not wingworm how do u make it the hair develop back again and how lengthy?

Question by nicholas b: my thirteen year previous son has a bald location but not wingworm how do u make it the hair develop back and how long?
in the back again of his head appropriate in the middle

Greatest solution:

Response by tearsofmephisto
Rub tomato juice mixed with lemur blood (watered down) on the bald spot 2 times a working day, every working day, for 2 months. Cease right after Exactly two months. Then hold out two months and if there is no visible modify then repeat the method.

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What should I do for my brother with a bald place?

Query by Drama Queen: What should I do for my brother with a bald spot?
My 15-12 months-aged brother has a bald place he was born with that he has not too long ago decided he is self-conscious about. The bald spot is right in his hairline, so wearing his short (not buz cut, an inch or so prolonged) hair regular will at times present the lack of hair. He has started to use his hair in a comb-over because he isn’t going to want it to be noticed. I was questioning if anybody has any tips of a great-looking haircut that will cover up the bald spot that is for a teenager, not a developed man.
He is not going bald, the hair just by no means grew there.

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Response by Jamila
Nicely my dad had the very same difficulty and just made the decision to go bald!

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aside from rogaine what can i place on my bald places to make my hair develop back?

Query by diane v: apart from rogaine what can i set on my bald places to make my hair grow back?

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Response by wizard
If your bald places are completely hairless, it might be owing to Alopecia Areata. Rogaine does not function for this dilemma.

My bro had the this difficulty but did not remedy it right after utilizing Rogaine. He identified a treatment by means of a web site. Consider a look at photographs in If it is comparable probably you can try out the treatment. Great luck

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Bald Place beneath my chin?

Concern by Mr. Aztec: Bald Location under my chin?
I had a full beard below my chin prior to, a single day I was scratching and I notice a modest bald place most likely the diameter of a straw. Out of nowhere it started out to get greater and bigger and now its visible that individuals instructed me if I accidently shaved that element off. Now i cant get my beard lined up simply because its on my facet chin. What can it be?

Very best answer:

Response by Keene
Alopecia Areata is a hair reduction situation characterized by the quick onset of hair decline in a sharply described region. Any hair-bearing surface area can be influenced, but the most apparent area is the scalp, and the face beard spot in the male “like in your situation”.

Particular chemicals that are a portion of the immune program named cytokines might play a part in alopecia areata by inhibiting hair follicle progress. Some reports demonstrate that psychological pressure might also cause alopecia areata.

The characteristic patch of alopecia areata is typically spherical or oval, and is entirely bald and sleek.

The progress of alopecia areata is unpredictable. Some men and women shed hair in only a small patch. Other people may possibly have more comprehensive involvement

There are numerous different treatment options for alopecia areata. The most frequent is observation. If the patch of hair loss is modest, it is affordable to notice it and permit the hair to regrow on its personal. One more alternative is implementing a sturdy topical steroid these kinds of as Diprolene or Temovate to the patch, Minoxidil has been used to advertise hair development .

if it a modest a single”as you explained” normally it will go absent by it self following number of weeks, especially if the offending elements (like emotional tension) are stopped and or solved , so my guidance to you is to check out with your dermatologist & enable him take a look at you & appraise & go over the remedy options or he’ll place it below observation.

Consider treatment

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I am feeling dilemma of hair decline. Do the medicines offered in market place function?

Query by jahangir: I am experience dilemma of hair loss. Do the medications available in marketplace work?
I am emotion that hair from my listen to are going to lessen slowly and gradually. Character of my hair is some curly, and quite thick. I want to use some medication offered in market place which declare to get back misplaced hair.
Do these sorts of medications have great outcomes and are these consequences extended long lasting. Can some a single give me the title of such drugs also.

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Response by FarmGirl13
mainly my curly locks drop heaps of hair in the drop. I take b stress sophisticated vitamins and it starts developing hair back again also you can purchase pre natal nutritional vitamins and your hair will expand like crazy. rogaine functions quite well but when you start off it you can in no way end so I would hold out as long as possible. or else go to the dr and get your hormones checked. often when our hormones are on the fritz using regulating tablets will get your hair back to normal. good luck

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Why an empty hair place on head?

Issue by nmacias78: Why an empty hair spot on head?
Perfectly healthier little one. Why an empty bald place on her head?

Best reply:

Response by rkeech
This is called alopecia aereata. If there is no scalp disease or infection (which can be dealt with), the trigger is unknown, and there is no remedy.

The hair frequently grows again above time, but there is no way to know if that will occur till it begins to occur.

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my sister is 27 years previous and this early morning she woke up with a bald place the dimensions of half her palm?

Concern by masi: my sister is 27 many years previous and this early morning she woke up with a bald spot the dimension of 50 % her palm?
her doctor explained its from tension can some a single tell me how to support her develop her hair faster and how to avoid this from going on THE Principal Concern IS HOW TO Develop HER HAIR Again or will it grow ?

Very best answer:

Solution by stefflite
WOW IM SOOO SORRY TO Listen to THAT Effectively Try TELLING HER TO Consider PRENATAL Tablets THAT WILL Perform In THE Within OF HER Physique TO Develop OUT SOME HAIR BUT Actually IM NO HAIR Medical doctor THATS WHO SHE Must Genuinely SEE. BUT UMMM THATS Actually A Lot OF HAIR DUED SHMPOOS Consider WHEAT GERM Products ITS THE Greatest I BELEIVE Wish I CAN Assist SOME Far more BUT THATS ALL I HAVE.

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what can lead to hair to fall out and produce a clean bald place? What can I do to assist the hair grow back again?

Question by Missshirley: what can lead to hair to fall out and produce a sleek bald spot? What can I do to assist the hair develop back again?

Ideal response:

Solution by Michelle W
The same issue took place to my sister and it turned out it was a fungal infection, she obtained some ointment from the doctors to very clear it from her scalp and her hair grew back. Luckily her hair was prolonged and the patch was around her crown so placing her hair in a pony tail coated the bald location right up until her hair commenced to grow back. Get it checked straight absent as she ended up with 3 patches in whole, despite the fact that two of them had been only tiny and not as apparent as the one around the crown.

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I have a bald place on my head near to my neck. it just apeared, what would it be?

Issue by schoolboy07: I have a bald spot on my head shut to my neck. it just apeared, what would it be?
I dont understand what it could be, is it stress or what can i use to increase it back, its the dimensions on my thomp.

Very best response:

Response by robisirt

It’s all genetic and from the nature, you can not influence it. Probably your father or your grandfather experienced that issue as well. At times you unfastened hair at a youthful age, simply because you never have all natural vitamins for excellent and thick hair. It can be the alimentation, but it mustn’t be the trigger.

I sincerely would advise you to go to a doctor or a skin doctor. They only can give you a valid prescription for propecia (finasteride), it doesn’t exist other way to get a prescription.

It truly is a strong medicament and it has a whole lot of aspect result, you are unable to get it without having healthcare attention. I hope this aids for your details about it.

Get treatment that it really is all genetic and from character, but you need to constantly have self-esteem then you will succeed in every thing. Typical ladies will sure not seem on your hair if they like you and other items occur it selfs, like a good task and a satisfied lifestyle. That’s my greatest recommend I can give you.

Not significantly treatments for the hairline. Propecia (finasteride) or rogaine(minoxidil) may well aid for hairline in extremely, quite couple of cases. the ideal is a HT(hair transplant) to reconstruct your hairline.
There are numerous types of hair decline. If it is male sample baldness (Androgenetic alopecia) then the hair decline can’t be fully cured in most circumstances, but just frozen for some time with the treatment options availiable on market place today.

one) Hair transplant (FUE technological innovation) generates truly all-natural hairline, no scars, the very best way to go if you have adequate donor hair and funds of training course.

two. Propecia (Finasteride) and Minoxidil are the only types accredited by Food and drug administration and confirmed to operate in most males so far.

Generic Propecia (finasteride) is also okay. I use it with identical final results, and sadly same aspect efefcts(a little bit dry feeling in the scalp) as model propecia. Have tried out heaps of natural crap just before it and laser combs, so significantly the only point that prevents my hairloss, not significantly regrowth, but has stopped my hairloss fully.
I acquire from this pharmacy for the previous 2 years – . It is below $ one for each pill for 1mg propecia.also see
But before you contemplate to begin propecia you must actually research about the aspect effects. It can mess your hormones genuine bad if you are not fortunate, so you have to decide on, hair or these facet consequences. Really a huge perecent have these side outcomes, much more than Merck – the business that retains
Propecia trademark is expressing. see the link for side outcomes


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Why am I a woman getting rid of alot of hair at age 24, but I have no blad place?

Issue by BJ: Why am I a woman dropping alot of hair at age 24, but I have no blad place?
I’ve been shedding alot of hair for about two 1/two yrs. but I have no blad location. It started when I was on this start handle, I quit having it about a year in the past but I’m nonetheless getting rid of hair, What could be improper with me?

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Response by uselegal

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how do i make my hair increase on a bald place ?

Concern by blue starburst: how do i make my hair develop on a bald spot ?
this question is NOT for me it is for my mother she informed me to post it i am barly even getting into center college

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Reply by jjunit
lol poor kid

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28 calendar year previous lady with a bald place on back top of head?

Concern by MJ: 28 12 months previous female with a bald spot on back best of head?
Final night my partner found a bald location on my head. This does not operate in my household and it really is actually freaking me out. Occasionally I get these itchy bumps on my scalp, that almost feel like a bug chunk, but it truly is not, they kind come and go. I have reduced iron anemia, can this result in the hair to fall out? I in no way even saw or felt the hair slide out, I am a tiny freaked out. Can’t get into the dr right up until Tuesday.

Best answer:

Reply by Alfrisco
of course your is heading to slide outand your not meant to feel it.

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