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Hair decline at 14! Please help!?

Concern by Kevin Diaz: Hair loss at 14! Make sure you support!? I am only fourteen and my hair has been slipping out for about four months. I utilised to use TONS of Mousse and Gel but i just lately stopped simply because it was making my hair fall out even more. I will not truly know what to do at this stage. iv’e tried several People medicines but none have really worked. My questions are: Is it dangerous to have hair reduction at these kinds of a younger age? Is there anything i can do to take care of my hair loss? And ought to i go see my doctor? Ideal solution: Solution by BoloHair loss can be a sign of unusual tension or bad nutrition, amongst other things. It would be valuable to see your physician or a nutritionist to get particular guidance. What do you believe? Reply…

Somebody who knows about health please answer! please!?

Question by uhhsure8701: Somebody who knows about health please answer! please!? Please no funny comments here, I am scared and really want to know what this could possibly be. I have a bald spot in my pubic area, and the skin color is much lighter than my other skin color. I am so afraid I have alopecia areata. I don’t know what I would do if it spread and I lost all of my hair on my head, and my eyebrows, and even my eyelashes. Is it possible to just have alopecia areata in one place (pubic area) and for it to not spread anywhere else? I am really concerned. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this? Thank you so much! no, it isn’t a birthmark, and I have an appointment for a dermatologist in February Best answer: Answer by Chuck NorrisBest advice I have is to see…

Hair loss, please support!!!?

Issue by Lily_H: Hair reduction, remember to aid!!!? Hello, i am a 23 yr old female with abnormal hair reduction. I started shedding my hair once my husband was deployed to iraq, i guess it was caused by tension and despair. I have experimented with each and every shampoo out there and nothing at all aids. Does any individual have any other ideas on what i could do? Make sure you support!! Greatest solution: Response by CaLeb Jsee a cosmetologist… Attempt conditioning and shampooing your hair as nicely. Clear you scalp extensively! could you solution mines? Give your answer to this question under!

Support Please.. Hair Reduction for over two years?

Query by Call it what you want: Support Make sure you.. Hair Decline for in excess of two many years? I’m in my early 20s and I’ve had missing plenty of hair.. some of it has been from shedding the rest has fallen out.. I know ALL the factors that triggered my hair to fall out ( careless above shampooing, sizzling water rinse and blow drying nearly each and every day, absence of slumber, some anxiety) and I have been keeping away from them for months.. No receding hairline… Only my father has hair reduction in his late 20s.. I’m really healthful.. is there Something natural to help them expand back? I’m self-confident I can expand it back again due to the fact I am still young just curious to know.. How long will it consider to increase again because these earlier couple of months I have observed inadequate benefits?…

please aid me sew in extensions ?

Query by Chloe: please aid me sew in extensions ? my debs is coming up and i want to get the sew in extensions, so 1st issue is! they hurt?, i have vivid red hair i usually get blonde extensions (cliped) and dye them my color, would i be in a position to do my roots simply ?. how prolonged do they last if i take good treatment of them with treatments and sprays and all? (which i currently have for my very own hair). thank you 🙂 xxx Ideal solution: Response by Sur La MerNot only will they harm, relies upon on the stylist, they leads to hair thinning, and I do not advocate them, specially if you have received slim or thinning hair or striving to grow hair. Hair merchandise are not manufactured of glue to repair, stop, reverse hair from getting damaged, or hair falls, they are…

HAIR Loss Support Please?

Concern by Lexi: HAIR Reduction Help Please? I’m only eighteen calendar year old and I really feel like my hair is falling out at an incredibly fast rate. In the shower, I’m afraid to lather due to the fact a total bunch of hair falls out. I used to have incredibly thick hair and now it is so skinny and brittle. I rarely set any products in my hair and straighten in moderately, though this has never ever been a dilemma. I believe it might be a hormonal imbalance, simply because at 18, my menstrual cycle even now is not regulated. I get it each and every three months, occasionally two, and I 1st obtained it at 16. It need to be regulated now. My medical professional suggested that I go on start control capsules but I know that a side effect of the tablet is hair reduction. Would the…

Possessing hair decline problems docs please help?

Query by struggle_for_glory: Having hair reduction issues docs you should support? Just lately found a bald place in the back again of my head in close proximity to my crown in direction of the correct, it is about an inch vast, i am 18 several years previous, this should not be, i also cant grow facial hair although the rest of my family can, hormonal issues? Greatest reply: Solution by XinixI am no medical doctor but it could be most cancers remember to check out Give your answer to this issue under!

Can Lyme illness result in you to get rid of all your hair? Please aid me?

Issue by Izzy: Can Lyme illness trigger you to shed all your hair? Remember to assist me? If not, how significantly do you feel I will get rid of? I commenced out with A Great deal of hair and it is turning into extremely slender. Everytime I shower and run my fingers by means of my hair it slips out. I employed to have VERRY thick hair and it truly is super slender now. Remember to assist. Greatest solution: Response by Jackie mGoogle Lyme illness and uncover out but I would not believe it is linked to hair loss, could it be alopecia? What do you consider? Answer beneath!

twenty 12 months old male with hair decline, What Medication or Vitamin Can i just take to REGROW MY HAIR! 10 Points Please Aid?

Issue by terin_sap: twenty Year outdated male with hair decline, What Drugs or Vitamin Can i get to REGROW MY HAIR! 10 Factors Remember to Support? hi, I am a 20 year outdated male. I have hair reduction all all around my head not just a single region. I am completely out of solutions and assist. does segals hair decline treatment method help? have anyone experimented with this prior to? What else can i do to regrow my hair? Please Help. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Very best response: Answer by slipknotiscooldude im 21 and i going through the very same getting rid of hair on the entrance.. and it sux close to all these great searching ladies and im getting rid of hair..its embarassing bc im ONLY 21 dude..u can use rogaine but if u do u have ot use it daily for the relaxation…

Please aid my best buddy satisfy her desire to stage into a beauty parlor again ?

Concern by snow_0888: You should help my greatest buddy satisfy her would like to action into a attractiveness parlor again ? Can a person tell me how or what to do. My greatest pal suffers from alopecia. She has considering that never ever dared or wanted to action into a attractiveness parlor frightened of the shame that the beautician would find out about her full hairloss & the wig on her. Make sure you assist me to assist her. Ideal reply: Answer by Emma Swhat a wonderful pal you are, all you can do is give her all your help and care Include your possess answer in the comments!

Can any person please assist me with these scenario reports for large university anatomy course?

Issue by MittRomney for U.S: Can anyone please assist me with these circumstance studies for higher university anatomy course? Right here are the questions/Scenario scientific studies. I acquired a few but i dont know if theyre correct. For lisa’s I acquired Alopecia and for Alan I acquired Psoriasis, and for Melinda I received Foliculitis, and I received Mumps for nicholas, are these proper? Very best answer: Reply by eastacademicrequest your teacher. Know much better? Depart your own answer in the remarks!

ladies, some assistance please?

Issue by HelpMe: girls, some advice make sure you? Okay, I am a twenty five year aged douleur (jeez 26 next week!). My hair has commenced to slender/recede fairly a bit close to the temples. I’m nervous about the influence it truly is heading to have on my dating possibilities. So I’ve began investigating hair loss treatment options the ones you apply to your hair to avert more thinning/market some regrowth. But before I do so, I want to hear what you have to say. If I went bald, I’d in no way get implants. I wouldn’t threat it provided the usually ridiculous outcomes in my impression. But before I start employing these items (and likely undertaking higher damage who understands), I want to listen to what you have to say. My facial attributes resemble much more like a Nicolas Cage/Ed Norton which is also why I am concerned because…