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Aid! Hair decline potentially owing to Topamax?

Question by a.jae: Assist! Hair reduction probably because of to Topamax? I started out taking Topamax a small above 1 thirty day period in the past thanks to persistent migraines I have had for a long time now, but the side outcomes suck. I am usually fatigued, forgetful, and my mind looks to perform “slower” than regular. Although I wasn’t warned about hair reduction, I’ve noticed that my currently thin hair is acquiring even thinner. Fairly chunky strands will appear out in the shower, and I’ve also discovered it looks a small dull. It’s starting to get depressing. Does any individual know of any great shampoos or conditioners to make hair thicker/stronger/regrow? Or probably any natural vitamins or at-home hair treatments? Everything would help. Many thanks in advance 🙂 Ideal reply: Reply by masterdelrondThere are currently no shampoos clinically verified to stop hair loss. There is even so different shampoos…

hair decline :…( potentially traction alopecia? support!?

Concern by mikaylaaaaaaaa(:: hair loss :…( probably traction alopecia? aid!? i have been employing weaves given that 8th quality on and off, and given that december i have been employing clip-in hair extensions. i’ve discovered a bunch of bald spots in a variety of dimensions all in excess of my scalp, and i am considering it’s traction alopecia. most of the bumps, like a large on in close proximity to my ear, have hair expanding on them what i want to know is, if it really is traction alopecia, does the simple fact that hair is developing back again indicate it really is reversible? and is there anything i can do to market hair progress while i wait around for my doctor’s appointment? Very best response: Solution by Robert RyhcoHi There! Because of the signs and symptoms you are describing and your waves seems like a attainable thing… Traction Alopecia…

what is the greatest way to avert hair decline potentially regrow hair?

Query by jrb007: what is the very best way to prevent hair loss possibly regrow hair? I am at the moment using 1/4 of a tablet of finasteride and have been for practically 1 yr and am nonetheless observing hair reduction. I primarily see it on the top toward the back again of the scalp but some in front also. If you know of a way to keep a full head of hair make sure you reply. Best response: Answer by KalsjhdUse thickening cleansing agents. There are a lot of shampoos and conditioners on the market that are geared in direction of aiding an individual thicken her hair. They can be bought at hair salons or some drug retailers. Nioxin and Rogaine are amid the most well-known kinds. The essential to accomplishment with these goods is utilizing them routinely. Know much better? Depart your personal reply in the comments!