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Teen Hair Loss Problems?

Question by Lauren Ashleigh: Teen Hair Reduction Difficulties? I feel I might be loosing way to considerably hair. I have in a natural way curly hair, and taking care of it is a large discomfort sometimes. But not too long ago in the past month I stopping shampooing my hair since of the substances. I started out performing something referred to as “The Curly Lady Strategy” and what that is, is just not utilizing shampoo, and making use of conditioner to wash your hair. And you have to make certain that the conditioner has no Cones or sulphates. I have investigated ahead of, and have read through that utilizing to significantly conditioner in your hair can make it drop out more. I just ignored it at the time, because I have curly hair, I imagined it would be various for me. So I’ve been conditioner washing my hair for nearly…

Can hair loss be a result of scalp problems?

Concern by Qi: Can hair reduction be a outcome of scalp issues? I have had flaky and itchy scalp for the earlier two several years, and I have I’ve seen my hair acquiring thinner, could this be caused by excessive scratching of the scalp? I have seen when my hair falls out there is excessive pores and skin on the follicle. Greatest solution: Reply by JonRight here i s an excellent internet site with some wonderful options for you. It will absolutely assist you. Have a look. Insert your personal answer in the feedback!

Possessing hair decline problems docs please help?

Query by struggle_for_glory: Having hair reduction issues docs you should support? Just lately found a bald place in the back again of my head in close proximity to my crown in direction of the correct, it is about an inch vast, i am 18 several years previous, this should not be, i also cant grow facial hair although the rest of my family can, hormonal issues? Greatest reply: Solution by XinixI am no medical doctor but it could be most cancers remember to check out Give your answer to this issue under!

Alopecia Problems- Suggestions necessary?

Question by whizkid: Alopecia Troubles- Tips necessary? hi men, i consider i have alopecia areata, by the way im eighteen. I have had it since the day of birth. Its on the facet of my head measurement of a large coin. My mother and father claim that this patch was there when I was born so nothing at all can be carried out saying that it cant be set. I have been masking it ever since it seems genuinely negative. All i want to know is that: IS IT FIXABLE. Greatest answer: Reply by MadNo, I do not think so. However, it could be far more severe as some men and women get rid of all their haie (head, eyebrows) What do you consider? Reply underneath!

Can depression in the course of puberty lead to medical problems?

Issue by Hello: Can depression during puberty trigger health care problems? I’m a teenage man, I have condylar resorption of the jaw joints, alopecia(hair decline), steady abscesses, delayed bone development. Could serious melancholy trigger these issues? Greatest solution: Response by Danez*No, not really the only dilemma melancholy could deliver is commuting suicide… Give your reply to this query below!