hair loss question?

Query by Jake-89: hair loss concern?
im eighteen and i dont have so dense hair as i experienced 2 years ago (its NOT genetic due to the fact each my mother and father are Total with hair and they are fifty six many years-previous and also my massive brother) because i am putting all these gels and shit and i was pulling my hair and all these result in some hair loss, but now that i stopped that, i barely loose 5 hair-bristles each and every five days..Will my hair get tiny little bit denser sometime?

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Response by Rebecca G
You want to see a dermatologist. Hair reduction for women occurs mainly at an older age because of menopause and such. A skin doctor can do a hair biopsy and monitor your hair development and decline. Lay off the chemical items and very hot blow dryers and see if your hair grows thicker once again. The hair vitamen Biotin can be purchased in excess of the counter.

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Question for proffesional hairstylist!?

Issue by bvtogether: Query for proffesional hairstylist!?
I want assist, my boyfriend has hairloss, He`s 22, I want to support him, what variety of shampoo or other treatment do you recomend,does proffesional shampoos can assist him?please reply.I regard your answer

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Solution by Siri
give him beer yeast… it can make all the hair develop quick.. and “more robust”

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ALOPECIA Huge Question!!?!!??!?

Query by modeltipe: ALOPECIA Big Query!!?!!??!?
I have alopecia and so I want somthing sweet carried out with my hair so I want a weave! So I have a big question that individuals that get weaves may possibly know about! Will weave tracks glue on to bald spots with the weave glue ??!!!? 🙂

Many thanks you:)

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Response by Joss
Please do not get a glue in, simply because you are going to have considerably less hair following you consider it out. You will usually have some volume of breakage from putting glue in your hair, even if it truly is completed correctly. Can you get a sew-in? If so, that will be healthiest for your hair. Or, you may want to try a few wigs and 50 %-wigs, but be careful there, also, because half-wigs can break off your hair, providing you bald spots in which there should not be any (I’ve noticed the images).

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I want to question a extremely crucial Q about my HAIR Loss (baldness) which is as beneath :?

Concern by Splash104: I want to inquire a extremely crucial Q about my HAIR Loss (baldness) which is as beneath 😕
I am a 28 12 months aged male and I am getting rid of hair from the prime of my head so that I can simply discover the baldness coming with a mirror. I am quite a lot involved about it and require URGENT help for it. I have read about two medications, 1 is Regaine Extra Power (answer) which consists of minoxidil, and the other medication is Finasteride which are oral tablets. I want to ask if anyone has ever utilized it for the same function and the influences of it or if any person else knows any other cures for baldness other than treatments demonstrated in advertisements. PLZ Aid !!!

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Answer by D and L M
I know it operates for some and I consider it is really worth a try out

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Hair reduction question? Help!?

Question by Patrick: Hair reduction issue? Help!?
I am 19 years previous, and I have a receding hair line. Not a slight little one particular, its a genuinely huge one. Like truly obvious. I actually dislike living with it, and I am usually the only 1 out of all my friends who have it. I had this hairline at any time given that like 8th grade, and it actually hurts to see myself every day, understanding that there’s very small I can do about it. My parents are not very supportive, so I am making an attempt to conserve up cash and do it myself.

My query is, how can I fix this hairline? I don’t like any of the BS hair loss product or anything, or any variety of gel that you use on your head. I been doing this for many years, and I see no progress, I truly feel like im in fact shedding hair faster than not.

What kind of surgeries are there for hair reduction? I know there is hair transplantation. But I know that in buy to resolve the entrance of my head, I will have to sacrifice a chuck from the back of my head to exchange that. This also expenses alot as well, but I will do anything at all to get it to in which I want it to be.

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Reply by toxictaylor
try out seeking at sally beauty 🙂 they ought to have things there

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Alopecia Areata Assist.. Hair Question?

Issue by DDWVDD: Alopecia Areata Help.. Hair Issue?
Sooo I not too long ago uncovered that i have Alopecia Areata.. Ive been beneath a good deal of tension in my life. Now that I have this I feel 100 times far more pressured out. I’m actually down, and failed to even know this was able. I have a truly nice hair also. The factor is, im getting rid of my hair even quicker and faster… At first it was probably a tiny knick… now it looks like its a hole about five-six inches… Some has also commenced to expand on the facet…

What can I do… Make sure you Assist Me

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Response by janet b
This transpired to my little one! I took my youngster to the skin doctor and discovered out this is hereditary, some cousins experienced it..did not know until this took place. It is induced by anxiety. We were told to use Rogaine for females, following the instructions on the box. Also got a prescript for a topical steroid cream (Clobex) – question for samples! It truly is pricey if you have crappy insurance policy like us. Told us to set this on the bald patch twice a working day but not at the exact same time the Rogaine is place on. It cleared up and has not appear again, thank God!! I can’t remember how prolonged it took. This was many years ago, but I feel it took a thirty day period or two.

Excellent luck! I hope this will help!

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Question about Hair Vital for Hair Growth?

Query by Brandon: Issue about Hair Vital for Hair Expansion?
Im fascinated in making an attempt this. My hair is commencing to recede and I read some great factors about Hair Ess. Question(s) is is it anything you gotta consider permanently? If you cease using it right after about a year, will your hair just slide back out till you start back up once again?

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Solution by Bravo
If you quit taking it right after about a yr , some thing you gotta take eternally employed .. if you leave this then hair will be in the preceding problems

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Question about alopecia areata/immune program?

Issue by graycl0ud: Query about alopecia areata/immune method?
If alopecia areata is a condition triggered by the immune system attacking hair follicles, then in get for you to increase again hair, fairly than making the immune cells quit attacking the hair follicles, can you just lessen the energy of the immune system? I know that without an immune system you are going to get ill and all, but I am pondering if it’ll support to expand back hair if your immune program is down for a although…

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Reply by beachbella59
hello i have alopecia areata .. if the immune is down it wont increase again hair beacuse you can’t life extremely prolonged withought a single. That means the human body will turn into weak and the hair wont expand again.

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Question for females, males and miscellany! I want your honest viewpoint… Am I a misogynist?

Issue by The Phantom of Zemoolethah: Question for ladies, guys and miscellany! I need your trustworthy impression… Am I a misogynist?
Right here is a list of my beliefs about ladies:

1. I frequently watch females as sexual objects… I ogle them, undress them with my eyes, fantasize about them in sexual approaches without consideration for their personalities or other non sexual elements of their life style, such as their intelligence, values, loved ones, hobbies and so on.

2. I think that a lot of women are emotive and unwilling or have problems partaking in a rational dialogue or debate.

three. I feel numerous women are duplicitous! They say a single point but they do an additional! Or they act one way in community but entirely one more when they are on your own or with men and women they feel much less inhibited about.

four. They are frequently bodily smaller and weaker (nonetheless, this is not their fault… it is biology) – this is just a simple fact about the matter that I recognize. So I will not anticipate girls to be in a position to contend from males in numerous bodily sports.

five. I feel women generally love sexual intercourse more than guys do.. and frequently their lustful urges are more powerful. I also imagine that several girls secretly get turned on by sexual functions that may be relatively tough or demeaning. For example they might like to be forced close to a little bit and controlled. Their feeling of hazard and decline of manage (surrendering themselves to my sexual needs) is a flip on for them.

6. Many ladies like to flirt with guys to test if they can nonetheless entice other fellas even if these females are fortunately married or in a connection with one more man. They constantly need to have the reassurance that gentlemen find them desirable.

7. Women are usually much more insecure and self conscious about their physical appearance therefore their vanity troubles (which can sometimes lead to body image issues)… which is why the attractiveness market is predominantly for girls. Case in point: Hair, eyebrows, lashes, make up, plastic surgical treatment, shaving, waxing, Brazilians, manicures, pedicures, pores and skin therapy, baths, aromatherapy, toning, purifying, exfoliating, the list goes on!! Then there is also Vogue – sneakers, dresses, skirts, thongs, drive up bras, jewelery, and now tattoos and human body piercing.

Notice: I am just getting trustworthy about some of my opinions… this is not a deliberate endeavor to inflame girls. I have no wish or need to have to insult females. These are just observations. I am willing to acknowledge that may be inappropriate about them.

I need to have you to give me a Ranking among 1 to 10:

1 = Not misogynistic at all and really astute about females!

5 = Considerably misogynistic!!

10 = I need to be castrated and have each myself and my genitalia fed to the Lionesses!!!

Greatest response:

Reply by Jonny G.
3 = Marginally misogynistic but general extremely astute about women!

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