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Do you know any individual with alopecia that has received married?

Question by Joe: Do you know anyone with alopecia that has obtained married? Any person below know anybody who has alopecia that got married or has a great girlfriend/boyfriend. Alopecia is some thing I’ve experienced because four years outdated and although some men and women don’t even know it is one thing I can be insecure about. For those that don’t know what it is, it is hair loss. I am just curious if anybody is aware of anybody with this and how they keep up with it? Do they have a girlfriend? Are they married? Do they have kids? Greatest reply: Response by imlosingitMy Instructor had this, and she was upfront and sincere about it(she wore a wig) and aided us to recognize it greater, she was proposed to, and experienced a beautiful marriage ceremony ceremony, and yes she had a daughter, and adopted a lady with alopecia! I…

when i was twelve i received alopecia areata, i havnt had it given that and was questioning did any1 else get it at the?

Concern by breaking_dawn16: when i was twelve i obtained alopecia areata, i havnt experienced it because and was wondering did any1 else get it at the? very same age, and have you gotten it once again? i want to know my chances of it repeating! my hair appears wholesome and strong, but i am even now nervous about a repeat episode Very best response: Reply by Melissa HThere is no way to decide your “probabilities.” Alopecia is so ridiculous and unpredictable that no two individuals are alike in their outbreaks. I received alopecia areata when I was eleven months aged and experienced patchy hair decline right up until I was about 6. Then when I was 9 the hair started falling out once more. By age eleven I had progressed to alopecia universalis (each and every hair in my physique was gone). It has been this way for about twenty…