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Will restarting my thyroid medicine aid my alopecia?

Problem by peroxything -: Will restarting my thyroid medication help my alopecia? For reasons unidentified I determined I did not “want” my thyroid treatment any longer cause I thought just very good. This was almost a yr in the past. I did not recognize something until finally about two days in the past I discovered many bald spots an speedily learned it was alopecia and is a direct end result of not using my medication. Needless to say I am freaking out and instantly started yet again. So what I want to know is, is it too late? Can somebody give me some excellent news? Ideal reply: Reply by kitten womanu should never each and every go off them with out chatting to medical professional but u can get bald pactches i have them out line on head u want to see medical doctor u need to have up ur…