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can scratching your head alot result in hair loss?

Concern by ???: can scratching your head alot cause hair loss? i scratch my scalp all the time primarily on the prime back in which your element starts, and i imagined hey it could be dandruff so i went by means of four months of medicated shampoos for dandruff and it failed miserably i even now scratch and i see a handful of indicators of hair loss, i just never really feel correct i rub my hair and it feels like there is alot lacking you know just vacant, i see scalp on the remaining and right sides about the for head corners and if i never comb my hair a certain way i see my scalp, so could this scratching be contributing to hair reduction or am i just worrying you should support i also do alot of brushing when im styling it Best solution: Reply by SeiI never…

Can smoking cigarettes result in baldness in girls?

Question by jdmuyco: Can smoking cause baldness in women? My friend recently found a square patch of hair missing on the back of her head. It’s a significant amount of hair also. It looked liked someone shaved a patch of her hair clean. She also recently picked up smoking again. When she went to go get tests done, she was told that she might have alopecia which could be caused by stress, smoking, and other things. Does the fact that she started picking up smoking again have anything to do with the missing patch of hair? Is there anything she can do to stop it from getting any worse? Best answer: Answer by Gardens and Flowers GardoholicI have not heard of a link between smoking and baldness. But I have heard about stress causing baldness in spots which is what the tests suggested. If she just started smoking again perhaps…

Can short term hair reduction result in loss of hair at the crown?

Query by Dale: Can momentary hair loss end result in loss of hair at the crown? Although anxiety/thyroid/vitamin deficiency can trigger hair decline, is it typical to fall out at the crown of the head? It seems like it would fall out in common and not be isolated to a specific spot, which is why I’m anxious. I am creating a really slight bald location at my crown the place my organic part commences. I am skeptical it is hereditary, as baldness does not run in my family at all. I am rather large-strung. I observe 5-6 hairs when I shampoo and have been shedding lightly for probably 6 months. I know hair reduction is typical on a everyday basis and have never ever had “clumps” come out. I program to go get examined for a thyroid disorder (runs rampant in my family members), and also analyzed for any Iron/Protein…

What would result in unexpected hair loss?

Issue by 39% best reply: What would trigger sudden hair loss? I’m a 33 y/o male with a somewhat receding hairline, and I usually excitement my hair quick with electric powered clippers when every single two months or so. Previous time I minimize my hair, I noticed severe hair thinning and incipient hair decline fairly a techniques up on to my scalp. I did not discover any thinning in these spots the preceding time that I experienced minimize my hair, so it appears that it is very unexpected (turned blatantly obvious inside of a time period of considerably less than two weeks). What could result in this kind of a speedy thinning? Has time just finally caught up with me? Ideal response: Reply by Don JohnSudden tension might trigger it. I use a anti-thinning shampoo and a rogain foam to help sluggish mine. I’m 27 and so far so very…

what is the result in of my hair slide?

Question by dada0888: what is the trigger of my hair drop? ok..just these days. a few of months maybe 3 weeks ago i have recognize some of my hair is slipping out in the course of brushing, shampoing, combing… i’m male seventeen y/o asian(filipino to be exact). very last month ive been employing hairspray and ironing my hair every day to design it what undesirable is i don’t clean it ahead of bedtime because i am lazy to do it. i also been dying my hair since very last yr each and every three to 2 months. these days prior to i commenced my hair drop, me and my buddies have been conversing about balding and falling hair. i can not get over to that subject matter i often thinking i am going to be bald so i was terrified…following that time i’ve recognize a slight improve in my hair…

Does anybody know if Alopecia (hair loss) is a facet of result of the subsequent meds?

Concern by tickletoes777: Does any person know if Alopecia (hair loss) is a facet of result of the following meds? I am possessing alot of problems with my hair falling out and I was wondering if it might be because of to a side impact of one particular of the many meds that I consider. I just take Effexor XR, Buspar, Strattera, Miralax, or Voltaren. Very best response: Solution by Lawrence BThats intriguing you said that. I took Effexor for awhile and seen thinning. I stopped it and my hair seemed to arrive again to normal. I seemed it up and low and behold it was there below aspect effects. I feel Buspar is the very same. Havent listened to of the other people. Just appear them up on and check out the side consequences. Anyway its only short-term. Add your personal solution in the feedback!

Can hair loss be a result of scalp problems?

Concern by Qi: Can hair reduction be a outcome of scalp issues? I have had flaky and itchy scalp for the earlier two several years, and I have I’ve seen my hair acquiring thinner, could this be caused by excessive scratching of the scalp? I have seen when my hair falls out there is excessive pores and skin on the follicle. Greatest solution: Reply by JonRight here i s an excellent internet site with some wonderful options for you. It will absolutely assist you. Have a look. Insert your personal answer in the feedback!

What could be the result in of my hair thinning?

Concern by A B: What could be the result in of my hair thinning? I have all around hair thinning. At 1 level I experienced extensions, but it was for a brief time three months max, and then when I took them out, my hair was still thick. More than the several years, it has gotten progressively thinner. I did have alopecia areata awhile back. but it arrived out in one patch and I have not had it since. I dont feel like I am pressured, and I got tested for a thyroid problem AND for anemia, So what could it be? Hair decline does not run in my family, contrarily, we all have genuinely thick hair. Its sad since stylists employed to rave that my hair was so beautiful and thick. Now it is like one/3 of what it used to be. Is there any way to resolve this?I…

Have a bald location under my chin, what could this be a result in of?

Question by joey jo jo: Have a bald spot under my chin, what could this be a trigger of? start it noticing a nickle dimensions bald location beneath my chin about a thirty day period outdated, the bald area is truly easy, will it increase back again? Greatest response: Solution by wizzyMay possibly be Alopecia Areata Barbae – an autoimmune ailment. It triggers bald spot that can distribute to the whole scalp and sometimes even the whole human body. Tension has been recognized to be the major trigger. For a begin you can examine with the pictures in Pursuing this, a pores and skin biopsy should be carried out by a trained health-related medical doctor or a skin doctor. This is the very best way to diagnose and affirm. It will present any irregular focus of T-cells (immune cells) at the affected area. My bro did the identical when…

Can Lyme illness result in you to get rid of all your hair? Please aid me?

Issue by Izzy: Can Lyme illness trigger you to shed all your hair? Remember to assist me? If not, how significantly do you feel I will get rid of? I commenced out with A Great deal of hair and it is turning into extremely slender. Everytime I shower and run my fingers by means of my hair it slips out. I employed to have VERRY thick hair and it truly is super slender now. Remember to assist. Greatest solution: Response by Jackie mGoogle Lyme illness and uncover out but I would not believe it is linked to hair loss, could it be alopecia? What do you consider? Answer beneath!

Can a tick chunk on the head result in hair decline?

Concern by Who’s sarcastic?: Can a tick bite on the head trigger hair decline? I have a massive bald place on the back of my head just over my neck. I experienced a little one six one/two months back but the doc claims that the hair decline is unrelated. My husband seen a bump in the middle of the spot, so I considered perhaps it was a bite of some type. Can a tick chunk lead to hair reduction or a rash? Greatest response: Solution by tiff4elmotake in well What do you think? Response beneath!

Can above massaging scalp result in hair loss?

Concern by Chris Kim: Can more than massaging scalp trigger hair decline? Sooooooooo I was just questioning if you massage your scalp a small too hard can it lead to hair loss. The thing is I am a 15 yr aged boy who might have Traction Alopecia so I have to get particular treatment of my scalp. I attempted massaging it but these days I lost a little much more hair. I don’t know if I am rubbing way too difficult or anything but can it result in hair decline? Oh and a minor idea for hair follicle restrengthening would support. lol >.< Greatest solution: Reply by nyahhhbajibooojajehhh Insert your personal response in the responses!

anytime i am pregnat and place relaxers on my hair, my becomes quite quite limited, pls, what is the result in?

Question by segviv b: whenever i am pregnat and put relaxers on my hair, my gets to be very extremely quick, pls, what is the result in? and how can i just take treatment of my hair for the duration of being pregnant, as i am organizing to have a child very before long, by Gods grace. Ideal answer: Solution by duffie_1999Do NOT procedure your hair even though you are pregnant. What do you mean it turns into limited. The only way it can turn out to be brief is if it breaks for all the processing. End stressing about your hair and concentrate on your kid. Know better? Depart your very own response in the responses!

Does Revolution for cats result in hair decline?

Query by Eva: Does Revolution for cats lead to hair reduction? I do not suggest hair reduction just at the application internet site I suggest a general thinning. I introduced my cat to the vet but no parasites ended up discovered and blood perform showed that her kidneys and many others ended up fantastic. Then I pointed out making use of Revolution and the vet explained that that may be the result in. Has any person seasoned this ahead of?? How extended does it last? Ideal answer: Response by Connie Sit is not a standard reaction, but each and every cat is diverse. Since it isn’t a normal factor, it will be challenging to inform you for certain how lengthy it will previous. Nevertheless revolution is a month-to-month product, so right after about 4 weeks it will have disappated from the kitty’s system. Will the hair decline stop prior to…

Could sitting 10′ absent from a high voltage power box 40 hr/week result in wellness issues?

Issue by wiseman: Could sitting 10′ absent from a large voltage energy box forty hr/week result in health problems? Outside the house of my window is a huge higher voltage electricity box in which i sit up coming to for 40+ hrs a week even though at function. This earlier week, i noticed that i experienced a small quarter sized bald location, which is Alopecia areata I’m just curious if this is what caused it… Many thanks. Greatest response: Solution by wizzyTension has been suspected to be the main lead to of Alopecia Areata an autoimmune condition. I have in no way read of any large voltage publicity cauing it. It triggers bald place that can unfold to the entire scalp and at times even the complete entire body. For a start you can assess with the pictures in Pursuing this, a pores and skin biopsy must be carried…

What could result in an intense reduction of hair in a fifteen year previous lady? Could it be from her shampoo?

Question by Jon F: What could trigger an severe loss of hair in a fifteen year old lady? Could it be from her shampoo? She is fifteen… it is urgent… when she runs her fingers by means of her hair she receives like fifty percent a dozen hairs that occur off. Greatest solution: Reply by SARAH Ki experienced a pal that dropped hair and difficulties with your thyroid can make you shed hair if they are over or below energetic. my friend also dropped alot of bodyweight by means of this way too but can be the opposite and you can obtain fat What do you believe? Response under!

What vitamins, minerals and vitamins turn out to be depleted as a result of excessive ejaculation?

Query by AfricanPhenomenon: What vitamins, minerals and vitamins and minerals grow to be depleted as a result of excessive ejaculation? Many unfavorable effects occur as a result of sexual exhaustion this sort of as hair decline and bad vision. Despite the fact that the physique can by natural means restore diminishing vitamins, nutrients and minerals since of sexual abstinence. In some circumstances, there is a lot difficulty in the restoration of essential substances within the endocrine technique since of uncontrollable nocturnal emissions or recurrent sexual intercourse. How can one particular have sexual interactions excessively and nonetheless be ready to reverse adverse implications? Direct Answers to the Question Only You should… Greatest answer: Answer by Stephen KYou would need to not only take a multivitamin and have a well balanced diet program, you may also need to replenish with electrolytes as well, a sort of an vitality drink after every single…

Can donning a hat or hoodie each working day result in eventual hair reduction?

Concern by Josh Abagnale: Can sporting a hat or hoodie every single day result in eventual hair reduction? I wear my hoodie (which is the hood of a sweatshirt or jacket) every single day, about five several hours of the working day to maintain additional warm. Do you assume that carrying out this can cause eventual hair reduction? That is, with time. You know, maybe in twenty years or so, I will commence shedding some hair since I wore a hoodie every single working day as a child. I am 19 and am a male. Very best answer: Response by Patricialol actually it helps it locks an moisture Give your answer to this concern under!

What badness will happen if i masturbate and what result in hair drop ?

Concern by Lim: What badness will happen if i masturbate and what lead to hair drop ? I strated masturbate considering that i am 12 , now i am sixteen . I masturbate regularly (two times a month or 3 instances a week) but , for the duration of this thirty day period , i located that numerous of my hair drop when i bathing , combing and so on , virtually fifteen-twenty five of my hair drop . I scare i will facing alopecia in my future since some of my family member going through this problem also . What shall i do ? Shall i end masturbating ? Can you demonstrate other badness of masturbate ? PLS Support ME!!!!!!!!! Greatest response: Answer by ApplesNOrangesalopecia has nothing at all to do with masturbating Know much better? Go away your individual reply in the feedback!