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has anyone at any time experimented with scalp med or women’s rogaine for hair reduction??? do these goods genuinely perform?

Question by Lorie H: has any individual at any time tried out scalp med or women’s rogaine for hair reduction??? do these items genuinely work? are there any merchandise out there that are genuinely great for hair regrowth? Greatest reply: Answer by chillixonno i havent tried out it but if it functions for you…let me know. Include your personal answer in the feedback!

My hair is falling out and I have bald places. ought to I get Ovation or Rogaine?

Question by purple8: My hair is falling out and I have bald spots. should I get Ovation or Rogaine? Best answer: Answer by Melanie VRogaine should not be used for patchy hair loss. Bald spots may indicate alopecia areata which is an auto-immune condition. Aromatherapy scalp massage treatments made with essential oils is a very successful remedy for this type of hair loss. Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Can minoxidil (Rogaine) trigger long term hair reduction if not balding?

Question by Nox: Can minoxidil (Rogaine) trigger long lasting hair decline if not balding? I am debating using minoxidil on my experience for facial hair development (sure this operates following a couple of months). Nonetheless, I have no family members heritage of real balding and I never want to somehow influence this gene. I would relatively have head hair without end than a tiny facial hair now. Can minoxidil (Rogaine) trigger long term hair decline if not balding? Best solution: Reply by margaThe hair decline is much more hard to handle in gentlemen than in girls. Regardless of the abundance of medical merchandise on the marketplace designed to overcome baldness, those that contains minoxidil are identified by dermatologists as the most efficient when its qualities are merged with Propecia, also known as finasteride, yet another molecule that can quit hair loss. What do you consider? Solution under!

Doyou feel Rogaine the hair grower is a bogus item?

Query by Ambrosio: Doyou think Rogaine the hair grower is a bogus solution? I’m just employing it to grow hair on my crown head or together aspect my forehead but THAT exactly I maintain knowledge thinning in my hair. Does the item not operate? Greatest reply: Solution by Rebecca SIt can’t be that poor. It can be prescribed. I do not believe physicians would prescribe it for the sake of it. Assuming I am pondering of the very same point as you which is ‘Regaine’ What do you feel? Response below!

aside from rogaine what can i place on my bald places to make my hair develop back?

Query by diane v: apart from rogaine what can i set on my bald places to make my hair grow back? Best response: Response by wizardIf your bald places are completely hairless, it might be owing to Alopecia Areata. Rogaine does not function for this dilemma. My bro had the this difficulty but did not remedy it right after utilizing Rogaine. He identified a treatment by means of a web site. Consider a look at photographs in If it is comparable probably you can try out the treatment. Great luck Give your answer to this issue under!

Rogaine and Hair Loss?

Concern by Indecisive: Rogaine and Hair Reduction? Rogaine and hair reduction? I *think* my hair is thinning. (its difficult to explain to simply because I have thick, coarse hair. but it appears thinner at the roots to me.) I’m fairly paranoid about this because my father is really bald and my buddies are already beginning to get rid of their hair — but I’m a younger male in his twenties! In my desperation I have begun to toy with the notion of making use of rogaine. I was pondering if any person could assist with the subsequent questions: Is it correct that if I use it and then end, that the rest of my hair will tumble out? (not just the “new” hair.) how does the foam vary from the regular system? is this things like goop in your hair all working day? is there something else I should know?…

How prolonged to make back development misplaced with rogaine?

Query by Klein: How lengthy to make again development lost with rogaine? Basically I didn’t have the money to get it previous month and i was going on holiday getaway meaning i was a thirty day period without it. Not that my hair was notably thick just before but its Certainly thinner now. I consider i have hit the lose and it was just my luck that was the month i couldnt pay for it. Anyway, will a month of not using truly screw up my progress that considerably, and if so, how extended to get it again? Many thanks Ideal reply: Reply by Sur La MerAs for Rogain, when you stopped, hair loss begins. Go through the pursuing blog> The Horrors of Hair Loss Posted: 02/04/2013 2:19 pm In accordance Dr. Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic. People in america put in an estimated $ 176…

will rogaine support regrow hair reduction induced by bleaching?

Query by Michael: will rogaine aid regrow hair loss caused by bleaching? i over processed my hair and it kinda falling off near the root and i ponder if rogaine for males will aid regrow my hair? i want to know if it’s going to perform or not and no tale plz. Greatest answer: Solution by DallasBleaching brings about a lot of hurt to the hair and scalp because it truly is these kinds of a harsh chemical. Don’t try to fix that by making use of yet another severe chemical like Rogaine! Rogaine and other minoxidil remedies are for much more innovative hair decline normally induced by alopecia, not by damage from bleaching. In scenario you failed to know, folks who commence employing Rogaine and minoxidil have to keep using it without end! So never start it except if you’ve got tried other methods 1st and you completely want…

ALOPECIA victims: Have you experienced accomplishment with Rogaine?

Question by Pumped Up Kicks: ALOPECIA victims: Have you experienced accomplishment with Rogaine? I am trying Women’s Rogaine. Have you tried out it? Did you have any success? Any failures? I used to use the Nioxin topical treatment (I’ve been using it for as extended as I can remember), and it truly is assisted sometimes. But I think I have gotten employed to it. And I’ve taken dietary supplements, and people only worked once (but quick and efficient), and a few years later (when I needed them once again), they failed to help. I have used Bosley, and a number of of the Nioxin-“knock-offs” that didn’t do anything at all. It really is not “thinness” that I am anxious about. I am a school scholar with literal patches of hair that are missing from my head. It really is been a issue I’ve dealt with all my life, with excellent…

What are the effects of minoxidil (rogaine) on healthful hair?

Concern by Ernst D: What are the results of minoxidil (rogaine) on healthy hair? Some parts of my hair look to be thinning a little (I consider). But I am wondering if by implementing minoxidil to these components of my hair, it will pace up the shedding approach and make that was normally healthy dependent on continued use of minoxidil when I commence applying minoxidil? Otherwise, I wouldn’t thoughts employing minoxidil just in scenario. Any views would be most appreciated. Many thanks! Very best answer: Response by Sur La MerNever ever consider health supplements, or hair expansion, and so forth. with out your doctor’s Alright. Warmth & Chemical compounds are hair’s worst enemies. You’ve acquired any of people on your hair? Health supplements, prescription drugs, anti-acne breakouts merchandise, hair oil, beginning handle pills, pollution in the water, to name just a handful of . . . ALL HAVE Facet Effects.…

Employing rogaine to stop feasible hair decline?

Concern by John M: Employing rogaine to avoid possible hair decline? I am sixteen now and I’m really paranoid about losing my hair in the future. If I use rogaine now, will it be an effective prevention of hair loss in the future? Thanks Best reply: Reply by Jill JIn attractiveness university they told us that Rogaine does not work. and This solution is know for if you quit using it you will get rid of the hair. I would absolutely make an appointment with a skin doctor they have perscription medication they can give you to help hold on to the hair that you previously have. Know better? Go away your personal reply in the responses!

Does Rogaine or any other hair product out there operate?

Concern by hey dude: Does Rogaine or any other hair solution out there function? I am beginning to go bald!!! Does rogaine or any other hair regrowth item operate? I have a odd formed head so I genuinely will not want to shave my head totally bald!…Make sure you aid!! Ideal solution: Response by Tom KRogaine does function. You just have to use it Each and every day. And conserve by yourself a couple of bucks by making use of the generic/store manufacturers such as people at Walmart or CVS due to the fact these work, way too. Give your answer to this query under!

Do you feel that rogaine for females is the greatest solution for loosing hair as a medication?

Query by Religion: Do you believe that rogaine for ladies is the greatest resolution for loosing hair as a medication? and if it is what rogaine for girls side consequences ? my pals suggested me to use it. Thanks for your assist and worry . Best reply: Reply by chrisbelgium2I will not believe there are aspect outcomes. What do you consider? Answer under!

What are some great treatment to avoid male hair loss and promote hair progress With out using Rogaine???

Question by h_s: What are some good cure to prevent male hair loss and market hair growth With no employing Rogaine??? I know an individual in his early twenties and has a noticeable hair thinning at the again of his head. Does saw palmetto truly stop hair decline and market hair regrowth? What about these thickening shampoos? Are there any other solutions? He actually requirements support Best answer: Solution by rkeechThere is one Fda-accepted medication that is significantly superior to Rogaine: Propecia, a tablet taken as soon as day-to-day. Like Rogaine, it only works as long as 1 proceeds to just take it. What do you think? Solution underneath!

do any one particular know if rogaine performs and expand your hair? my daughters doctor instructed me to get her on rogaine?

Query by trina_r1: do any one know if rogaine functions and expand your hair? my daughters physician advised me to get her on rogaine? she has alopecia and this is their very last consequence to grow her hair. Ideal reply: Answer by jazzyjazzproperly my sides ended up thinning out so i began employing mane n tail and its filling back in so try out it Give your solution to this query beneath!

Does Rogaine Spray really perform for men?

Query by Cupcake S: Does Rogaine Spray in fact operate for men? I know this male who’s eighteen yrs outdated, and is going through some hair loss in his head in the entrance and at the again, will rogaine spray help his hair to increase again? Ideal solution: Reply by KobeColon cleaning is the new technique to drop excess weight. Scientists have illustrated the reality that not all additional bodyweight is many thanks to surplus excess fat, a lot of weight just rests there in your pipes, and all you have to do is rinse it out. has a chance cost-free trial on at present, give it a consider, you can drop up to twenty lbs! Know greater? Leave your personal solution in the feedback!