Anyone with these signs and symptoms? ?

Issue by smartiepantz: Any person with these signs? ?
can you lose your hair (at the follicle, not breakage)
if you believe you have herpes
are under a lot of mental pressure from it
(I AM Likely TO THE Medical doctor)

to be truthful i dont know what I have but i consider i may possibly be unwell with some thing, possibly that or i am stressing my self out so significantly about it that its triggering me to get rid of hair???

I know my entire body, some thing is not proper and this I will locate out ASAP, but until then I need some tips.

what are ailments where you get rid of hair/ reasons why

DOES NOT Run IN Household
I AM Having Several Vitamins

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Answer by I really like Kyle! <3
I’m sry ='( Hope u get greater

Hair loss is a signal of Most cancers

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What could these signs suggest? Hair loss, Exhaustion?

Query by Reese: What could these indicators imply? Hair reduction, Exhaustion?
22 many years aged feminine. three kids very last youngster delivered on 3/13/2009. Experienced Mirena put in on 6/thirty/09. Total healthy.

Issues: After obtaining my daughter I started out experience really drained and linked that with just motherly fatigue. But now, almost five months afterwards, I really feel fatigued at all occasions. I could rest for ten several hours and even now have problems waking up and I am going to slide asleep sometime later or have problems staying awake. I also have substantial hair loss beginning three-four months back. It has been so considerable that now my hair is visibly thinner and retains thinning-I discover hairs all over and in the shower it just falls out in chunks. I also have some basic malaise and it would seem that my bones damage (unusual I know). I’m freaking out. I don’t have any other troubles that I have seen.

Remember to if you have any ideas enable me know.

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Reply by Steph
it’s achievable it could be malnutrition. not that you’re not taking in right, but perhaps your physique just isn’t absorbing particular vitamins. attempt taking a day-to-day multi-vitamin. if nothing at all gets greater, see a medical professional.
very good luck!

it ALSO could be that your bones arent absorbing Calcium! on 2nd imagined, i STRONGLY suggest you go see your medical professional. a female i know misplaced her total mouth of teeth due to the fact throughout her being pregnant her body stopped absorbing calcium & now she has dentures! at age 22! (i am not attempting to scare you, i’m sorry, it’s just possible that this COULD be really significant!)

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What are some early signs of male sample baldness (hair loss)?

Query by Naira: What are some early signs of male sample baldness (hair decline)?
I am 18 a long time old and the back of my top/back again of my head (hairline location) is a minor irritated.

Hair loss runs in my household, so I just want to know when to start off undertaking something about it.

My dad stated that he commenced enduring the identical irritation as I am now when he first began to lose hair, so that is why I am worried.

Would that irritation be a symptom? What are some other symptoms?

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Reply by Thu
Here i s an superb internet site with some fantastic choices for you. It will certainly assist you. Have a look.

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What are the signs will take place for hair reduction,hair dandruff?

Question by : What are the indicators will occur for hair loss,hair dandruff?
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Response by Kylie
This question is just confusing! What is this record?

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what are the signs of Alopecia Areata?

Problem by Tom Verger: what are the symptoms of Alopecia Areata?
Hi, I am 27 years aged male and I am losing hair given that earlier five several years, my hair are now thin from the forehead of my scalp to the centre of the head. I just want to know if my hair decline is Alopecia Areata? is there anyway you can notify my hair reduction is Alopecia Areata? if its not how how do I know if its genetic? we do have baldness historical past from my mother aspect, like my uncle was bald? Make sure you help. THanks

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Solution by xjoizey
Alopecia Areata will start with Snell bald patches in distinct locations of the scald, What you illustrate is douleur patterned baldness

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alopecia areata signs does it influence baby in the course of pregnancy ?

Question by closnliz: alopecia areata signs or symptoms does it impact little one during pregnancy ?
alopecia areata signs does it influence baby in the course of pregnancy ?
Query Facts: i have a pal she is 23 several years aged she commenced to loose her hair in may she is nearly fifty percent bald she has alopecia areata a hair loss disease she is really concerned now she just located out she is pregnant and she is two months,she has been to the doctor and take her drugs but now she is concerned simply because she thinks her infant will have no hair or it will have the exact same ailment as her make sure you assist!!! my buddy needs some answers

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Response by Kris H
To my comprehension of the ailment is they never know a lot about it. There is a website your friend can go to about it and they have help groups. Adhere to this hyperlink It does appear to be hereditary but that will not neccessarily indicate her infant will get it. Although I know it really is tough but she really should try out not to tension in excess of it simply because anxiety can make this condition worst and a support team may possibly aid her offer with the anxiety. I never envy her pregnancy can be a nerve-racking time specially in her footwear. I hope this details is useful to her and I want her and her baby the finest.

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